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Mandriva Update

Mandriva is a good idea very badly implemented.

The good idea is resurrecting once one of my favorite (I could not wait for the next release) distributions from bankruptcy.

Thank for the injection of some 3 millions.
Next is is the 3 million well spent.
I do not think so.
It is going to become regimented Russian enterprise (unfortunately we Sri-Lankans including new entrants to the university are getting regimented) without creative inputs.
The idea of using KDE only is horrible to say the least.
It is Incorporated with Unity Type additions and take up all the GiB of my RAM and cannot even get LibreOffice (another good idea) on in a live session. I have only 1 GiB on my workhorse machine.
Even PCLinuxFullMonty which is a Gorilla of a distribution consumes that amount of RAM on a Live Session. With that scenario putting installation separate was a very good idea otherwise few of the RAM cards of poor uses will be consumed or fully burned.
It might become another Linux distribution Like ALT almost Russian based and no use for the third world countries like ours.
I could not even fire up FireFox and gave up and cannot make any further comments.
This is not going to be one my favorites for sometimes and a considerable time in future.
Thanks guys and girts making it little over 1.5 GiB otherwise i would have had a heart attack waiting its full download in this Banana Republic.
I will be promoting UNity Linux (not Ubuntu’s Desktop) from now onwards, since it’s refined concept of bare bone Linux (OpenBox) from which ore useful and custom distributions can be built on.
I am currently downloading Unity’s derivative of musicians edition of HUMANity.
I will be with you soon with comment on that and not anymore of Mandriva for sometime.

Warning to Linux Newbies-Swift Linux and JULinux

When I looked back over the last 18 months it is with some comfort I report to you that only once I had to warn the newbies about a distribution.

That was a derivative of Linspire and came out as freespire under the shadow of a proprietary operating system and with a script attached to its iso that interfered with my iso images download.

Since then, I have been using as moderate firewall but not paranoid about security but unlike Microsoft uses take it as a sore throat but not a sore mind or a disaster at work.

But the perennial problem of download speed of our Telecoms (guys in Sri-Lankan telecoms are best in the service sector but their political directors who have no idea how to improve the services are the real pests) also I have sorted out by using torrent and keeping my isos accessible as seeders (especially the old version of isos) for global community.

Thank you guys and gorls in torrent community and the service providers in which LinuxTracker is leading the pack.

I detected it in three hours and traced the culprit to India who had taken the freespire iso and modified with some bad intent.

Since then I have downloaded more than 200 iso files without a problem but just this week I found two iso files with some serious bugs.

One is TaylorSwift (AntiX derivative) and the other is JULinux (Just Use Linux-an Ubuntu derivative).

I could never boot up Pixie Linux in spite of downloading three different versions which is a derivative of Gentoo Linux. Problem with Gentoo is if one is without (having) a good internet connection one can never install it. Many in the third world has no internet connection and even if they have one the download sped is painfully slow.

It is imperative these poor guys and girls should not be deprived of the use of a good Linux distribution, simply because there is no install script.

It (Pixie) does not have installation script which is a minor matter  for a developer to include in a distribution having worked so many hours fixing minor bugs and making a fully fledged distribution.

I hope Pixie will fix this until then I cannot make any comment stating that it is good distribution in the third world context.

Now that canonicals is discontinuing the free distribution of Ubuntu by post it is time other distributions take note and include a installation script.

I think of giving minus points to all the Live distributions (CD/DVDs) without (would be a good  move all reviewers should consider and follow when writing reviews) a install script in view of the hassle they cause newbies who want to install a particular distribution having tested a Live CD/DVD.

Swift Linux had some problem with its server lately and their download was hopeless to say the least and now the images are transferred to free software foundation download site.

Both of them booted up with only graphic images and without keyboard functionality and keyboard keys were missing and only graphic images were there.

With Swift Linux of course I tried to use a different language but the result was the same.

No alpha numeric letters to type, either due to wrong keyboard configuration or abiword not having fonts installed.

Old distributions have a special directory where fonts and Unicodes are installed and I had to get Sinhala fonts in the correct place to get keys I type had a meaning at the display terminal some 12 years ago.

When I got it it was some exciting adventure and soon Mandrake (not Mandriva) introduced auto-installation of fonts.

Either way it will discourage the newbies downloading or trying a Live CD, until the developers fix the bugs.

Sometime due to haste the developers upload the image (sometime without instructions for name and password to log in) without seriously checking, the functionality.

I think my decision to write at least 100 Linux distributions instead of best 10 to 20 was a useful exercise to me and to all newbies all over the globe. 

I am going to wind up downloading and  testing after downloading all Debian and Mint CD/DVDs and would be concentrating on Sinhla and Tamil Linux, for  while.

But if the industrial action continues I will have no option but to continue this exercise to keep me intellectually occupied instead of being bored.

Hope readers pass any messages of this type to my site and then I will download them and test myself and write a review for a larger Linux Audience

Light Weight Portable, Private and Secure or is it?

Happy Independence day to all Americans and would be (aspiring) Americans! Light Weight Portable, Private and Secure or is it?

It looks like American Defense Industry is  doing catching up service (activity).
Sometime Americans let me laugh at myself.
I am not antiamerican (there is no word called antiamerican in the American dictionary) in philosophy but in ideology.
My theme is small is beautiful.
The American ideology is bigger the best. 
The Thinking Big is IBM philosophy.
In other words, the richer an American becomes better is for the world.
The American dream is become rich from cradle to the grave, even if you are not a politician.  Our dream is let only politicians become rich by default

My theme is “become rich just enough to become small in thinking of becoming big but big in thinking to be sustainable and not become a big White (or Black or Yellow or brown) Pest in this world which cannot afford to have anymore with scarce resources.
I like one American Philosophy and that is to be liberal in thinking not aristocratic or regimented like in a orthodox religion.

Become a free thinker and an open inquirer.

The WiKiLeakes has done enough damage to American esteem and reputation and they are adopting some of my Linux strategy in practice.
United States of America’s Department of Defense has produced a Linux Live CD for public use probably for Americans abroad and would be non-american spies in the Middle East (Not necessary in Sri-Lanka, we do not have secrets that Americans do not know except the last two days of our departure or radio silence when most essential silence was maintained by the defense establishment which American have to come here and learn from out Big Ball Boys of Cricket-how to land a carom ball or a googly at will- we never tell English boys how much Mahela is going to score in the next match or the World Cup final).

Sri-Lanka is the only country in this world where Americans do not need to have any secret spies and our defense secretary is American by registrations and does not trust American a wee bit but our mothers would be when pregnant, do not say Baby going to London town but My Baby is going to New York or Washington is the current theme and from mothers to fathers to babies will give American embassy their money to spy on our mother Lanka.

It is amazing to see they are stealing my original Sri-Lankan ideas and I feel bit redundant, though.
1. Number one is Light Weight (Bonobo type of Linux distributions-SLiTaz is only 30 MiB) distributions in Linux
2. Number two of my ideas is make all distribution Public including Microsoft and Apple which are all American Creations with serious bugs when WiKILeaks  used them exposed them.
In other words American inventions are the most reliable security lapses that we can exploit to get American secrets.
3. For security I say go for Linux and the Americans have turned to Linux for safety and security but leaving daring loop holes in execution of them.
Having said that they are new to Linux and one never uses root permission (only when one roots on top of a problem or underdog) to boot but their Live CD is already booted and rooted all the time like American based French IMF guys.
Another alarming feature is hashed passwords are stored in the would be-readable /etc/passwd file, that can be cracked.
The funniest part and which I laugh at length is they are promoting my AntiMicrosft stance from the DoD (Department of Defense) which accepts Microsoft is the biggest liability.
Another great idea is to use Flash  which recently had breached security through FireFox browser.
These American in the Defense Department got them all wrong and Linus Torvalds must be laughing nonstop like over nonstop singers and dancers. 
American please use this distribution at your own liberty and risk but non-americans beware that this must be another ploy to make some unrest in the Middle East which they are fast losing ground.
I am downloading it and will be very elaborate when I give my next comment.
If you need more details please visit distrowatch weekly review but thier description lacks funny tone coming from America.
American do not know how to laugh at themselves and DoD has given them a big opportunity.
Use when there is freedom of disposal, Linux-wise.

Linux Update-PixieLive2 and Gentoo–Waste of Time?

Linux Update-PixieLiive2 and Gentoo–Waste of Time?

 This is the second time I downloaded Pixie ( Earlier Version 1) and it took almost one and half days to download with only two or three seeds.

Unfortunately it does not say how to make a bootable live DVD or Flash Drive.
All executable files of dos and sh are there but when they are run on a command line terminal, “permission denied message” comes up.
I cannot one understand why this is done for a Linux distribution unless with commercial intention.
This is the biggest down side of Gentoo too it has live a DVD which goes up to 4 GiB but there is is no script for installing.
It is this psychopathic behavior of some developers that makes Linux commercially not viable n shun newbies.
This is a a verse comment I have made academically (please not not with commercial intent) on a distribution apart from apartheid Linux which speaks for itself and violates the fundamentals of open source spirit of the game of computing.
As far as ordinary user is concerned this no longer an issue since there are over 100 Linux distributions with multi-language capability.
These distribution will be good for nothing or would be destined for the archives and sometimes without even an adverse comment.
How can I make even an adverse comment without experiencing the virtues for a moment?
I beats my guts out!
Newbies do not waste your precious time on these distributions in spite of glossy pages in their home web pages since there lot of nice birds out there.
Or else visit my Linux 100 or parafox or asokaplus.

10 or more reasons Why I stop using SuSe and changed to Mepis / AntiX

From this months onwards and after the World Cup Cricket, I have deleted SuSe from my computer.

There are 10 and more reasons.
They are as follows without any logical sequence.

1. It does not recognize more than 10 Linux partitions.
2. But faithfully recognize windows.
3. It does not give priority to other Linux distributions following the tradition of windows.
4. It discriminate other Linux distributions and in fact actively disable others at boot / install menu /time.
5. In fact it has become a wolf in sheep clothing.
6. It could not configure my new TV card in spite of 1 hour of trying and downloading.
7. It never (11.3) configured Skype
8. Its DVD is more than 4 GiB and cannot be copies as an image for posterity
9. Its GRUB has radically changed itself and not to recognize other boot menus of diffent Linux.
10. It cannot delete large files.
11. It has no veritable CRON configuration to delete tmp files and like windows collect muck all over var and tmp
12. It is heavy and clumsy at times in spite of beautiful garb and it is infected with windows image.

I remember giving 10 out of 10 on first time I used (live / install )but now after using briefly over a month I have reduced 12 and and it getting two minuses.

If I use it any more there may be more minuses and I cannot be that harsh to a friend I associated with over the last 6 to 7 years.

Now I use AntiX and Mepis.
1. Unlike Debian it has a nice Graphic Front.
2. AntiX is fast to boot unlike Debian.
3. It has all the utilities I use.
4. Integrate well with other Linux except of course with SuSe
5. It has a sweeper incorporated

Debian I use simply because it has Sinhala capability and if I want anything missing apt get will do the honours.

Why I still do not use Ubuntu is it has no root capability except sudo which I hate.

SuSe Community and making an Image for Archives

Edited on the 14th, March, 2011

I am not sure whether the comments i have mde below is correct, since I have found the same problem with Debian 6. DVD. Unable to copy the DVD image. It is 4.3 GiB (same size as SuSe) and Linux unable deal with a file size above 4 GiB in one file and has to be broken into two which can be done only with torrent.

PCLinuxfullMonty has restricted itself to 4 GiB and Gentoo with 4.4 GiB has  probably divided the file into two (32 bit and 64 bits ) and  by doing that has accommodated above 4 GiB.

I hope since the SuSe DVD has Gnome KDE, LXDE and xFce by dropping one of the latter two SuSe should be able to reduce the DVD lod to $ GIb in future so that image can be saved for posterity.

I hope somebody enlighten me on this issue.

SuSe community has the peculiar habit which they have acquired form Novel and Microsoft annoys me a lot, to say the least.

They let you download (which takes more than 36 hours or more from K-torrent in Sri-Lanka) a single copy of the image and and won’t let you copy the image as an archive. In the final seconds of the copying it has a script to abort copying which only commercial companies can use as a ploy to protect the copyright (which I am in total support).

This is not a Linux Tradition even if they are commercially operational.

In fact violates the principles of FOSS and true spirit of open software and OS systems.

When it happened for first time I deleted the image and kept the DVD for installation.
If I want I can copy the DVD but always have two copies one for use other one for safe keeping.

Mind you DVD cannot be kept indefinitely and if the image is copied to a external hard drive, a CD/DVD can be written if the DVD in use is damaged.

For example for an emergency but not for re-sale. I am not interested in copying and selling it to a third party.


My intentions are are academic and only for archival and retrieval purposes..

Unfortunately most of the old distributions are not in any archives or servers. The servers and linux tracker included have the habit of deleting not used (frequently) distributions from the sever to accommodate space in the server for new distributions.

They write automatic script to do this house cleaning job without archiving them.

The point I am raising is relevant now.  Currently LinuxTracker is down but gradually adding the images to it’s servers and it cannot retrieve even the most recently used distributions quickly enough to get the sytsem running in double quick time and it is a headache and lot of heart burns for many system administrators.

There should be a way of transfwring the infrequently used into a system category away from the main stream and thereafter after a lapse of a period  if still not used can be transferred to an archival medium. All these cost time and money.

I was once downloading BigDaddy (my favorite PCLinux’s original successful version) from a server. If I remember right it was softpedia. Half way through my download (which takes ages from Sri-Lanka) it was no longer avialable and I was heart broken. I could not finish the downkload it.

I made a humble request at PCLinux forum and one nice gentleman let me directed to a server and I quickly downloaded it for archiving. It is live and cannot be  installed but I use it for demonstrating the humble beginning of  very successful distribution.

Similar incident happened with Pendrive Linux. These was a defect (I got it downloaded from a Microsoft machine with Nero) in the imabe,

This was the first time I got a bootable Linux Image in a Pendrive.  Now even Pendrive site does not have a copy of the Original Image and I cannot get it from distromania or from Linuxtracker. It is like collecting old stamps and coins.

It has become a hobby and a pastime for me keeping the archives.

Coming from an academic (not commercial) background, simple thing like these matter a lot in the long run.

Commercial investors when they want to introduce a new system they begin by not supporting and then destroying the old system by default making the user vulnerable. Microsoft does this very well.

I cannot understand why Linux does this and good example is SuSe who has got under the fold of commercial CEOs.


Coming back to my story what I did was to make a copy of the image (this is something I used to do for old Distributions without an image but only a CD/ DVD for archiving) with K3B and saved it instead of deleting after the image is written to the CD/DVD.

When I tried and used the saved image for writing to a DVD it gives an annoying warning that the Image ” file size is different from the declared volume”.

Linux (K3B) checks the file size before writing and gives a warning before it writes to prevent one from copying a bad image and wasting a CD or DVD.

This warning or the deterrent cannot be true since the file image property goes as 4 GiB.

These are some of the nuances of SuSe and Mandriva which are driving Linux fans or uses away from them.

I cannot simply agree with this ploy and that is why I am moving away from Oracle, SuSe and Mandriva.

A CEO with commercial interest makes these decisions and my concern is why can’t they openly say DO NOT COPY but use these underhand methods.

Linux100-Absolute Linux–92

This is on of those installable CDs that takes over your hard disk in toto.

So look at the label is it Live or Install.
I almost erased my hard disk it with it .
Even then I have several editions of it but never install it to see its worth.


I fetched and got live CD in a zip file from Softpedia and ultimately made a image and booted little while ago for testing.
It looks xfce but there is no record that it was from xfce was visible in the booted front.
It is very shaky with it configuration of x-Windows and I warn and it asks you some worrying questions (for a newbie) before the last stage of mounting

It puts anybody off including me.
It readily displays the user and root and their passwords and violates the principle of password by using only 55 and 77,
That is not the lesson a newbie should learn.
Thanks it is in zip file only a Linux fan can unravel its secrets.

This is not for newbie as yet and it cannot be installed!

It is a good try and it has a long way to go like Centos (Salix has joined the fold recently) and the like who took up Live CDs seriously only lately.

I will be with you with Salix moment I download and test it for you.


This is a very nice Live CD for web browsing.

Coming from UK it has BBC on line too which is a good thing.

It has taken KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) very seriously and I cannot shutdown the console once it is booted and rooted which is a big handicap at my prostratic age! 

If they want to be serious about light weight must shed 27 out of 227 MiB, like the old Nimble X so that it will fit in a mini CD and I can wear it in my front shirt pocket.

Make it pocket size please so lest I cannot carry it in my front shirt pocket on holidays.

Take some cues from Good OS (gOS) and make it eye candy.

Good Luck.

I am downloading ADIOS web edition and will be back with you soon.


Finally I manged to download a correct MiB iso and test it on my laptop.
It lacks drivers, unlike PCLinux and does not support old hardware and it hangs up on my desktop. It is heavy and lacks games.
It is very slow to boot and configure.
K3B is missing and I prefer its 2007 edition from which it has not improved due to commercial interests, I believe.
I hope I am wrong.
Knoppix 6.2 is thousands time better with many additions including virtual box and games.

Why Mandriva Live (One) is not included?

Mandriva spring edition has done a poor remake of its Live CD.
I downloaded its 684 MB to see that it over shoots the CD by 32 MiB.
I cut a DVD and boots it to see it hangs Up in my desktop with adequate RAM.

Or is it this 64 bit version I am trying / using?

Try boot it with my Laptop.
Hangs up again!

Try download a new copy / iso image and after 684 MiB goes in to over shoot mode and even after 777 (it should be 007 of James Bond variety) it says unknown time of downloading.

I quit and write this nasty or in fact a Fact of Life for a newbie to order a copy (rather buy one).

This is a sad ploy by Mandriva becoming unbecoming!

I quit I have to test Dream Linux or Qimo and no more Mandriva please.

Same problem with Salix Live and Server breaks up!