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New Year Resolution-2011

My first Tamil and Sinhala New year Resolution is to have a long sleep after posting this.

My next new year resolution is related to the incident I discovered today.

Just today I went to drop a friend of mind to the airport and being new year we arrived at the friend’s in place good time. Since I did not have a good night sleep yesterday (I was looking for various Linux gamers to download for the new year) I had a bath and had a little snooze on the arm chair.


I usually carry a book and gossiping is not my pastime; I forgot the wine making book I fished out from a secondhand bookshop.

We had lunch and tea and all that but my friend and wife were taking an unusually long time getting ready and I was bit bored dropped into their daughters room to say hello, and found a computer and sat in front of it.

There was a glaring message saying that the hard disk is at risk and blah, blah.

Then she came in with another cup of tea before leaving and she told my that it is giving trouble and could not connect it to internet.

I Looked at the router it was ok looking form outside (no evidence of hit by lightening) but not blinking properly and the outer panels were open pulled out the hard disk and the cable and she had another hard disk and fixed it as the slave and booted a Linux live CD (Peppermint with Google utilities) I had given her earlier.

It took a little time to configure first but in less than ten minutes with 256 RAM, I was up and running the Chromium browser and typed asokaplus and parafox.

So router part is OK and my friend was still not ready, I decided to boot the computer (XP, I believe a pirated copy vendor had installed) without the internet cable not plugged in and I could not find any (I had given her Medi Linux disk, too but did not use it for virus check) problem and it was running well.

I booted again with Peppermint, to show how to use it, this time it quickly configured and she was up and running.

My diagnosis Microsoft secretly spying on pirated copies and infecting the hard disk and giving instructions not to recognize the router with the message I did not care to read.

Router is above the operating system and Microsoft has no right to fiddle it at that level but they are doing it on unsuspecting Sri-Lankans who are using pirated copies.

So my solution is get hold of a Linux live CD and boot it with it and go to internet.

When using XP (pirated copies of course pull the internet wire out, a very simple remedy).

I prefer DSL (Damn Small Linux-that is what I have given my wife) with less than 50 MiB which boots fast.

If you have enough RAM go for any Live CD I have listed in Linux 100.

The second message is to say do not use Microsoft for internet.

Third resolution is to promote Sinhala Linux for the next 3 months and go into full hibernation so that Microsoft would not be be able to find a trace of me or my old testicles which are still producing enough testosterone to fight any villain against Linux.

If you have any brain take a few (5 enough) minutes a day and learn bit of Linux from a Live CD. It does not do any harm to your computer since it is running on RAM and there are enough forums to guide you through the early phase.