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Another fantastic effect light weight based on Lubuntu.
It is in English. French and Garcian (hope I got the spelling right).
I give special points to light weight and multilingual capability.
Well done.
Good one.


I am currently downloading NuTyX which is in French.
I can read and write little French (not speaking though).
Beauty of French is it has very little vulgar language unlike English.

Anyway the name Nutyx little nasty and vulgar as a name for Linux.

I hope they find an attractive name Enchanter!
I’ll be with you soon after the download.

It is painfully slow in this country.
I am afraid this is not a Live CD but only installable.
I have to wait for it’s Live CD,
If the French read English. this is for You.

Vous comprendez Vous?


This the French derivative of SAM 2007.
Even though it has gone beyond the 700 MiB (necessary evil when one tries to add additional languages) it is distribution that should takes its root and penetrate the French audience.
I hope French would do honours to Linux (Unlike Ulteo who is trying to shake hand with Microsoft-would be a failure-Wine is there if one wants add Microsoft flavour) by improving Lady Bug.
I know French give respect to ladies in green / orange.

They should have English too, so that they cam get help Developers who work in English.