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Linpus Light-1.4

It is nearly two years ago that I used Linpus Linux.
At that time I was not interested in Live CDs.

I had downloaded it when I was abroad and it had a heavy version and a light version.

I did not like the heavy version which was based on Redhat.

But I really like the light version and even though it did not mention that it is an O.E.M. version but it behaved like one and takes over the hard disk and install it in minutes.

It’s GRUB was not compatible with other Linux and I gave up because of its high handed take over of the hard disk.

It had all the making of a Mobile Linux but I was waiting for an update but I could never find a new version and totally gave up on it.

Today for curiosity I went to their site and looked for a free download iso and to my surprise and fortuitously I found the Light version 1.4.

It is only 411 MiB.

It is for netbook and is for mobile use.

It has the following.

  • Firefox
  • Email Client
  • IM: MSN, Skype
  • Open Office Applications
  • Photo Management
  • Power Management
  • PC Folder
  • Social Network
  • Multimedia Player
  • Network Manager
  • Game Collection
  • PDF Reader
  • Live Update
  • RSS Reader
  • Sync Mail
  • File Manage
They have done a beautiful advertisement and those who did not get Android from Google, this is where one should start.

It is beautiful.
It is light weight.
It is free and one does not have to wait for Google to dish it for you.

It is Chinese with English capability and I am going to support it instead of Google’s Android from now onwards.

Without much hype in two years Chinese at Taiwan has done a good job.

Thanks guys and girls at Linpus.
I hope you go from strength to strength and give Google a bit of scare!

If you have a nettbook this one for you.
It might take over and erase your windows though.
They are developing touch and HTDV version too.
Visit Linpus Home and see it for yourself.