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Sabayon-6.0-Sinhala Linux Update

Sabayon which is Gentoo derivative with XMBC media center as a good product is coming out like PCLinux with all the little little distribution including E!7-Enlightenment. While Gentoo is wasting time producing a huge Live DVD without an install script, Sabayon is doing a yeoman service to the Linux Community.

It is even one better than PCLinux for Sri-Lankans and it has Sinhala capability too. I hope Sinhala translators will help it to get Sinhlaa Unicode (Tamil too) in robust form now that tabloids are hitting the market.

Had I not got used to PCLinux and FullMonty, this is one I will use for sure on a regular basis.

I have only little caution XBMC is graphic intensive and if you have RAM less than 1 GiB the big version is not for you.

XMBC that comes with KDE version did not configure with my old Graphic Card and it has touch creen capability for new LCV monitors and (tabloid ready) laptops which is keeping with new hardware.

The LXDE version is pretty good and it runs well in my old IBM NetVista.

Unlike PCLinux it has both 32 and 64 bit versions and i am still waiting for PCLinux 64 bit version.

Sabyon is keeping it promise to the dream we believe on.

Well done guys and girls at the Sabayon Community.

Go ahead and enjoy Sabayon.

Debian Collection-Sinhala Capability

I am afraid you are not going to hear, I relate, any good dreams for a while and I was under the weather, this time not due to verbal diarrhoea of a political variety but really runny bottoms which virtually dehydrated me and the forced starvation had caused even hypoglyaemia to the extent, I have a slight headache even interfering my prolonged sleep on a Poya Day.
What usually happen is I have a good invigorating dream on Pre-poya day and I go straight to the computer and an email to Maha Brhma who virtually responds instantaneously to my dreams.
You may remember, we had an agreement unless the dream content has some humour, both ways my actual dreaming of it and its interpretation by Maha which makes the earthling practically starving of a good laugh, keep amused away from our boring politicians.
Suffice is to say I had some little fragmented dreams of no significance but a good one is long due.
Probably our cricket team’s poor performance and Sanga’s muted Revelations of Sri-Lankan Cricket would get no Sri-Lankan into a good mood awake or in dreams.
I have to agree with Sanga that Cricket was not something alienated with power politics or racial overtones whether it is South, North, East, West of in the Central Hills in the past but it seems under the present regime it has become alienated to extent one who is a Buddhist and coming from deep south only will get a chance to play for Sri-Lankan team as a newcomer and  s/he should be in the ruling party as a member of the parliament or avid supporter to get some contracts to fatten his or her foreign exchange illegally.

Corruption is ripe and only difference is unlike Indians our officers are cushioned by political maneuvers.

This is what Sanga could not state (not the 9 O’clock News item) but his resignation at a time when we had not groomed a viable successor, is an indication of his disgust how cricket is manged here in Sri-Lanka.

Well done Sanga, you come from the hill capital was the only one like our  Late Kadhiragarman who value principles of good governance. 
I suppose you should  now concentrate on law rather than cricket. 

Be a chip of the old block.

Time will tell who with the political backing will get the baton but who ever who comes with political baton will be sure to fail, since cricket is the only game where power politics has no place.
England has shown us how it is done with transparency and I won’t be surprised if England will lift the Cup next time around if they persevere with combination of youth with talent and senors with grit.
Just for record the criticism of of Trot was unwarranted and he is the one who helped to lift the cup and silenced English armchair critics.
Well done Trot you have more to offer as a Senior Player, if Sanath can play at 41 plus you should be playing at 38 plus if you keep your fitness, technique and solid temperament to win the game for your country right, in the shorter version of the game.
But if you are not up to it don’t wait like Peterson but follow the Thescovic example and play for your county till 40 plus and enjoy the gentleman game.
I hope you will be in the team which lift the next world cup and I will be following you very closely if not the others in your team and if you need a push I will certainly give it, far away from your home from the East.
Make sure you beat Indians this time round in summer like what you did in Australia.
Indian money and politicians are ruining the game and only English can save the game from disgrace, IPL included. 
We should never allow Bolliwood to fashion the game!

Please do not follow Chandimal and Mathews methods and they have learned these very, very bad habits from our politicians who have nothing but using fallen soldiers for their grandiose acts posthumously.

I am far off the target from Linux and Debian in particular.
Reason for diversion is nothing but I am waiting for the download of the last two DVDs in 386 version (I have 64 bit version) which is pretty fast due to so many seeders.
Now I have array of CDs/DVDs to promote Sinhala Linux and devoting my time for Debian during our industrial action which has given me ample time to sit in front of the computer.
Debian has produced bug fixes and I have downloaded them too.
I am gland they have followed my advice to break the distributions into Bonobo to Gorilla versions and Light Weight Chimp Versions of 500 MiB is the one that is going to rule the world for next 20 years with “Cloud Computing” on the horizon and Tabloids invading the market with very very cheap hardware.
I think Deann fork should follow Unity experience while maintaining Linux Mint under Debian fold.

Next 10 years should be the Linux Penetration Decade (LPD) of the masses which is only 1% currently. If Linux can make it to 10%, it is going to be a market force and the other 90% should be the “Cloud Servers” which will dominate the next 20 years until another innovation hits the web.

Linux Mint Debian Included -An Update

Linux mint is trying to forge away from Ubuntu, Kubuntu derivatives and that is a very encouraging change since they are going back to basics.
Go back to Debian base and forge ahead.
Reason being the change of canonicals to Unity.
I am one who is in favour of mark Shuttleworth’s smart move.
Yes it is a smart move by him.
He is doing a Bill Gate to Linux Community.

I wish him success.

Linux missed the opportunity for netbooks and I do not want to see it misses on tabloid too.
Like iPads, tabloid is the future.
We must not let only Apple to dominate the market.
Google’s Android has shown the way and Ubunbtu should not miss this opportunity come what it may.
I am highlighting Linux Mint here since it overtook Ubuntu head and a nose recently in downloads at DistroWatch and Ubuntu in the last week or so putting its nose ahead again.
Linux Mint did not miss time in promoting both Ubuntu 10 and Ubuntu 11 base.
Not only that it did not forget the Debian and out came Debian Mint in Last December.
Linux Mint was thinking ahead and getting ready for all the consequences resulting from Unity experience and not forgetting the community they were with.
Like PCLinux Linux Mint gave variety of options and Long Term (LTS) support and rolling editions and also brand new version based on Debian for the newcomers and the newbies.
This is what was lacking with Ubuntu.
They did not have two versions but with too much enthusiasm promoted Unity only.
They can reverse this by supporting their community who were with them when Microsoft was dominating the field.
It is not too late, let the user decides the trends of the future what canonicals and Mint and Debian should do is to be ready for all the eventualities including brickbats were call in our country.
God Luck to everybody in Linux and especially the developers and without you we do not have a customer base,too.

In any case innovation is the future for IT both hardware and software.

SUMO Linux

SuMo Linux is a compilation of 4 security Linux headed by Backtrack 3, Helix, Smurai Linux, Damn Vulnerable Linux and DBAN.
Even though Backtrack is into version 5 (five) and even backtrack 3 which is a Ubuntu derivative is good enough to track compromised computer and deliver offensive counter attack when a hacker tries to enter into your system.
This is for the Geeks and Savvy Linux developers but even a newbie can download and learn the geeky stuff like a professional guy.
As far as I was concerned I used it once when a guy from India, probably with the knowledge of some proprietary commercial distributions initiative tried to stop my download of Linux which I detected in about 3 hours and traced it back to India.

Since then I have used certain amount of firewall and I am not paranoid about attacks now and if somebody attacks me I will trace back and counterattack appropriately even if the computer happen to a be zombie and destroy its ability to act as a zombie or destroyed it totally out of web context.

I hope nobody ventures that far so that I have to explore the dark side of web episodes and Linux pro-activity.
Even Sumurai will do the needful for me.


Small is Beautiful!
Below  are a few lines by a guy like me who like me lie little things.
this was written probably 5 years ago when the distribution was 25 MIB
I thank him for his precise description of SliTaz.

(This is easily my favorite live CD now. I admire DSL for being versatile and fast, and I do like the way Puppy Linux has evolved. But it’s hard to beat a pretty, usable, complete system that ducks under the 25Mb mark, and does it so well. Fatter distributions (and I’m thinking of Xubuntu, et al., here) would do well to notice how much can be done with so little).

 Read Porteus Linux too.

This minimal Swedish distribution is only 30 MiB and it has burner, browser, install script, gparted and a manual.
It can play music and watch a video and visualize a photograph.
Amazingly it is smaller that the Damn Small Linux (DSL).

It has a lovely graphic presence and is a server version.
I new about this and never bothered to downloaded it thinking it is only in text mode and no graphic.
I was proven wrong and it has a lovely graphic mode.
After installation one can use the package manager to install what one wants.
The is the down to earth customizable version of Linux and any version bigger than it will have to be treated with insulin.
It has two version stable version and a cooking version with a DVD with packages.
1.5 GiB for stable version and 2.7 for the coking version.
I am sorry guys and girls at SliTaz of my prejudices coming from a windows background.

Like Porteus Linux you get 100 out of 100 points from me and another 100 for being the smallest functional distribution and will be the latest convert of your distribution and would be downloading the packages.

Linpus Light-1.4

It is nearly two years ago that I used Linpus Linux.
At that time I was not interested in Live CDs.

I had downloaded it when I was abroad and it had a heavy version and a light version.

I did not like the heavy version which was based on Redhat.

But I really like the light version and even though it did not mention that it is an O.E.M. version but it behaved like one and takes over the hard disk and install it in minutes.

It’s GRUB was not compatible with other Linux and I gave up because of its high handed take over of the hard disk.

It had all the making of a Mobile Linux but I was waiting for an update but I could never find a new version and totally gave up on it.

Today for curiosity I went to their site and looked for a free download iso and to my surprise and fortuitously I found the Light version 1.4.

It is only 411 MiB.

It is for netbook and is for mobile use.

It has the following.

  • Firefox
  • Email Client
  • IM: MSN, Skype
  • Open Office Applications
  • Photo Management
  • Power Management
  • PC Folder
  • Social Network
  • Multimedia Player
  • Network Manager
  • Game Collection
  • PDF Reader
  • Live Update
  • RSS Reader
  • Sync Mail
  • File Manage
They have done a beautiful advertisement and those who did not get Android from Google, this is where one should start.

It is beautiful.
It is light weight.
It is free and one does not have to wait for Google to dish it for you.

It is Chinese with English capability and I am going to support it instead of Google’s Android from now onwards.

Without much hype in two years Chinese at Taiwan has done a good job.

Thanks guys and girls at Linpus.
I hope you go from strength to strength and give Google a bit of scare!

If you have a nettbook this one for you.
It might take over and erase your windows though.
They are developing touch and HTDV version too.
Visit Linpus Home and see it for yourself.

Linux Updates-SuperOS-11.04

SuperOs has updated its distribution to Ubuntu 11.04 and the Unity desktop is very attractive.
It has LibreOffice and many updates.
It still keeps its colour combination which is little bit different from Ubuntu.
It is only 1 GiB and is in my middle weight category and has both 32 bits and 64 bits versions.
However, there is no Sinhala Capability or install.
Thanks Guys / Girls of SuperOS.