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My Selection of 20 Live CD/DVD

My Selections of 20 Live CD/DVDs with a short subjective comment appear below.

1. Puppy Linux form lupu, to quirky to wary or you can build your own Puppy from Woof: the “Puppy builder”.

It can boot from any media from CD, USB, Smart Card. When I go abroad I carry only a Mini CD and USB version to test any of the hardware i may consider buying from a bargain counter.
It has not build a Cloud Version. Hope they will do that.

I believe in “Small is Beautiful” and Powerful and this is the only distribution that fits that definition and carry all the useful utilities

2. Knoppix CD/DVD, Kids and Games.
This is the one which started it all until Puppy came into the scene. This was my favorite and Damn Small Linux was the utility I carried in my front shirt pocket.
Knoppix has its own virtues.
It never fails you and can be installed into the hard disk now.
It’s ADRAIN version support visually handicapped.

3. Debian is the the gold standard for Light Weight and Heavy Weight championship. It is bit quirky for newbies to come first in the list. It has over 30,000 packages to cover all your basic and advanced needs.
It now has Sinhala Capability too.

4.Ping Eee surprisingly comes 4th, simply because it supports laptops and netbooks and it is almost ready for tablet invasion and getting used to what is on the horizon.

5. Vinux comes 5th since it supports visually handicapped and the latest version (3.2.1) can be carried in a USB.

6. PCLinux comes 6th with its FullMonty as my usual workhorse but it has dropped down on my list. It has many versions and 64 bit version promised has not yet hit the market. To begin with it was only in English and now it is penetrating the Globe.

7. Simply Mepis is the 7th in my honour’s list stable KDE with a cleaning utility called sweeper and AntiX for older computers. Taylor Swift which has taken roots from AntiX is still not yet mature enough to be recommended as a general purpose distribution.

8. Ubuntu’s unity comes 8th for its innovative approach and getting ready for tablet invasion in spite of many criticism form its user base.
Its Ubuntu One cloud service of free 5 GiB and music service for under 4 dollars will rock the market in no time.

CloudUSB its 10.10 derivative is also in my list for getting ready for cloud but it is not a thin client but a very FAT client.

9. Arch Linux LinuxGamrs Live takes the 9th spot for promoting games. It is something one should always have in your armory.

10. Poseidon Linux not Scientific Linux takes the 10th spot by a wide margin for packaging productive utilities and scientific (including statistics) for business and schools.

The next 10 should not be very unhappy.
11. Sabayon tops the list here for working on the dream we believe in and making Gentoo base working for you. The DVDs I downloaded from Gentoo does not work on my IBM laptop or desktops for me to volunteer any endorsement.

12. Linux Mint

13. Suse

14. Mandriva / Mageia

15. Arch

16. Fedora

17. Bodhi

18. Ultimate / Lubuntu Linux

19. Peppermint

20. PureOS

This list is, guys and girls who are developers working on other distributions is a grave injustice.
Mind you this is subjective and I will assess all of them in an objective way by giving them points.
Then this subjective element will be eliminated but it takes time.
I have to download and test them alone.
That is why I promote Linux 100 here and elsewhere.
I will be writing about you too, with points awarded in my own scheme and try to be fair (when I find time) as much as possible.