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PCLinux-Medical-ZenMini-Pocket Medical

Well, well it is on the other day I stated how we medicos deal with facts of life.
Today, I see a Gentleman from Bulgaria has produced a Mini Medical CD based on PCLinux.
In future edition I want it to be named as a PCLinuxPocketMedical in the same way as PocketWriter (it has gone into hibernation) so we can market among doctor using Linux for day to day working.
One thing I really love to have is R package (statistics) for using medical statistics.
It was very slow downloading and i am going to keep my computer run for next couple of days almost 24 hours for others to download an act as a seed.
Seeders are from Russia, Bulgaria and Portugal.
I want you to add UnetBootIn so that i carry it in my Pendrive and perhaps some cloud utility to keep abreast with new development in addition to R.
Thanks a lot I consider this as a Best Christmas Gift I had for a long time. 
Once I run it I will have another feedback.
This is what he says about the distribution.
Well, I think that there are two different targets on medical users.
The first is doctors that want to keep track (EMR) their patients and the other is bioinformatics.

This ISO aims doctors.
So I took Gnome Zen Mini and added couple of programs and also openEMR.
The reason of choosing Gnome Zen Mini was the low requirements and also the basic system installed.
The programs I choose to add (please tell me if those are enough):
Keep backup
1. deja dup
2. gnomebaker
3. gimp
4. inkscape
Remote management
5. teamviewer
6. vlc
pdf viewers
7. evince
8. pdfedit
Tools to install openEMR
9. mysql-administrator
10. mysql-gui-tools
I didn’t add language and Libre office because I didn’t want to add my language as default to each one of you testers.
To test LiveCD, run Firefox or Chromium. It will open a DEMO environment (you need Internet). You can check how the program works. There’s a DEMO that the patient can see his visits.