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Five (5) Simple Things one can do to save the Planet Earth

Today is Earth Day.
You can do five simple things to help we save the planet.

1. Plant a tree on your birth day and look after it for the rest of your life. Spend a few (5)  five minutes each day caring for it. If you do not have a big garden go and buy a big pot to suit your needs and at least plant a jasmine and make sure once it is mature that you make a sapling from one of its  long branches into a smaller pot and give it to a friend to care for it.

It flowers almost throughout the year.
There are three varities. Sri-Lankan variety is difficult to care for and is a slender plant, the Indian and the commoner variety (needs a big pot) are rugged and withstand dry weather better.

2. Eat veggies

3. Walk do not drive your car but use the public transport.

4. Use reusable carrier bag and refuse to use polythene

5. Switch off all unnecessary bulbs in your house and change to energy saving bulbs.

Having done that make life digital and use electronic mail instead of paper mail and do not buy news papers in which the news is stale by the time it reaches you.

Go digital and make your life paper free.

And say no to short term Energy Plans including Coal Power