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Level of Citizenship

This is something I wanted to write but escaped my attention for so long.
I should be brief.
I categorize citizens into 4 main groups.
But there can be many in between.
Since I have traveled a fair bit when young and I was out more than in, may have caused this delay.
But it is never too late than ever.
Probably I am less hypocritical of myself.
Recent visit of the CID to our neighbourhood made me pen this down lest I forget.

We have no war but the long period of paranoia has made us less flexible and open but very much reserved and less proactive.

This is very much shown in our cricket and the political involvement especially around world cup has made it worse.

When we want to go out especially to UK or USA, they do a scan of your profile and fingers to the extent many of our criminals (must be laughing) never have had that opportunity (they are out there in the open without a warrant) granted to them sometimes probably due political patronage.
When the Visa guys finished me I wanted to say to them  you must take an accurate profile of the penis or vice versa of the opposite sex to prevent powerful IMF guys with political clout escaping the security net.
For my own sanity I differed saying that till now.
My categorization are as follows
1. First Class Citizen of a First Class Country.
2. First Class Citizen of a Second Class Country.
3. Second Class Citizen of a First Class Country.
4. Second Class Citizen of a Second Class Country.
Many of us fall into the last category and try our best to achieve the Second Class Citizen of a First Class country and never go beyond that point.
Mind you there is no First Class Country and that is found only in heaven.
Now then, can I give an example of a country that come near  enough to a First class Country.
Only one comes to my mind.
It is New Zealand that come anywhere near that category in people-wise and policy-wise as a First Class Country.
UK and USA now come under Second Class Countries due to their policy changes.
They are paranoid (crimes they have  involved in over the past two centuries  and still committing are too numerous to mention) in their demeanour and that is why I categorize them as such.
It is far better to become a first class citizen of a second class country which none of us can achieve given the global scenario of debt crisis.
So when you think of going abroad please think twice, if you become  a second class citizen, you remain so for your entire life and one cannot ascend up the ladder.