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In Memory of My Mother

Toady is my mother’s birth day.

My Mother passed away in January, the day before my birth day.

Her timing was excellent and that gave me an opportunity not to celebrate our new year in April.
My mother was very good at tendering young plants especially Jasmine.
I was watering my plants today even my dog (goes near the Jasmine plant)  loves  sniffing the Jasmine flower which tend to produce the fragrance / smell in the evening.
There is a very tall coconut tree, a monument to her.
I have left anybody to pluck coconuts from that tree.
Only requirement was to say thank  to my mother.
Now that coconut is very expensive, I acquire more merits than her.
Her life was an example to present day thugs in parliament who are good in vandalizing virgin forest and cultivating Marijuana instead.
Cultivating bananas to Americans by these vandals is no different to Marijuana.

In her memory I have publishedBuddhism Made Simple“.
It will be available in Amazon’s Books.
In this book I have not written anything on my mother except how she made me to be fearlessly independent and a born nature lover.
Smell of Jasmine flower reminds me of her tender love for mother nature.

Tribute to my Mother

The hands that

Took care of

Me and the rest

Of the filial


Equally well

Tended the jasmine

The floral and fragrant



They in turn





The fragrance

In the still and

Cold air


The clock

Stopped ticking

But the

The fragrance

The brilliance

The Jasmines

She cared for

Still dominate

The ambiance

Telling me

The story

Of tender loving care

Which she was

Able to radiate

In abundance


She was strong

At 91 in 2010

But she was

Very very feeble

In the cold frosty 2011,

So cold we had

To say Good Bye

For good!