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Making a good cuppa TEA

Making a good cuppa TEA
Making a good cup of tea has become a big problem.
1. All good tea is exported.
2. What is given to the local market is the left over dust which was used as subsidiary manure in good old days.
3. Retailers take 50% of the profit.
4. There are so many brands but no brand can boast  that they give us the best tea (knowing very well they dispense the unworthy to the locals who have lost the idea of how well to protest as a customer /right now).
5. Milk has gone up in price and the quality of the milk is poor.
Cannot compare with the milk what I had daily in Manchester, UK.
6. Deficiency of quality of tea cannot be made good with good dose of milk or sugar.
7. I decided to experiment with TEA BAGS not leaves.
A.Tried Green Tea – no success
B.Tried English Breakfast Tea – no luck.
C.Tried Earl’s Grey Tea – not as good as tea leaves.
8. What next
Try A with B and B with C and well over 9 combinations.
Still not happy.
9. Decided not to have any tea on Sunday.
10. Situation was worse I drop to sleep even standing (not reading any Sunday paper now) even though I got up well past midday.
11. Heavy meal with visitors (very rare nowadays) and a good desert to accompany.

Still not happy.

Tried Earl Grey first, till I squeezed out almost 80% of the flavour but the colour was light.
Touch of English Breakfast Tea.
Plenty of sugar.
That did the trick.

Mind you my cup is not a cup and it is almost equivalent to a Beer MUG.

So if you follow my method and recipe take care that you make appropriate adjustment to the proportions.
One of my tea mugs equals to 3 of your cups (1 to 3 ratio)  and that is what my daughter says.
I need not declare I am a tea addict.
Tea and chocolates are good for your heart.
The the soft tea drink “Heladive” is pretty good specially the Peach flavoured one and it has hit the market again after a pretty lull period.
Some of the other flavours are not as good.
Not as good as ginger/lemon tea my wife and daughter make at home.
They should specialize either on peach or strawberry flavour and drop the other flavours by default.
Mind you a small lemon is Rs.15 to 25/=.
Treasury secretary, I am told do not use lemon treatment after a booze  and I am told by the third parties that he hasn’t got a house to go and put Gudgejay at his bosses’ residence free of charge.PS.
The price of tea pot for two was Rs.175/= when we had the war at its peak.
Recently I had tea with a director of a government institution.
Without the tip the cost was Rs.500/=.
I told him not to go and tel his wife who is a teacher.
He did and the poor lady almost had a heart attack.
The lesson to learn is that you must never tell what you do with your old friends especially if you had a drink.
What one should do is start telling everything bad about him (even though he was your best buddy) to your wife.
With one proviso, that you must tell your strategy  to your buddy  that is the best way to avoid not telling the drink episode to your wife   by destroying what is left of your friend’s image as a poor pensioner.
He should also follow the same recipe for his defense vice versa.

Coming to my cuppa, the cost with electricity and my time wasting experimenting with poor quality tea is Rs.50/– and above.

Whether you have tea at home or restaurant, the result is the same when we start sacrificing quality to cater for the mediocre who vote blindly with only emotion but without brains.
We have to be stupid with bloated image to enjoy anything in this blessed land.