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Linux for Kids

Linux for Kids

Now that I have talked about Linux games it is imperative I should write something on Linux that parents can use with their supervision (this is important since some distribution might go straight to the wider web with one or two clicks).
There are many and I will dispense with the distribution first before talking about the software packages.


2.Knoppix for kids


4. DoudouLinux

5.Foresight for Kids (Latest finding that I am going to download soon)

6. SOAP (Sugar on A Plastic (means a Flash Drive)

Out of the packages GCompris comes first and SUGAR (OLPS Project) second.

I like Tux paint and Tux Typing the best though.

Some distributions incorporate these packages in the iso image but if it is not their one should not worry.
One can download from the software repository.
Latest Unity Ubuntu did not have SUGAR and in five to ten (5-10) minutes especially in the night one can download and install them.