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Indian Premier League-I.P.L.

Indian Premier League-Is it killing Cricket in infancy?
Cricket Lovers will be happy if the answer to that question is no but I think that the answer to that question is emphatic yes.Yes it is killing cricket and young cricketers in its formative years.

Cricket is an institution in the Indian Subcontinent and making money is a good objective but not at the expense of serious cricket.
It is not the correct way about it.
It might pull crowd to the grounds and not so serious spectators to the fold as cricket commentators.
I think ICC should look at seriously how it affects the smaller nation like Ceylon and New Zealand.
It has already caused fractures in our cricket mainly due to corrupt administrators on this side of the Palk Strait.
That does not mean cricket administrators on the other side of the Palk Straight are straight and are not blameworthy.They too are to be blamed and rightly so.

Betting as a industry is well established in India and Pakistan.
In our setup too it has become a cancer with white collar (or is it blue collar) guys in the fray.
Players are hesitant to come out with the truth since moment they come out the gambit they are penalized not the corrupt officials.
Like getting children into big national school even getting a place in the school cricket team and selection process is stained with corruption.Whole institution stinks now.

Cricket has now become a corrupt institution like politics.
ICC and it’s CEOs are also not clean and they are also hell bent on getting money into their coffers.Money corrupts politicians and so do the cricketers and their administrators.

Cricket has become politics in Sri-Lanka and my opinion is that we won’t be able to recover from this corrupt influence for many decades and that is why I call I.P.L is killing cricket in its infancy.

I am not ready to put the blame on the cricketers alone.

They know it better than the arm chair pundits.

It is sad I have to pen down this scathing remarks instead of watching cricketers playing cricket in normal day light with temperatures that are conducive not at a time of the year even living inside a living room we get a heat stroke in Ceylon in Kandy.

No need to talk about India which is going through the effects of global warming.

They could not produce onions for barjii!

It is better we go for a tree planting campaign instead of 20 / 20 cricket.

It is better for the health of the nations in the Indian subcontinent.