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Next IMF Boss and my selection

Next IMF Boss and my selection

Moment I sent one of my dreams to Maha Brahma, strangely enough I stop dreaming altogether.

I know Maha Brahma is as lazy as me on holidays and he has cast a spell on me.
“Not to have good dreams on my account”.

I sleep well these days in spite of the mosquitoes and very hot weather.
I forget that we are on industrial action and voided our heads from all extraneous headship headaches.

That is the reason I am sleeping well.

So if you sleep bad resign from your administrative work and buy a good pillow, will you?

It gives you good dose of sleep, I can assure you.
Unfortunately not for the politicians who generally have no work except constant jabbering.

So I will write something on “I wish I could have dreamt”

I wish to dream myself as the next head of IMF.

Even better I wish I am the head (now I am headless) in the selection board for selecting next IMF boss.

My selection criteria are as follows.

1. He is Caucasian

2. He is White or African Brown and White mixture (Obama type) and never Chinese yellow

3. He thinks he is clever

4. He has no idea about how to help needy countries like Sri-Lanka.

5. He should have terrorist type of attitude to human relationship especially of the Third World (Bun Ki Moon type with round face and no smile) countries and Middle East. (That is Bun Ki Moon type without a false smile-special vagary of his archetype).

6. He should be a aspiring leader and member of a labour organization of his own country or has held a ministerial post without a portfolio.

7. He should be 70 plus

There is one exception
He should have a very small phallus (penis) or wishes him castrated while on the job and have some artificial spongy substance installed inside for him to squeeze when dealing with a big problem like white flags of Wesak of Sri-Lanka.

Castrated organs should be sent to WHO for live freezing and could be auctioned for transplantation (highest bidder from the third world) if he dies on the job while chasing behind a maid for childhood (Peek a Boo) fun in a hotel from a heart attack.

I am pretty sure he will not want his organs back but prefers organs from a younger guy who died from an accident (while driving his car) instead of his own.
He now can afford the big prize from his perks alone.

Now what is for me.
I wish I am the one entrusted with castrating him and looking at his testicles first hand being a pathologist I like round things and nodes and tumours.

But to have my own with the IMF I will put lead balls (or pellets excavated from Vanni) very heavy instead of sponge.

My justification.
He will sit and work all day and night and won’t chase maids on vacation.

It is very difficult to run with heavy objects dangling!

I wish this would have come as dream.
Maha Brahma I am sorry I cannot send this for your interpretation.
This is not a dream but a wishful thinking and a honest aspiration!

If my experiment works well which I have no doubt, I would like to share my experience with the WHO and UNO if there are any sensible ones still employed there.