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Myths, Mirage and Marriage

The 3Ms here have common ancestry.

None of can be achievable and each one of them is shrouded in mystery.

For example one who is lost and disorientated in desert sand would not know for certain he is arriving at a water hole or not.


Myths of can be expanded to any direction or dimension one who is seeking the miracle go to any extent to believe what in reality is not achievable and there the reality is the major casualty.


Some common practices and beliefs merge into day to day life sometimes almost imperceptible to reality.


Marriage is an institution that has gained such a reputable credence that writing anything against is amounting to desecration and sacrilegious.


That is the myth I am going to expose.


There is no intention of disrupting any healthy harmony that may exists in any relationship or institution.


Healthy relationships can exist and lasting friendships can be developed without this institution existing its power over individuals but when something is institutionalized and when it is bound to the common law and practices and finely tuned with ethical and moral practices of a culture aforesaid myth and mirage also will get entangled with it.


Idea here is to disentangle certain myths associated with marriage.

1. Marriage is a perfect union

2. Marriage works because of give and take

3. Marriage is a stable institution

4. There is freedom in marriage

5. It does not grow old but remain live

6. It gives security

7. It has common goals

8. It makes life complete

9. Without this institution human relationships cannot be developed

10. Everyone must commit to this institution at one stage of his or her life


This list can go on but suffice is to disentangle the entangled myths.


These arguments are not for one who is already entangled since with the wedlock there is a legal deadlock.


This is for one who leaps into deep water without addressing his or her own issues.


The first casualty in war is truth.


Similarly the first casualty in marriage is freedom.


If you love freedom and lot of hobbies thinks twice before taking the plunge.

1. The first casualty is your hobbies.

2. The second casualty is your friends.
If you have lot of friends love their company think twice.

3. Third casualty is one’s finance (unless both are bankers with good investment funds for life like the Murdoch).
If you cannot manage finances alone two of you will not mange it better.

4. Fourth myth is the stability and security.
There are no institutions in this world which is stable and secure.
Even the best banks can bust. In marriage finances would bust especially when the kids come home.

5. It makes life complete is the biggest myth of all.
It makes simple life more complicated in marriage life and you never complete the targets or your obligations.

6. In marriage more you give in more you have to give less you have to take. One never get a chance to take in, if you are the giver.
It is like putting water into a bucket with hole in the bottom.

7. Marriage does not get old.
It is not true it is the institution that gets older by the minute.
Moment you tie your nuptials and finishes the honeymoon it is old enough to be called a marriage.

That is why we have so many marriage jubilees from its inception. 

This is written with the impending royal wedding in mind.

As long as you are a commoner please do not do what royals do.

Remain a commoner for life and you may advise the royals (couples) in trouble.

Better still you become a divorce lawyer.

Hope the royal couple reads this one day after the honeymoon (too late by then).

I wish Good Luck to them all the same.


This is the best I have ever used out of the less than hundred MiBs.
When I am busy and could not attend to my wife’s computer this the one I give her so that she can get her email read.
She does not know how to save any documents with it.
Who the hell who worry about saving your files at home for use.
Google is now providing mobile space for saving and cloud computing is on the horizon for everybody and USB sticks to go around.

In any case netbooting hardware is the need of the hour.

Linux is there to take the challenge.

Linux100-R.I.P. Linux–83 (Rest In Peace for Windows)

This is the CD I use when I have accidentally erased everything in my hard disk which I did recently to partition my hard disk.
I really love this because it reminds me of letting windows Rest In Peace a long time ago.

But it is for recovery of your files and photos.


It says Recovery Is Possible and recently, when I visited a computer hacker (he rips off old laptops and sells the usable remnants for the price of a new one (good money if I stated doing that) to get a CD/DVD for my son’s old Hitachi Laptop

Unfortunately my son as well as I forgot all the passwords and could not boot it.

Not rooted or booted for one year.

I found a Combo that juts out of the front panel but I got the old Hitachi working again and I am going to use it for testing Linux distributions until the Combo packs up or I pull it out and use netbooting utility to rip the BIOS and booting sequence.