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Linux Games I Love to Play

Linux Gamers Live, the Arch derivative is top of my list and Linux Ultimate Edition is close second and Knoppix 2008 December edition comes third and i could not find a new version of games in spite of Knoppix 6.7 was out and looks fantastic.Knoppix cannot be installed on hard drive.
Why I choose Linux Gamers Live was simply because its front end just looks like Apple front end and ready for games with icons instead of names.
It also can be installed into hard disk now.
Now instead of trying to outscore these three edition which have done a lot for Linus games, I will list my favorites below.

Even PCLinuxFuillMonty thought they have place for Linux guys and girls.
Indirectly FullMonty comes fourth.

1. Number one is Super Tux 2 and I enjoyed playing hours and hours.
2. Close second is Pingus and its environmental theme is commendable.
3. Number three is Extreme Tux Racer which is sweet and relaxing
4. Number 4 is SuperTuxCart (this is for the racing addict)
5. Number 5 is Tuxcart (This is for the training on racing)
6. Number 6 is Frozen bubble
7. Number 7 is any of the 100 of tiny games
If any of the Linux distributions fail to introduce any of the top 5 of mine selection i thought of giving them minus marks in my rating in future.
Mind you with Wine and getedit one can play windows , DOSand Atari games of the yesteryear.

Linux Gamers and IgLive/Knoppix

Knoppix had a Game DVD in December 2008 but quiet since then but the new Knoppix 6.4 and 6.7 with support for visually handicap are fantastic. Knoppix gamers cannot be installed.
This was the same scenario with Linux gamers Live the Arch derivative.
Their 0.9.7 (CD/DVD) has remedied this and have install and persistent facility.
Ubuntu based Ultimate Edition is out with Light and Full version and I have not downloaded it yet (point to point download is damn slow in thus part of the world).
I am waiting and expecting them to place a torrent copy at Linux Tracker.
Thanks guys and girls you are doing a wonderful service and this is the only area Linux is still lagging behind.
I do not mind developers placing the games for purchase and that will make cash available for more ambitious work and developers also should need to survive at a time of debt crisis.
The idea is for you to be able to carry a decent amount of high-quality Linux games with you where ever you go for purposes of demonstration, gaming or parties. Your computer will remain completely unchanged as everything will run live.
It can boot this distribution from a CD, DVD or USB flash drive.

Supreme Super Gamer

I am afraid I have to make two negative reports on the trot (not mission critical this time, unlike Dropbox) and this time on Supreme Super Gamer.

After 7 days of download time finally I got this Live DVD in my hand eager to boot up enjoy.
This was on May Day Holiday, quite appropriate for me to enjoy the games when real workers are bashing Bunki Moon on the main high streets of Colombo.

Bunki Moon has become a Punchbag for Political Punchers, I wish somebody make a game of U.N.O on the web with Bunki Moon as the main man of action and I can assure you we will give you 20 million people to both for and against playing the game.

This was quite contrary to the Foreign Minister’s assertion.
In my case I took his advise in good stead and want to play some games pass midnight. That was the time the download was over (really on the day after May Holiday) and I could not boot the CD on both computers having less than 100 graphic capability.
It was pass midnight and I had to attend to some work on Monday morning, I went to sleep.
Toady after an evening nap I took the DVD (first double layer gamer in my hand) and booted up with my laptop with 4 GiB RAM but relatively reasonable graphic card capability (IBM).
It booted up but failed to configure X-Windos on root permission.

The kernel in the DVD has two problems.

1. It cannot identify various types of file format of Linux including reserfs.
2. It does not have modules for old and new graphic cards.
3. X-windows even though kernel is new fails.

This is where Linux Developers failed their users (rather customers).
Do not blame Windows for this lapse and I do not think I will download a gamer till next May Day.
I am a professional who has other important work than playing games.
Unfortunately Linux is my home base where I cannot play games with my grandchildren in the backyard, till next Christmas.
Thanks guys ‘ girls for your interest in Linux games!



In spite of work, Cricket World Cup, I found time to test Knoppix 6.4 CD/DVD and both are equally good and can be installed into the hard disk.

In the past after various tricks I managed to install Knoppix in a FAT partition of my laptop.

Since I have number of distributions in all my computers getting any new distribution installed is a bit of a hassle.No wonder the developers cannot keep pace with my finicky behaviour.

This is equally true when I have two hard disks.
I am yet to find a distribution except perhaps Debian which can detect multiple distributions in the same computer and the correct boot record.
Each distribution has its own way to figure out and configure the boot record. Distribution countsĀ  hard disks a and b , c for hard disks and in one distribution a become b and b become a and another a is a and b is b at boot time.

This is confusing for me and I have to figure out how to sort it and edit boot message. I do not like this happening.

If you have no distribution in your hard disk the installation is straight forward but my installation are very complicated since I have to figure out how the distribution configure thing and sometime try trial an error method.

I never give up but after many trials I get the distributions to behave in the way I want them to be.

New Knoppix was no different I had several failures but finally I got it in my hard disk cohabiting with various other distributions this time in a native Linux partition not FAT.

It is derivative of Debian squeeze and is pretty good.

Who says Debain is bad.

It has no administrative constrains, like Puppy can do anything without root permission sometimes with superuser status. Please do not get angry with me these are Linux vocabulary.

So be careful (it gives a brief warning every time it does something drastic).

It needs a swap partition and at least one reiserfs partition (big enough to accommodate the wast resources it has). Small partition for CD but a very big one for the DVD.
It need at least 1 GiB swap in the first partition, but I gave 2 instead.
It’s partition tool Gparted sometime find it difficult to partition the hard disk.

So I booted Debins Gparted and did the changes and booted Knoppix.

Its actions are almost automatic and instantaneous and moment you pressĀ  ENTER it gets down to work so if you have data in your hard disk please take special care.

It’s compiz is excellent and I will install it in every one of my computers when they are undergoing major changes. I went down for a cup of tea and when I returned the monitor was going berserk with scintillating graphic and thought the graphic card has gone. Not so its graphics are pretty good.

It has lot of games too.

Pingus is excellent. I kept playing it while it was being installed which one can never can do when windows are being installed.

Blessing in Disguise-Linux Games

I have avoided using games as a plus point or a weakness of Linux.

You may wonder why?

Whether we like it or not games are essential for life.

Too much of any game or demanding sports may break a marriage.

Similarly lack of games can terminate a marriage.

So when I talk about games, I always start with that advantage point which is neutral to begin with.

We tend to associate games with children and young adults and as a growing up process.

But I would like to disagree.

Even animals love games as young ones and they start playing with the mum and the litter and not only that process teaches them cooperation and learning to avoid dangers when the leave they adults as solitary animals.

Dogs digs the earth when they are bored.

For them this process is essential and leaving some stuff dug up and hidden and getting the dog to discover the bones is a standard game.

That takes the boredom out of their system.

The very same pattern of boredom sets into adults if we do not occupy with some gaming activity.

The Cricket World Cup is now in full swing and every body who is somebody is now slowly making their entry into the fray.

If you cannot play at least watch the game.

It is good for your health if you are not gambling with the outcome of the game.

Regarding Linux of course one of the weak points as I saw in the early stages was its lack of games. For me who had by that time almost addicted to DOS and Windows was a blessing in disguise.

That made me to delve deep into Linux and I am now almost daily writing something or teaching somebody its virtues or doing some activity with Linux (in dropbox) and the 24 hours of the day not is not enough for me.

Similarly if one is introducing computer science to a young one not having games is an advantage. So the child can concentrate on learning nitty gritty points of computing.

In the same tone in very young child, the games can be a vehicle for introducing learning techniques.

What is important is that the games should be age appropriate and should be of short duration and easy to perform.

There are lot of little games in Linux but but there is paucity of very advanced games.

The context is so bad I bought a book that dealt with Linux games thinking one day when I have time I will start making an attempt to produce at least some elementary games for kids.

Mind you making games for very young kids is difficult. There attention span is short unlike the bigger children. In the bigger children their attention span is so intense and they get absorbed so much gradually game becomes an addition.

I have a very simple solution for that.

When we played it was a habit that the entire extended family get involved in the game and the computer games that we played were of the group category. We used to take turns, those watching will help with the clues.

Most of the Waltz Disney games come under this category.

Tarzan, Lion King and Zero to Hero were few of them and gradually migrated to Italian Job, Raider of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones.

Mind you all of them were windows based and none of that intensity was found in Linux.

Then I discovered Tux Racer, Pinguy and a few others in Linux.


There are big Linux game packs.

I have not seen a single yet.

It takes at least two weeks to download them. When I have finished addressing the Linux 100 and Linux Extras, I may consider downloading.

I have eventually decided to download the big game pack even if it takes a month to do so.

Or else if I happen to go abroad I will keep two days for that activity.

I have tried few friends outside.

Unfortunately the are not versed with Linux.

Linux-100-Update on Linuxconsolebuild147-2010

This is one of the few but very good Multimedia capable Live (Install) CD for an old computer (as well as new) in the attic to play video and DVD.

Make the computer a Multimedia Player.

It has TV capability but I did not tested it since our TV channels are not set to any standard (anybody can buy a space in channel frequencies-not international standard anyway) and do not register with any monitoring agency of frequencies so that Linux can detect it. 

This gentleman from France has done a wonderful job and everybody should support his efforts and future developments such as ipod capability.

Only weakness for a Live CD of 200 odd MiB which is fantastic is that I could not configure the internet to listen to internet music.

This is a development release and it has windows executable file too.

Newbies and savvy should use it and give him constructive feed backs.

It has 4 GB DVD which I could not download up till now due to slow pace of our internet service.

I am going to download it during the Christmas Holidays.

Good work and thanks for the Guys and Girls of

Linux Activator and Linux-100

My approach to Linux 100 was purely academic but I never thought that lot of guys. especially the guys developing Linux would care to listen to my comments with any enthusiasm and would take them with good spirit and add utilities that I tend to like the most. 

One of the utilities was PHP / MySQL Admin. since in my age and time I am tired of working on a terminal with poor eyesight and trying to work only on command line.

It is imperative that to encourage newbies that come from Microsoft background to get a hang of (good example is myself- having worked with SPSS and Access especially for my research work and trying to do some work only on terminal was anathema by itself) Linux before delving into commend line and scripts.

This is especially so when admirable utilities with graphic front has or being developed are available for wider use.

When these are incorporated in a distribution that make life easy for lot of users who are not full time administrators but have to get involved in administrative functions, especially database management ( for example in Medical Practice).

I thought only a few Linux guys especially the

newbies would be interested in my comments as a way of grumbling and wining especially coming from the windows background like a spoiled brat. 

Judging by the Linux outputs recently my reservation was ill founded.

There are lot of guys /girls with a global picture with lot of dynamism.

Another reservation is for us in the countries where download speed is hopelessly inadequate downloading a DVD is a nightmare and lot of little CDs are much better than a FAT DVD distribution with lot of utilities rarely used.

This where PCLinux was a trend setter on its own right.

It is nice to see even Fedora 14 has taken a leaf out of PCLinux history and following its foot paths.

Sabayon is doing it (of course they have been doing it independently).

Salix is introducing Live KDE.

I never thought this will happen in my life time.

There is lot of
convergence in spite of the diversity.

That is the beauty of Linux.

I hope I never made a comment to hurt any guy / girl doing hard work for Linux with shear dedication.

All my comments were in good spirit since I am a Linux fanatic by choice and not by descent.

If I had made any comments sharp, they were to tone the commercial trends and subtle insinuation by rival distributions to undermine the advance of Linux.

This is happening everyday.


I believe in small is beautiful and small (bet on the strength of the hand but not what others have-re-rival companies) is powerful when chips are down and the stock market is tumbling.

It is nice to see UK stock market is following the footsteps of US stock market even 3 years later (US probably anticipated the crisis 2 years before the event, I guess!)


I did not want to concentrate on games until I finish with the Linux distributions for educational activities.

It has the light and the heavy Hybrid versions and out of all the games I like Pingus, the most but Tux Racer is there.

But the Tux game I used to play with my son often when I was using Mandrake and Mandriva is not included probably due to copyright and ownership problems.

What is missing in Linux is games.

I am not sure whether the big Hybrid is doing justice to Linux claim for games.  

I will never be able to download 4 GB DVD here in SriLanka unless somebody is willing to download it and send it to me as a compliment.

If happen to go abroad for more than two weeks I will take my laptop with huge memory and download few of the DVDs.

Till then you have to count your fingers.

By then I have passed 100 Linux Live CDs and doing something else other than Linux.

Linux100-IgLive-22-Gamers’s Paradise

One of my basic grumbles about Linux from the early days was that the lack of games in Linux consoles.

This has been addressed by gamers from Berlin.

Ig Live CD and DVD (I cannot download even Knoppix Games in this Paradise Country with the slowest domestic paid Telecom Service) have addressed this void.

CD is good (I try my best to download the DVD-might take 2 weeks of continuous downloading) and enjoyed playing Pingus very much.

The game is topical.
Global Warming one of my favorite topics now.

I live in this hill city called Kandy for Kanda (in Sinhala it is the hill) with the range of temperatures was between 68 Fahrenheit to 78-80, 40 years ago.

Now it’s temperature is well above 80 and topped 97 F recently in my city (I checked the temperature when ever I can and record it with two digital thermometers with the date and time- I had to search well over 6 months to find an accurate thermometer).

Which speaks volumes and need not have a Science Degree to understand.

Our politicians who enter (99% of them) the parliament with (bear) minimum of education want know how to read a child’s temperature but runs the Ministry of Health and other important Ministries.

Some of them do not know how to operate a computer and we do not have a proper IT education in school curriculum.

Talking about Linux is like Greek to them (They only know Sinhala or Tamil but most of the Tamil can speak better English than Sinhalayas).

That is why I have to write this in a blog.

Sorry for the diversion, I am a simple political animal with a vision for Science (visit my writing at Education but IT and Linux is one of my aberrations!

So well done boys and girls in Berlin you are doing a wonderful job.

I have one suggestion foe you.

If I were a kid I would have preferred what I going to say in a second.

Have compiz included in the distribution package with few other utilities Like abiword and scientific utilities.

I thick ARCH can very well do that!

So me the kid can switch the desktop from game to utility to fool my mum and dad who have an average working knowledge in Microsoft with only one desktop (like our politicians) in mind.

But don’t do the mistake of QIMO but SHOULD have parental control over the Internet which leads to many vices there.

If any one of you abroad can send me a working games DVD (Including Knoppix) I can copy and distribute it in this god (84.000 of them) forsaken country.

Keep in touch with by email please.
I will write about XBMC (Linux Media Center) and Sabayon soon.
Dr.Asoka S. B. Diss