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The Hassle one has to go through when you buy a new Laptop / Netbook-Isn’t it pain in the neck?

The hassle one goes through when one buys a computer with Microsoft installed is something that I never wondered for the past 3 to 5 years or so.

It is mind boggling for a Linux guy.

Once a year I format the root partition and sometimes leaving behind the home partition for a while and install the Old / New version of the Linux distribution in that partition.

This time I had to delay it till March (including Mageia) since most of the distributions including Debian delivered or released the distribution (except PCLinux which was right on the button during December) in late February or March.

The slowest and the laziest was SuSe, though.

My work and cricket world cup were other distractions.

Mind you I install many distributions for various reasons and for testing and not because I lack anything on PCLinuxFullMonty.

Other reason is I need to fill the hard disk so that it is not left idling and rotten.

I will list the hassle a Microsoft guy has to go through.

1. S/He has to backup the data.

2. S/He has to remove the crap the OEM guy install

3. S/He has to download the free software

4.Then has to install the paid software

5. Then anti-virus software

6. Then he has to get Firefox, Opera or safari

Suffice is to say in this time I will install 15 (3×5) distributions in my main computer and two other spare ones I use for testing.

One of the major benefit of Linux is I save lot of time and do other interesting things like watching cricket or water the plants or feed the fish and testing distributions and this time additionally Sinhala Linux distributions.

This list is endless and I will stop at this point and give you a list Linux Free (point number 3 expanded) software that one get FREE

Please go to NiNite web site and get them free if you are a Microsoft user.

If you have chosen the right Linux distribution of your choice you will get all this and more in one go except perhaps Flash.

1. Web Browser Group- Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera

2. Messaging Group-Skype, Pidgin, Google Talk, Yahoo, Messenger, Thunderbird

3. Media group-iTunes, audacity, KMplayer, HULU, Songbird and many more

4. Runtimes – Flash, Java

5. Imaging Group- GIMP, Picasa, Inkscape

6. Office Group-LibreOffice, OpenOffice,Adobe PDF Reader, CutePDF, SumatraPDF, Foxit reader

7. File sharing-uTorrent, eMule

8. Security- What a medical problem for sick machine?

9. Cloud computing-Dropbox, Google earth

10. Image Burners-Nero

11.Compression- win 7, winzip

12. Utilities

13. Developer tools-Putty, Python, Filezilla

14. Others I may have missed

You do not have to do any of these if you select a Linux distribution and all are packed in one and installed in one go.

What a waste of time trying to run windows 7.

That is why Windows users do not have any creativity and continue to lack creativity at work place or on the go.

They are Potato (not hot potato) Guys bloated with Image of Crisis.

Majestic Elephants

This is a country run with Mega Mania Memorabilia (3 Ms) but unable to look after our majestic elephants.

Three years ago one of the tuskers was dead due to negligence and dehydration after a so called majestic pageant that paraded the hill country.

Then recently a giant tusker was dead in captivity and the popular story circulating round is he was let to die to get the tusks for ornamentation in high office.

Then comes the floods in the East.

A young dead elephant is trapped in a tree. First of a kind of news item and quite relevant in context.

That tells the sorry story of our majestic heritage and how we care.

It is an eye opener for the world if not for this blessed country.

We had 90% forest cover at the beginning of the last century and had over 60,000 elephants.

By mid last century the estimate was 6000 in the wild.

I do not believe we have 600 left in the wild now and the the forest cover is less that 20% now not enough to sustain vegetation let alone elephants.

We are going to commission two mega coal power units in the near future.

The forest cover will be reduced to 10% within a decade of their operation due to acid rain and the environmentalist are hiding behind the saffron clothed M.P.s.

Very soon we won’t have a place in the jungle to meditate in quiet solitude.

Mega mania development will sacrifice the rest of the trees in the name of development efforts.

Very soon we have to import coconut timber with coconuts on top.

Last tsunami a few people survived by climbing on top of coconut trees.

We have mega floods after 53 years in the East and there are no coconut (palms) trees grown for 6 years after the tsunami to climb onto.

But we have election after election to elect representative who ruin this country.

Mega Mania Memorabilia at its best!

The carnival goes on!


There were and are waves of hate (philosophy) in this small country.

The first wave was related to the ethnic issue.

The second wave was related to the party politics.

The third wave is against the international community.

And the fourth wave is going to be the imaginary aliens, I guess.

This was a country when Atomic bomb was dropped on Japan and then late J.R.J uttered a verse in Dhammapada for record.

But when JRJ left, this country was beset with hate in all directions.

It was an irony!

Once I had the rare distinction of taking to a young Japanese gentleman who had done a lot to this country.

I asked him why he was so devoted to Sri-Lanka.
Without hesitation he said when he was a kid he could only remember the Japanese translation of the Dhammapada Verse and one day when grown up he will visit Sri-Lanka and pay his dues.

Which he did in abundance.

I told him that he should change roles and become an ambassador to which he only smiled and said one does not need to be an ambassador to do good.

That was an emphatic statement.

From that point onward when we refer to Dhammapada it was only for reference value and not for any concrete actions of compassion or empathy.


I do not know.

But I have only one theory.

When one studies only one language and specially the books dished out from the government without true educational philosophy, the Creative part of the Brain is permanently stunted and deranged.

There is no lateral or creative thinking capability.

Even the erasing of a word called Ceylon from memory is a symptom of this malady.

One cannot erase history or dictionary value of a coined word simply with rhetoric.

In time to come this country will be famous for its rhetoric with no actions.


The No Action Talk Only Country.

I hope in the New Year true senses should come to our body politics and restore us to ancient Eastern values.

Power and Party Politics is a Western creation to institute divide and rule philosophy.

We have become slaves of that creation and forgotten our ancient roots.

I think the presidential advisers who can read and write English should read Prof. De Bono’s books on Beautiful Mind and Lateral Thinking.

For a start we should get him (Prof. De Bono) for a Guest Lecture in honour of late Laxman Kadiragarman.

He is very expensive to hire and very busy but if given the needs and proper objectives he would oblige.

I believe he was one (LK) who had the courage and the charisma to have a beautiful mind in the face of adversity.

May we remember him for that character.

We do not want Lion Foxes, and for that matter any foxes to come to this country.

Modern Philosoper

Only a few philosophers can attribute an impact with one or two words.

For example Thinking to Think, Lateral Thinking and Water Logic carry far greater impact than a political incarceration of Rich and Poor, Power and Corruption and I-Me (substitute any man or woman in power) and My Philosophy.

In the modern world we need crisp and compact concepts to work on.

It was Ying Yang in the past which Chinese are rediscovering.

Any philosopher who writes volumes and volumes want have any space in this fast moving world.

There is a dearth of modern philosophers who fits into the shoe of modern mode.

A philosopher who does not live and move with the change is virtually dead and probably does not contribute his weight in gold but only his dead weight!

For the modern world I have the Black Box (past) and Open Box (future) Theory of Mine.

However, we either live in the past or in the future but not in this precious present moment of reality.

If you have any to add, delete or expand on this preposition please drop it on the Dropbox (Cloud Computing).

No flaming intended!

I am waiting to explore.