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Dog Talks and Banker’s Dream

Dog Talks and Banker’s Dream

This story was long overdue.

This I extracted from a dog banker or more or less from a banker’s dog.

I went to ask for an overdraft facility to pay my Telephone, Electricity and Water bills for the month of December from a commercial bank.

It was a Friday and I went very early, even before the bank was open.

You know, in spite of many banks and many facilities one has to wait in the queue to get one’s own money.

But if one has to get money from the bank, one has to wait longer in the queue.

Then the questions they ask before extending whatever the facility they release you on bail like procedure, I wish I am dead and on a different planet.

Because I was early, I had nothing else to do but to watch the procedure of opening the bank diligently.

There was a big.

There was a big security guard wearing a big beard.

The officer of a lower rank who comes was not there yet.

When I entered, the dog had a little sniff at me and ignored me as nothing of worth and he knew at a glance I was not a bank thief.

Mind you these dogs are trained to detect thieves and rich people only.

I did fall into neither.

The dog looked tired, a bit restless and profusely salivating and the security guard looked obviously in a panic mode.

The officer of a lower rank did come and immediately followed by the manager of the bank.

Anyway, I knew the manager very well and he promptly extended the credit facility and I was off on the street in a flash having exchanged Christmas and New Year greetings.

He even told me that the bank officers are the only ones who never get greeting cards or chocolates.

But my scientific observation even though brief was the reason for the discovery of this story I am going to tell you, now.

During our industrial action I developed a little gadget using Raspberry Pi, the latest IT gadget on ARM base (not Microsoft fortunately) on the market, one can modify to one’s own taste from media centre to a server utility.

I decided to record dogs’ dreams and their talks.

Since, the ARM is open source, I have decided not to apply for any industry award as the creation of this century.

Reason being if we record all what dogs talk about bankers, economic experts and politicians, I will be executed by a special decree.

You will get a rare glimpse of only a randomly random but aberrant sample of it.

This gadget works only a short wireless distance but a considerable distance over frequencies what dogs can detect but humans cannot.

If had used wireless distance, I had to go behind dogs and no dog will relate any story privy to them, if I follow them on street talks, fearing their extinction from this planet.

Dogs talks are honest and their dreams are very simple unlike our politicians, fortunately.

I set up a big antenna covering my sphere of activity and the few banks around me.

I had to scan over about a week to get a proper story, since there were much mundane stories from Paraya dogs talking about their meagre supply in dustbins and there were only a few Bank Dogs.

Finally, I got hold of, the dog who belonged to this particular bank strangely on street with another Paraya dog.

It was an illuminating story.

The Paraya started the dog talk.

Are you on holiday?


You will be sacked from your job know?

I will be, if I do not find my girl friend.


I put her as my replacement or decoy and she did not turn up today.

That is why I am on the street, can the help me?


Can you describe the one, I have many girl friends which I have lost count of.

How many have you?

One regular and only a few others since I cannot get leave from duty to roam about.

Then, he said I know this particular one, she is not  a Paraya variety anyway but cross between pedigree and Paraya.

I will take you to her but what is around your neck?

It does not look like a dog collar or a belt but a necklace.

I do not see bankers wearing artificial metal except gold nowadays with gold prices sky high!

No it is not a necklace but security keys of the bank.

I am taking them to my girl friend and she delivers it to the guard and both of are safe then.

It is very naughty know, the bank is at risk know?

No as long as the keys are with dogs.

It is the humans one cannot trust.

I am also sure he will not sleep in his post till he finds the keys.

When I am their he sleeps and I am doing a service to my master, the bank by this method.

She goes there first and get half of my meal and I immediately follow after his anger towards me had disappeared.

You are very brainy know?

That is what I am a Bank Dog.

 I must tell you I have edited a lot of this story since getting a scanned story is difficult since the dogs are always on the move and they go through various routes and routines with many obstacles including magnetic devices installed.

It is not like reading a Sunday paper where from editorial to news to features are doctored.

Then I have to convert the frequencies in them to analogue and word form and many traces are lost and lot of pauses in between.

Unlike human dogs do not keep on talking and they do other things in between which we are familiar with.

I will detour here and few lines on bankers dreams which are retold by dogs while listening to their conversations after heavy drinks.

The dreams are not like my dreams and no need to send them to Maha for interpretations.

They are very simple and only a very few.

One dream is becoming a director of a bank and not a bank officer when one does not have to work.

Other is getting a post in a foreign bank.

They are so real they cannot be categorized as real dreams.

Now I will give in summary form the way a bank security guard works from the data analysed from Raspberry Pi modified.

1. They are very good in sleeping on  duty hours like most of our security guards on duty.

2. They feed the dog half the quota due for the dog.

The better half he eats.

Nowadays his food is no better from dog food.

3. He buys liqueur from the saved money since their pay is no better.

4. Then he goes to sleep while the half hungry dog does his part of the job.

5. That is why they devised a plot to get out of this boredom but made sure that the friend dog stays on guard till the official dog returns after roaming.

The guard who is drunk and doped could not say who is his dog or who the Paraya dog except when he/she is awake.

This is the way both Paraya dogs and pedigree dogs coexist on this small state where money is everything and duty is not

State without a Religion, the Faith, Fate and Fanaticism would Fail us.

State without a Religion, the Faith, Fate and Fanaticism would Fail us.

Have you ever thought of a state  without a religion?

Yes it is possible.

In the mind’s world it is quit possible to attain this level of independence, however powerful the governing power state may be.We have been going through this process mentally over very long period, the next stage would be a state (or states) without religion.

Signs are obvious even in a small state like Sri-Lanka.

Even though,  we have many religions we are functionally a state without a religion.

I won’t elaborate on this any more except stating how justice is being done in this state.

Yes, criminals coexist with religious dignitaries in our parliament.

That is not an over statement.

However theses religious dignitaries are either oblivious to the fact or shamelessly disregard the consequences considering their personal perks in high office.

So the climate is right for a change.

There are already people who belong to rationalistic groups.

I personally do not believe they would contribute statistically significant role.

They belong to a highly intelligent group of people who see that there is conflict in what they perceive as is right and what they see as in practice is wrong.

They try to bring objectivity to this scenario but there is no subjectivity as far as the growing number of followers are concerned.This is simply because their approach is an intellectual one of high quality which cannot be sustained at grass root level where the intellectual capacity is limited.

What I am discussing is this average minded majority who become alienated with how religions practice their dogma without adherence to basic tenet of human equality and justice.

For an example if a religion states that one who kills an infidel, he or she goes to heaven is not tenable in modern day of justice and fair play.

It becomes more relevant if the same group does not believe life after death or rebirth.

Even, rebirth is a concept that cannot be validated by substantial evidence.

I am bringing these two extreme examples to bring the spectrum into light in like minded thinkers but not to ignite “flame war” as seen in Linux communities.

So with world wide web taking over human communication by the scruff of the neck, an avalanche is ready to befall on mankind.

My writing it here not to say it is right or wrong but to sate that it is slowly emerging and we are not ready for it.

We have not got enough philosophers to take the void.

Yes mankind had few philosophers over 3000 years ago, before the religion emerged as a dominant force.

What I am saying is when the religion falls and fails as a dominant force we have no similar development in sight to cling onto.

Mankind needs something to embrace and cushion over this period.

The world wide web is not the right medium, even though every one of us is in it already.

I see this as a failure in our eduction system from preschool to primary school.

What will happen is that even morality outside religious conventions would fail.

All the signs are visible in this small country and we are not ready of its outcome.

Faith, Fate and Fanaticism would Fail us.

Even the very democracy and governance are failing us.

The political systems are failing to see  this predicament and the emerging context.

It is going to bust in some form or other.

Let me dispose the few of the state that practised without a religion and how they fared.

China comes to my mind first.

Its rigid enforcement of family planning that forced couples to commit infanticide is a case in point.

Economic concerns and poverty took its toll.

Yin and Yang was not practised in essence.

It was same fate in Russia.

It got involved in superpower mentality in the cold war period disregarding the average masses.

It led to corruption and breakdown of the communist empire.

Both these countries concentrated on economy before people and what ever gained did not filter down to the average masses.

But corruption rules the higher echelon.

In the last 50 years they did not of institute a system take over the region.

They ruling party became the religion and there was no alternative for the ruling party.

The system drags on while embracing open economy in a closed system of administration.

There is no new developments but increasing dissolution among the average person without any outlet to express the inbuilt frustration.

All these are symptoms of a state without a religion.

That make people to embrace many personal ideologies and beliefs but won’t make the emergence of new religions or religious leaders.

Not only they dislike the system in place and lose faith in religion too.

The system without religion continuous without any alternative strategies and the money becomes the driving force.

It is a communist state with capitalistic mentality.

Now takes a populous country, like India.

It is country with many religions and the division of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India is based not only on land but religion.

It has many problems, the women have no place and female child is an outcast.

Equally there is caste system that divides people but fortunately it is not rigidly tagged to the religion but to birth of a person or heritage.

What will take us to the next phase?

That is my question.

This trend will become increasingly visible in the next 30 years which is a generation gap in my scale of predictions.

I will be not there to see it fortunately.

I had a belief that Buddhism will stand to this emerging trend at least in this country.

But my observation is, now that the monks in robes have taken politics as a way of life and survival, it cannot stand on own grounds to the rigours of emerging trends.

At the moment some elements are already arousing the very essence of tolerance that is embedded in its core.

It cannot be compared with Bible War but it is as bad as any hegemony that preceded it

Dreams 12-Royal Wedding

I sent a copy of my digital book “Dreams” for proofreading by Maha Brahma.
Just to avoid the fact that I had not sent a dream for a long time for his interpretation, I sent the following dream as an attachment.
I was bit worried that he might be little cross with me for my delay.
The time equivalent of  last three months (without a dream) is just the time he takes to have a cup of tea in Heaven, any way.
I got a return email and a chat.
He was very very very happy.
I could not believe his response in spite of me not sending any dreams for his interpretation.
He started with pleasantries.
You got your salary increment?
No Sir, we have to wait for the budget.
Then he asked me why I put the dreams in digital form and I told him that is to supplement my meagre salary.
That’s good, he said.
You have to write a another volume he said.
You won’t get the salary increment that you were anticipating, he said.
Then, I said it is bad news for me know?
But it is good news for me know?
You got to dream and dream and make another digital volume.
Or, I see.
You just told the president not to pay a salary increase to get more dreams from me?
Bit naughty, ah.
No my boy.
I won’t do a thing like that.
We gods do not do underhand things.
I knew you won’t get any salary increase from the very beginning but to avoid hurting your feeling,
I just dodged that fact.
Did you take any loans anticipating a salary increase?
No, Sir.
That’s good.
So you knew I will come back to you all along.
Yes dear, you have no option.
Why did you put a monkey on the front cover.
Is it to remember the deadly muted monkeys?
No, Sir.
Just monkeying!
Just to remind that monkeys also have a right to live, Sir.
Some of them were poisoned in Kandy, recently.
It is a good think you put the dreams in digital form.
You don’t know?
I am very bad in memorizing unlike you.
Or, I see.
Is it a problem with other gods?
But it is very different here we make an enormous effort to keep records and memorize every little detail.
That is very stupid in heaven.
Don’t con?
We live so long in heaven and if we keep records like you it will be a problem like plastics on earth.
We might need more computers than the number of gods.
I got your point.
You know I read it 3 times but I still remember only the Ape story.
That is also because of your front cover.
In the next volume you must put a lot of pictures, will you.
I cannot.
We put pictures for children’s books.
Never mind, put some pictures will you.
Yes Sir.
The dream
Royal Wedding.
I put the dream in list form to cut the long story short.
1. All ready for the wedding and lot of guest arrive.
2. Queen driving the prince to the Wedding.
3. Problems with the car and queen cannot start it and late for the wedding
4. Prince falls asleep and forgets the wedding ceremony
5. Princess fall asleep too
6. All attend the wedding but no prince and princess.
7. Everything freezes in time and in Ice Age
8. Princess’s female friend / Aunt is late for the weeding and arrives late.
9. How long the time freezes I did not dream.
10. When she arrives (very very late) everything frozen in time.
11. Gradually frozen guests come to life.
12. Queen gets the car started and Prince arrives.
13. Princess wakes from the sleep and jump into the vehicle.
14. All well and ends well.
1.No Royalties in future.
2. Richest person of the world owns a Cloud (IT industry) Consortium.
3. He has a private island of his own where all the Cloud Computers are farmed
4. His daughter gets married.
5. Enact the Royal Wedding of yesteryear
6. Invitees are all connected to the island by cloud of videos and Internet communication.
7. World’s first Internet Wedding telecast on Cloud and captured in Cloud Computing.
Time frame not known and frozen.
The ice age in the dream symbolizes that feature.
Then Maha Brahma asked me what is this Cloud Computing ?
It is bit tricky to answer in short, Sir.
I am writing a book on Cloud Computing now and the moment I finish I will send it to you digitally, yes digitally, Sir.
Is it technical?
No Sir.
i do not like technical stuff, O.K..
Shall I make the name “Cloud computing for Good, Gods and Heaven”.
Please don’t?
Ordinary people might think we do not have common sense.
Do not worry, if you do not get a salary increment but I will see that your book will be popular in heaven.
Any copyright Sir.
No you stupid, this is heaven.

See you soon with a dream.

Suse or Trisequel or Mandriva

I looked at my blog posts and discovered that I have no entry for Suse.
This is to rectify that omission.
Unfortunately I am bit explicit here.
Suse or Trisequel or Mandriva

Suse Linux had a special place in my choices before it went commercial. I left Fedora and embraced Suse Linux and had been using it from Suse 8. Till Suse 10.1 there was no problem and when it was taken by Novel I had lot of expectations. Novel concentrated on server but I believe like Redhat neglected the desktop version. By Suse 11.1, I was changing my allegiance. Mainly due to it’s failure in commercial support of the desktop version.
It was less than ideal.
Then it’s alliance with Microsoft was not a favorable enterprise.
I will talk about the plus points first.
It had one of the best installation script even though unlike Redhat sometimes tends to miss some of my other Linux distributions already installed in the box. It also had a very good partition utility when compared to other Linux distributions except Mandrake, Debian and Redhat. It’s YAST was a very good configuration utility. Its KDE was bulky but very attractive. Then it introduced the Suse Studio where one can Mix and Match utilities and make one’s own Live distribution. In fact, I made one distribution myself. ChromeOs is one of those distributions a that took root from Suse Studio. From then onwards I shifted my allegiance totally and it’s Milestone releases are “pain in the neck” and worse than the Fedora experience for me.
I stopped downloading and testing them after the last version 11.2. When I saw many innovations in other Live CD/DVDs it was easy for me to ditch it in favour of PClinux.
Now few of my reason for ditching it.
It is bulky and consumes lot of RAM.
It is slow in boot up.
Its downloading of Linux images was bad.
It tends to pile up all the junk temporary files and what really annoyed me was it did not have a way of cleaning up and deleting large files. With time file corruption ensued. At that stage to save time I had to dump it and never used it again.
It stopped reading partitions above 15 and with me having 5 to 6 distributions in one box it was restricting my freedom. With disks of 500 GiB coming to the market restricting to 15 partition was a stupid idea. Only Microsoft would have done it that way. New Windows 8 not allowing alternative operations to boot is a case in point.
It also take the belief and shoot that belief out of window that commercial ventures do add value and complementary and better than community work.
Suse desktop was a commercial failure for the happy faces of Microsoft and Apple CEOs.
I wanted to write about Trisequel here instead of Suse but took the decision if I do not write little bit of Suse and its history, justice is not done to those developers who created Suse.
I will be brief in here writing about Trisequel. Suse and Mandrake took Open Software theme to the extreme and in their early releases excluded all packages which had slightest taint of commercial tags and did not include things like Flash and the like limiting the functionality for those who migrating from Microsoft background. They then bundled them in their commercial counterpart to lure them to buy their distributions. This was not a healthy ploy, and the clever customer like me can see the commercial intent. I have personal experience with Suse the details which I decline to state here.
XandosOS is another good commercial product which apply this principle.
I should close this entry with why I have not included Mandrake. Many reasons as stated above an it’s split recently into two. Mandrake has been acquired by a Russian company and it is applying rigid and regimental style, somewhat akin to military. The breakaway Mageia is not yet mature. I wish both of these endevours success but hesitate to recommend them just for now.
Coming back to Trisequel if one wants a pure Linux derivative and beautiful and clean distribution too, I have no hesitation of recommending Trisequel that come from Spain and has English version too.
It has everything except cloud utilities.
That shoots two birds with one go.
1. No commercial involvement or enticements.
2. True to it’s Linux base.
So if any Linux distribution goes commercial like Redhat focus that commercial aspect and give customer due care which Suse failed in desktop range. I am not stating that Redhat customer service good. It is far from it but it knows it’s obligation and working towards that goal at least in the server section.
Redhat is well known for failing the desktop clients.

Absolute Linux-Install Only

I had some allergy to this distribution but any more.
Allergy is due to——->
In the early days of my Live CD distribution testing, I downloaded Absolute Linux and by shear accident I said yes to a command and it took over my hard disk and installed it and wiped everything. 
That was long time ago and I wrote Microsoft Killer on the CD and never tried it again till today.
Almost everybody in the University on token strike (remind me of the old days when we had to strike demanding bread, milk, rice and not coconuts) I decided to try this on one of my old computers in office which  I had messed up including the boot record and its mouse PS/2 mouse was fidgety.
I plugged in a USB mouse and started installing.
Installing was on write mode which I like very much and it was like using Debian where everything was configured step by step.
It took a little extra time fearing it will destroy my FAT partitions used for storing some archived material which i have already forgotten.
True to the statements below which I copied from its home page it does write and reported the faulty on board sound and gave me opportunity to configure USB external sound card I plugged in.
It is very light on the old computer and had everything including K3B, AbiWord and Libre Office.
I have no hesitation of recommending it for dual booting.
It uses LiLo and could not detect Peppermint I had already installed.
Apart from that glitch it is an excellent distribution for a newbie learning Linux.
Another admirable feature is that when you first time boot it tells you what ought to be done including using a user account.
I had some difficulty finding the control center which is the first entry in the menu because it gives neither Gnome or KDE desktop appearance which is in fact is a remarkable feature what i like the most.
It gets one out of the regimented routine and frees you with new found linux independence.
Well done guys an girls at Absolute Linux.
Mind you it took 11 days to download (the longest but Hanthana Sinhala Linux did not finish after 14 days) by torrent.
Please use the point to point download and I am currently downloading its latest version.
It cannot be listed in  my Live CD/DVD list since only thing it lacks is a live sfs script an I hope in future it is included by default with UnetBootIn for USB booting.
Desktop oriented, as opposed to use as a server
All-at-once installer with the packages I wanted. Sifting through everything on the Slackware installer was hell.
Lightweight. Had some older equiptment and also wanted to incorporate use of my modified version into my PC repair business — installing it on older machines for customers.
Like to play. Want the latest, best software. Slackware was perfect for this as all the headers are left in the packages/libraries so I can compile what I like. Since I like to script/program, I made myself many little utilities and shortcuts to configure the system more easily.
I want complete control. 

But I want the operating system to stay out of my way.

Is a modification of Slackware.

Fast, stay-out-of-your-way desktop. No Gnome or KDE. Uses well integrated collection of the best lightweight software to give you most of the things the “big desktops” give you, only at at much, much faster pace.

The software folks use on a desktop: Firefox, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Pidgin chat, GIMP image editor, WPClipart, Thunderbird mail, K3B CD/DVD burning, Frostwire P2P, Deluge BitTorrent, 2 dictionaries, a bunch of games — basically any of the latest, most popular Open Source software.

Many script utilities (with friendly little GUIs) to make configuration and maintenance of system easier and still allows manual (text-file based) configuration, if desired.

Package compatible with Slackware minor versions. (ex. Absolute 12.2 -> Slackware-12.2), with a few exceptions: kernel packages, KDE-libs, madwifi, ndiswrapper, svga-helper, a/etc.

Root user can install software or set system configurations. That’s it. Perfect for parents and IT guys. If you want to do something root user is allowed to do, log in as root. That’s what the account is for.

Musix Linux

This is one of the Linux distributions I could post a comment since I could not download (point to point) it but with some perseverance I managed to download it and it was worth the trouble.
It’s multi-language capability gets high points from me.
It has Debian and KDE utilities and I believe the desktop is light weight Openbox.
If you are musician or a graphic artist this is for you.
It has both 32 and 64 bits version.
Only think I did not like was the clutter in the desktop but that can be excused for the utilities far outweigh the clutter it creates.
I hope in future version they provide a torrent version.
Please visit it’s home site and below is a few lines copied from is home page.

How does it works?

The system will boot from your CD/DVD drive, with no need to install anything on your hard disk.

Later, it can be installed.

It’s a 100% free multimedia operating system intended for music production, graphic design, audio and video edition, and all kind of tasks.

It contains an enormous collection of free (as in freedom) programs that can replace Windows.

4MLinux-2.3-Small Is beautiful with UnetBootIn and Making Mandriva Flashdrive

As mentioned already Mandriva is good idea badly implemented and slow to boot.
One can remember Mandriva had Globe Trotter and Live Pendrives.
Now the new Mandriva is bulky and difficult to work with just for for fun I decided to make Mandriva Flashdrive (I do not know how long I will keep it before erasing the image).

Steps are as follows.

1. Download 4MLinux all in one.
2. Download Mandriva image.
3. Boot 4MLinux
4. Go to maintenance and click UnetBootIn
5. Plug in a Flash drive (I tried 8 GiB Flashdrive) since the image is heavy. One has to format it with FAT beforehand.
I had 6.5 for Mandriva and another 1.5 as a reserve partition.
6. Give the path to your image (need not be Mandriva any you have downloaded).
Root—> Media—-> Disk—–> Image
7. Click OK and in about 5 minutes you have Mandriva in a Flash.

8. Now to reveal how bad the new Mandriva boots (if you have 1 GiB RAM like me), go and make a cup of Tea/Coffee.
I finish my tea (boiling the water to brewing and drinking it before Mandriva booted and fired up the FireFox).
It did not go to Mandriva site as it used to do.

This is why I am happy that I left Mandriva long time before their split and use 4MLinux for my work on Live sessions and say “Small is beautiful” and promote Unity Linux and (Core Linux on top of one can built ones own packages) its derivative HUMANity Musician edition (currently downloading, the last 100 or so MiB).
Unity is one of the earliest Core Live CDs before PCLinux stormed the community with Big Daddy (only in archives now).

It broke away from Mandrake and formed Unity and there are at least 8 derivatives and one of which is TinyMe.

One does not need to be FAT to be productive when the cloud is promoting thin clients.
4MLinux even though tiny and only 60 odd MiB, it can be destructive if you use it’s partition utility without due care.
It only detect the first hard disk and if you select sda1 instead of sdc or /d or /e by accident your will boot Mandriva Live instead of your prized distribution (gone as you press OK in the dialogue box) in the first hard disk.
Please take care and the UnetBootIn graphic mode fonts are very tiny for an old folk like me.

But I did not do any mistakes, simply because I check my actions especially typos now before clicking OK in any command line operation.

Installing JoliCloud in Linux (Flashdrive)

JoliCloud 1.2 is another cloud based Linux distribution.
I downloaded it and booted up and I am confused what they are going to achieve with it. 
Could not even exit from the live Cd and had to do not honourable Ctrl+Alt+Del procedure which I hate to do with my laptop (thank god I tested it with my old IBM, annoyed as I was switched off the power button).
Then I went to their web site which has elaborate tutorial thinking most users are still at kindergarten level and downloaded the Linux utility and tried it on my PCLinux and I could not mount the script to boot the USB stick.
The I forgot about it and today early in the morning (on leave) after long nap wanted to do something exciting copied an image of JoliCloud to a CD and then mounted Ping Eee and tried UnetBootIn with the image CD on the CD Rom.
No more hassle I got a Live JoliCloud in a USB stick which booted up and telling me what to do and not what I wanted to do.
Annoyed again I am posting this.
I am not sure what JoliCloud (it was not Jolly for ME) is going to achieve.
If prefer CloudUSB instead.
But knowing myself even I am critical of any Linux distribution (always constructive) I will carry both sticks with me when i am out an enjoying myself.
Which I am now.
Guys and girls please do not spoon feed your user base especially Linux guys and please check whether your sh-script work on all Linux distributions before giving elaborate instruction to newbies.
Please tell them what i did with UnetBootIn or better incorporate it in your next version.
I am watching your progress from the ‘Cloudy Sky” like an eagle.

Penetration Testing of Linux and Statistics

Nobody is sure how many are exactly using Linux worldwide but guesstimate is 1% of the computer users.
This is excluding Linux servers which is in the majority in all the spheres including Science.
This statement is related to desktop users.
I am urging all the people using Linux desktop to register at the distrowatch affiliated organization.
Global census is mandatory to see what the exact penetration is.
The fact of the matter is millions of users are out there but getting them registered in one site is humanly impossible but if a cross section of them register reasonable guess work estimate can be arrived at.
I use several machines and a laptop with Linux on board with number of distributions (some for testing and some for my work) but I registered once with my regular machine.

My wife uses another Linux machine which is not registered and my daughter uses both Microsoft and Linux.

My household is not a typical one but I would rather reflect (not that it matters a lot statistically) an average family where husband or wife uses Linux and the other half uses Microsoft.
Current statistics are very interesting.
In a 20 million population of Sri-Lankans only 133 machines are  registered currently.
In a 1.2 billion population 2340 Indian are registered from India (208 out of 224 countries).
Monaco with 1113 comes 5th out of 224 on of the richest private cities in the world.
Vatican city comes 6th with 26 Linux machines.

What about Singapore?
119th with 150 machines.

No   Country                                           Pers      Current    Mach      P/Mpop     Mpop
103 US United States Of America       15555    133           21367     51.2            303 millions

Tanzania, North Korea, Myanmar, Ethiopia and Nigeria come last 5 (five) and Japan, Bangladesh and Pakistan behind them.

 This is revealing.
That is a big puzzle for me where Indian institutes boast that they produce lot of technocrats including Linux for  India and for the West.
That argument evaporate into thin air statistically.
Somebody from India should do a study on this.
I will talk about Sri-Lanka why we are behind in this rat race.
I will start with a real story.
Way back in 1984 when I came back from England with Two computers one Atari and the other Compact 128, I happened to visit the college where I studied celebrating its 100th year in existence.
The principal was futuristic and asked me what we should do and I promptly  said we will establish a computer unit and I told him I will get a few computers from England.
With the help of some of our old college guys in UK I manged to get the first 3 computers myself. Then the ambassador of UK was from our college and coordinating the thing was just a matter of few phone calls.
This was done without any government help.
Some years later I visited the college and the principal was different and I met him and told him I would like to see the computer unit.
I did not tell him that the early conceptual idea of starting the computer unit was mine and I physically brought the first three computers.
I just wanted see how those old computers were used and what new ones they  have added (this was before windows 95).
I was sent from  pillar to post.
First to Vice Principal, then to another teacher and another and nobody was of any help and I could not get the room opened where the computers were locked in.
In my mind I had decided I will not visit it again.
This is the type of teachers we have here and we did not have a computer course till 2 years ago.
That speaks volumes of the Education Ministers too.
Anyway I joined a private hospital in Colombo where I worked with 6 programmers and we got Unix from Singapore and used it there in dumb or black and white terminals and got the network running for the first time in Sri-Lanka.
Then within six months I joined the university and was very much involved with computers (a new hospital was built with Japanese aid) till I stepped down to  devote full time to Linux.
Why we are behind in Linux?
1. We use pirated copies even in Universities.
2. We teach them in Sinhala or Tamil and they cannot read a book on computers in English.
3. We have not trained teachers in English and IT (computer science) for over 30 years.
4. If somebody has a good idea all the other teachers come and destroy  that somebody (person) first and then the idea.
5. Our administrators including principals takes bribes to admit students with the help of some powerful politicians.
6. Politicians use teachers for political work and sometimes even malpractices at polling stations.
7. Only corrupt teachers get promoted and stay in one station till life.
8. Most evident corrupt practice is to not to teach during school hours but  to do private tuition after hours.
9. Even our professors are paid half what is paid in India.
10. Next round is to destroy the higher education and install private universities.
That is why we have only 133 guys using Linux Boxes in the entire country.
I am not at all surprised.
Very simple explanation.
We have got our priorities wrong.
Now few words about E-commerce in Sri-Lanka.
We have Electricity Board, Water Board and telecoms fully digitalized and none of them can give an accurate bill or balance sheet on the last day of the month.
I have personal experience that computer programmers fiddle with the data and produce inaccurate reports.
There is some sort of racket going on with money matters and the higher authorities neither have vigilance, know how and the necessary apparatus to make investigations.
The programmers themselves do what the teachers do kill the person first and the idea of check and balances that needs to be installed next.

When I was in the private sector there were over 100 computer mistakes  I manually detected daily including wrong blood groups and wrong blood transfusions out of over 1000 (over 10% error which is not acceptable when working with computers) reports  and my target was to make zero defect (Quality Control).

This malady has now infiltrated the private sector too. 
That is why when I do shopping check every computer entry which I ask every intelligent customer should do.
My final analysis is that we a mathematically stupid nation run by mathematically stupid Central Bank who runs the affairs in a very ordinary manner without check and balances and let the country taken to ransom by speculators, hedgers and IMF  and is equally very good at  printing various coloured notes with politicians face on them and cost of printing is far in excess of the face value of the currency note.
If we wean off these malpractices we would be able pay economic professors 3 to 4 times the current pay so that they are also not involved in corrupt practices.

LiveCD Script, Its beginning, Unity and PCLinux

Progress of LiveCDs had a bumpy ride.
The story as it is told to me is as follows;
But I do not know how true the facts are.
However, I discovered LiveCD in 2007 with PCLinux 2007 long time after its hatching.
LiveCD project was stagnant at the beginning which was understandable and had a SINGLE developer working on it.
That developer joined Unity Linux and all 25+ developers there decided to help him make some progress on it.  
The impact LiveCDs made on me is substantial and never waned.
In the meantime, they took the initiative to make improvements.  
For example, they gave it 64bit compatibility.  
They gave it better detection capacity.  
They took the code and gave it better international language support.  
All those things are made available for FREE to any distribution wanting to download a snapshot from SVN.
Now, if anyone has a claim to LiveCD as ‘theirs’ it would be Jaco Greefe who was the principal on the project LONG before any distributions other than Mandrake aka Mandriva even worked with it.  
The script creator Jaco Greefecame from Mandrake Project.
Texstar used Jaco’s project mklivecd and created the original PCLinuxOS 2003 release. 
This release was based on Mandrake 9.2 at the time and a few other Mandrake developers began to debug the script through the creation of PCLinuxOS.  
Mandrake was a trademarked name, so Texstar named it PCLinuxOS.
As you can see, if any one distribution has claim to mklivecd, it would be Mandrake aka Mandriva which was where the script creator/s came from. 
It’s also where the script was first made usable. 
Texstar made it into a nice package with PCLinuxOS which  is totally true.
Texstar only had 32 bit version and only supported English language.
Unity which branched off from Mandrake/PCLinux continues to improve the Live Script with 64bit and addded even udev.
Unity approach is for the Live script to work for other distributions not just for Mandriva derived distributions.
It is targeting developers and savvy guys and not newbies and users.
There have been many attempts by Unity Linux developers to get other distributions that use mklivecd involved with the development of it.  
That invitation is always open to any and all distributions that use it.
As it is Unity is struggling with manpower shortages and its development has again gone into crisis situation and stagnation. 
This is where even a good product may be lost at the end due to lack of improvements and enthusiasm.
The Goal of Unity as stated below are
Unity Linux targets DEVELOPERS.  
We don’t target end users.  
If end users like Unity, GREAT!  
If not, we don’t worry about it.  
Unity Linux has derivative distributions called “branches” that work to target the end user.  
Unity Linux itself is targeted squarely at distribution developers and advanced users who want to be able to use the mklivecd scripts.
Unity attempt at refining the core utilities and it is just over 300 MiB.
1. Humanity.
2. Synergy
3. BBI are only three of its derivatives.
Hope everybody get together and help Unity Linux (not the Ubuntu desktop) to keep the spirit of Unity in Diversity and have a refined product at the end of the day.
Update is long overdue.
I have used the Unity 2010.2 and made a Live USB.

I tried to fiddle with the script (mind you it is in graphic form and not command line and terminal) and mounted an iso file of a distribution which was not a Unity derivative (which I was able to do with UnetBootIn) and it failed to mount the sfs file of that distribution.

It is not of the class of UnetBootin yet but given time and effort mklivecd scripts should become the gold standard of LiveCDs.