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Musix Linux

This is one of the Linux distributions I could post a comment since I could not download (point to point) it but with some perseverance I managed to download it and it was worth the trouble.
It’s multi-language capability gets high points from me.
It has Debian and KDE utilities and I believe the desktop is light weight Openbox.
If you are musician or a graphic artist this is for you.
It has both 32 and 64 bits version.
Only think I did not like was the clutter in the desktop but that can be excused for the utilities far outweigh the clutter it creates.
I hope in future version they provide a torrent version.
Please visit it’s home site and below is a few lines copied from is home page.

How does it works?

The system will boot from your CD/DVD drive, with no need to install anything on your hard disk.

Later, it can be installed.

It’s a 100% free multimedia operating system intended for music production, graphic design, audio and video edition, and all kind of tasks.

It contains an enormous collection of free (as in freedom) programs that can replace Windows.