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My Selection of Linux Utilities that should make a Standard Linux Distribution-Office Utilities-07

Office packages are the ones that are generally used by almost all the users.
before getting to the standard office utilities PDF editors are the ones that one has to pay (Adobe to get some real work done) pay attention.
1. Xjournel come to my mind first.
2. PDFedit.
3. PDF chain

Then for visually handicapped user
4. Okular

For Experts text editors

5. LateX for the experts. We should not forget this utility which did all the hard work before office packages emerged.

General user
6. Abiword is my favorite because of its simplicity
7. LibreOffice for OpenOffice (It is huge resource drainer like a gorilla in a dinner party)

Page Layouts

8. Scribus



11. And any that I may have missed.

At this point I must make a reference to FM Setup in FullMonty.
It is a refine way of presenting utilities in an organized workplace that user in mind.
If they add some user editing capabilities and customization it is going to be a top hit in desktops.
I hope everybody should (developer and the user) look at this nice utility and make some improvements to it without adding bulk that may slow down the boot up time.

Abiword one of my favourite Light Weight Office Packages and LibreOffice-04

My next category should be Internet if I am a young enthusiast but I prefer the office packages that one has to use daily before we browse the Internet since one tends to waste, me too, waste lot of time browsing rather than doing some real work.

As a writer, again I go for light weight Abiword and I should look for Sinhala font at the very outset.

Its light weight character makes it suitable for CD version of a distribution keeping in mind the download speed is painfully slow in the third world.

Downloading a DVD takes days and even the Simply Mepis 11, I downloaded today with 1.2 GiB took 22 hours.
In this contest for the third time the point to point download link broke down for Pocketwriter (Slakware) and currently downloading at 5.5 KB per second and the overnight downloading touched 125 MiB.
We are pretty efficient in the third world. That is why I included K-Torrent first which is very good.I have now changed to LibreOffice since Oracle is trying to make some investment (which it never contributed at the beginning) on Sun Java products including Vesta1. I must congratulate the Open Document team for the excellent work they are doing and I love the French accent of it. It should be a multinational effort and it should include Sinhala capability soon, taking a leaf out of Debian and Fedora.Sad to say OpenOffice, which I used from it’s first version and used it proudly in the latter part of my thesis completion also is the third due to its heavy consumption of MiBs and commercial take over. I

t has multi-language capability and that is the reason it is consuming so much of precious MiB and the need a DVD for inclusion in a distribution.

The biggest hindrance is it’s Gorilla size weightage and I never see it goes on a diet.
I hate Mega images especially the political and corporate type.