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Pendrive Linux My Love

The name Pendrive Linux has disappeared from the web scene but the is there i you need some help for mounting any Linux distribution.

Long before I went in web search for 100 Linux distributions my only aspiration (inspiration too) and last thing I wanted in my possession was to have a Linux booted from a 1 GiB Flash Drive. Flash Drives were expensive then and our download speed was hopeless and only thing I wanted to bring home was a globe trotter and a Mandriva Pendrive Linux when I went abroad on a different assignment.

By that time I had (with some trial and error) got a Puppy Linux on a Flash Drive but all the efforts of preparing a Pendrive Linux were not successful.

Then of course in one of my friends room abroad I got my Pendrive Linux loaded well pass midnight and I still have it and it is still working.

All these were done on a Windows computer with gemu (Gnome emulation) executive EXE file on board.

It was a huge achievement for me then.

But I ended up buying a Laptop without Linux for one third of the price then with hard bargaining and almost fighting with the dealer.

Doing this on a Linux was painfully long process for a busy person like me and I never tried it on Linux having got few of my favorite Linux distribution in few of the Flash Drive. The again everything on FAT partitions and not on Linux partitions with boot, root, home and root permissions.

My bad experience with vendors abroad got me into firm resolve to promote Linux not in this country where use of pirated copies is the rule (which I detest as a simple Buddhist) and is Banana Republic ‘s futuristic motto (Bana is daily sermon and Na is not following or listening but not slippery plantain we eat to avoid constipation by listening to the Bana of the politician who do not practice virtues but the voter has to do that on daily basis.

I am glad to see most of the visitors are from abroad and many from USA and they get Linux and healthy dose of anti-capitalistic views which even Obama is pursuing for betterment of the down trodden masses.

My venture into Linux 100 was bumpy but and I am in a better position to talk about Linux and cloud computing.

All what you need is a CD/DVD and a Pendrive to be be cloud ready a savvy or newbie guy/girl and not Andoid Craze or HP WebOS.

However the distribution i talk about need to shed some fat (client) and become thin clients.

Follow Me.


What one’s needs are CD/DVD and two (2) Flash Drive and little free time and one need not do that in one go.

1. Download CloudUSB DVD (1.2 GiB).

2. Download your favorite CD/DVD of Linux distribution and copy as an iso file not as bootable Live CD/DVD.

3. Find a computer (ideally with USB booting to test your work) DVD writer.

4. Boot Up CloudUSB.

5. Use Boot DVD / USB creator; click and follow instructions.

6. Now you have a USB stick to clone many Pendrives.

7. Boot the Flash Drive with CoudUSB.

8. Go to UnetBooiIn click and follow instructions.

9. Load your favorite Linux CD/DVD containing iso file into the DVD/CD ROM.

10. Plug in your Second USB Drive

11. Give the path of the CD/DVD Rom as where the iso file is.

Wait a while and in the second USB drive you have a new Live distribution of your choice.

12. Then register your company and start selling your products (Live Linux Distributions on a stick). But do not jack the price up like our Buddhist monks who sell Bana on a pirated copy of Microsoft CD.

I have not given the finer details which vary from distribution to distribution and why I used CloudUSB is that it promote Cloud computing in style including Ubuntu One and Dropbox and it has all the utilities (FAT Client though).

In my case I use Ping Eee which has more laptop friendly utilities.