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Note sent to a Newbie in Linux

Down below is a note I sent to a Young Newbie.

2 GiB is enough (not for graphic intensive windows games) for Linux except for games.
I have only one (1) GiB (4 GIB in my laptop which I use only for testing occasionally).

It is a waste of money going for more RAM with very slow internet in Sri-Lanka.

I only use K-Torrents now and it is currently downloading at less than 5 KB/sec .

Solution is for having at least two computers.
1. For games and videos (operation system of your choice including Linux)

2. Simple secondhand computer with Linux for internet (can share with your sister or brother or any  family members). Big home partition with password  protection for each member. Even child protection if there is any need be and time slots for kids.

3. Netbook with Android or nay Linux derivative when you enter University (not now).

Except my laptop and my daughters netbook all the computers at home are very good secondhand IBM computers (cost less than 20,000 with few updates with RAM but not graphic cards, LCD monitors).
Secondhand desktops are good buys if you understand the hardware and look at inside before buying.

I test them with my Linux CD/DVDs before buying and there are lot of Linux utilities to test and Linux will work day and night for 10 years.

None of my computers broke down after I started using Linux (before that 3 new ones on Windows) except few graphic cards and RAM in the learning stage without a Guru.

They work 24/7 schedule and the UPS battery is very important. In actual fact Linux computer should be on for 24 hours for the cron jobs to take effect unless one decides to write ones own cron script (may be good for a  newbie to fiddle with and see).

This is one reason I promote Linux and I do not fear viruses now.

Only down side is Games with Linux which I will probably concentrate when I retire and nothing else to do.
I have two game DVDs but I will not give it to anybody since Linux is for real and serious computing and not for games and leisure!

Never buy a secondhand laptop or netbook (I have written about secondhand laptops in my blog site).

Wait till new models come and with long battery life and you need it in the university and the government is unable to pay dons and do not expect them to help you with computers (not in Singapore though) when you eventually enter University.