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King Cobra-Naja Naja

This is not something to alarm you but to point out how man has neglected the use of cobra venom for therapeutic use.

In addition there is a paucity of knowledge how venom evolved in animals and how some animals are resistant the smaller doses of venom.
I teach that it is the venom that is produced in our body after the bite that kills us not the cobra venom (to illustrate the fact that cytotoxins have multitude of actions).
For example bradykinin that causes pain is the product of our own tissues.

Snake venom is a modified saliva and we really do not know whether these are produced in evolution for digestion of the prey or to immobilize or anesthetize (humane to the dying prey). None of the points I have raised have been addressed conclusively and potential for the use of the modified venom molecule for treatment of leukaemia or cancer cells or as antithrombotic activity have not been discussed in scientific journal adequately..
The answer is simple.
Once they discovered that antivenom as a cure, everybody forgot about the biological role and what system they act and why, when where and how they modify the homoeostatic mechanisms.
Moment the commercial activity of preparation of antivenom starts the scientific investigation of biological nature takes a back stage.
That is very unfortunate.
There lot we can learn from these cytotoxins.

Coming back to cobra (baby cobra-are as poisonous as the adult), I killed a young cobra with a ruler when I was as young as the tiny cobra who was under my bed.

When that little fellow made his hood and kissed the death I fell heroic and also very sad.
Then in another incident when I jumped over huge cobra in a big compound and looked around to see he was as frighted as I was and showed his hood with a warning and quietly slipped away to his safety, I wondered why fear an animal who is on his routine search of his food or prey.

I still say the jumped I made that day worth an Olympic record if somebody made an accurate measure on that day. Unfortunately I missed an Olympic record since officials were not there to record it. That would have changed my life completely but the day that completely changed my mind was another ordinary day.
I was walking along a stream with the intention of catching guppies and I had a stone in my hand (we used to play marbles those days unlike today’s kids) and I saw a water snake (harmless creature) quickly swimming across in fear.

I took an aim in a moment of irresponsible stroke of mind of ill will and thought, threw the stone at the poor creature and it landed right on his neck.

It was like a bulls eye shot but the agony of the creature who succumbed in a long drawn out 5 minutes of death dance made an impact in my mind never to hurt (reflecting my killing in fear of the young cobra) an animal in either fear or sport.

Then on one night (2 am in the morning) in darkness a Ceylon krait landed on my right shoulder and I brushed it with my left hand gently and put the light in a flash to see creature landing on cement flow with a thud and my dog charging at it, I was man thinking of three lives my dog, myself and the poor creature who ventured at night.
Mind you Ceylon krait is the deadliest of Sri-Lankan venomous snakes.

I watched the creature and it quickly disappeared into crevice wide open due to rotten timber of the bathroom door.

I did not have any cement to seal and went to the kitchen an took some American flour (who says American flour has no place in this country) and sealed the hole with the dough hastily made since the price of flour was very cheap (cheaper than the cement) then.

Suffice is to say I flushed the hole with water before I did that and slept on the settee fearing few more in my bedroom.

After three days it emerged (none elsewhere) from the kitchen floor cracked and we caught it and released it to safety.

Of course I had to cement both holes in the bathroom end and the kitchen end.

The key point here is that animals fear us more than we fear them in this modern world where are we are encroaching on their habitat with blatant disregard to biodiversity.

Onion Saga-02

Now that cricket fever is over and I do not watch the I.P.L (gallery cricket or name it people cricket with cheap betting activated-for CEOs who do not have any worthwhile hobby to engage in, when he comes home and watch it on a potato couch) cricket anyway, and it is time to come down to earth with New Year celebration round the corner.

I neglected my pet fish and the tiny garden and even forgot to water them.

When onion was fetching Rs.300/= and above and when we were buying some rotten onions a few of them were thrown away in the dustbin in the kitchen, I retrieved them from the bin and planted in few pots to see the onion saga really emerging.

Except two all of them sprouted well and I watered them liberally.

They were healthy with my dog adding useful urea (his urine as a fertilizer) spurts in his rounds with me.

Mind you dogs love the smell of fresh plants growing and my dog has the habit of smelling the leaves of the young plants and enjoying the smell and fragrance of flowers (I have Jasmine too) and as a stamp of approval of my work he does the yeoman service of spurting some urea (he is a bit of a young natural scientist unlike our kids who learn only from government published books not updated for ages-and certainly have no idea of, from where the beans and onions come from) and he never does the big job on the plants (he lets me know when he wants to do the big job and never on the plant beds-that is why call him a young scientist).

So sorry for the diversion and my dogs rounds has to be appreciated in best of terms since I had no intention of using onions in the kitchen but as a plant to watch and make my simple observation of using them as bio-indicators of atmospheric temperature.

In no time they started blooming with long stems and I gradually reduced the amount of water and abruptly stopped watering them to see what happens next.

This is the same ploy I applied to pineapples plant after flowering but stated watering it to see from where the next stem comes. It has grown a stem with a wild plant accompanying it’s root and growing strongly in spite of bearing a fruit once.

Incidentally another pineapple plant started flowering after two years.

The real surprise came today.

As I said I neglected my routine and due to intermittent inter-monsoon rain (not heavy) I did not bother to water other plants.

The surprise is on top of the flower stem there were tiny onion bulbs growing and the slender stem bearing their weight. The intermittent rain had caused the seeds to germinate.

I immediately took it out with the young bulbs and planted in another pot.
Another flower stem was separated and put it on a pot with soil soaked with water.
The other to were left alone to see what happen next.
This is how I learned my biology and science as a kid.

I did not have a science teacher till I was about 15 years old and when I got a science teacher, I was well advanced in my own discoveries, he could not spoil my natural instinct and discoveries.

Now I wonder how I came this far with minimal help from the teachers except the mathematics teacher and physics teacher.

Biology teacher was horrible to say the least.

Now coming to my inference.

In Kandy we could not grow the following 40 years ago.

1. Pineapples
2. Pumpkins (no flowering)
3. Papaw
4. Lemons and Oranges (no fruits and flowering fails)
5. Some type of orchids ( I do not have a single orchid now which was a hobby of my father when we were in Kurunagala and with his demise, the hobby died a natural death and in Kandy we could have only a few of the orchids growing that were plenty when we were in Kurunagla).

All of them are growing (except orchids which I have not tried) and flowering now and the global warming has hit us real.

It is time for me to transfer my interests to orchids now with retiring age approaching fast.

Onion Saga -01

Onion saga is much better topic than the Coconut saga.

Coconut saga was deliberate attempt by Americans (Jimmy Cater included) to undermine coconut oil (which they have succeeded until perhaps I came into the writing scene quite by accident- to promote peanut oil and peanut butter).

The lesson in history is not to believe Americans if he or she happens to be an American diplomat male or female.
I am made to believe that the woman scientist who published the coconut theory (bad for heart) had an untimely death (was made to commit suicide by her very own masters) is not a tragedy in human sense but a discovery in science.

Now even the coconut go up to Rs.100= I am not inclined to write anything on coconut but Onion Saga is welcome reminder for me to get into full gear and explode if possible.

This time it was not American intervention.

This time it is coming from and booming Indians who have spawned a Scientific Inquiry and few pertinent questions.

According to economic pundits Indian economy is booming but despite the rocket carrying satellite burst in air, Indian farmers for the first time in Green Revolution initiated by Mrs.Gandhi have failed to take into account of the average Onion Bargjji Eaters.

But I was happy they did not.

When Indian market sneezes we have a political hiccoughs.

I was given strict instruction by my wife not to come home without Bombay Onions even if I have to go to Bombay for that (Sorry my Mumbaians -we still call onions Bombay Onions and Bombay Mutai is our sweet- we do not read or see global name changes).

I did find a place to by Onions and just before the fellow started weighing I took a big onion in my hand and asked him to weigh and tell me the price.

Believe it or not it was 50 (fifty fifty), the price of a coconut.

I asked the fellow to parcel that onion separately and got a kilo of onion and came home happily.
My wife opened the parcel and asked me why one is separately wrapped.

My answer was that is fifty rupees and rest are multiples of fifty.

And I told her that it has poison weight for weight and do clean and wash them before cooking and eating.

But I thought the saga would end there but it did not,

My wife left home for some work outside and today the servant lady was doing the honours at the kitchen and she dropped the entire remaining (let’s say 750 grams of it to be precise) lot into the dustbin right under my nose.

They were sprouting!

Hold it I told her; Give me my Onions!
Why Sir.
I am going to plant them today in a pot.
She did not have any answer back.

Then I looked for any pots to plant them but I could not find any.

So jumped into my Denim and raised to Kandy and had a haircut in the shape of coconut with an onion ring shape of hair in the middle.

That is my hair style for the Cricket World Cup and Tharunnayata Hetek Boys Brigade if would you like to copy it?

But the style is my copyright, you boys brigade.

Happy New Year with plenty of Onions and Coconuts!

Incidentally, I had a haircut today and the barber told me there were few blisters and a moonate (green pea) sized ulceration on my top. Then I remember I was walking down the Trincomale Street in front of the Maligawa and something watery stuff fell on my head (it was not a bird’s- not crow’s -dropping) from the Queens hotel building. I thought must be from the air conditioner cooling but three hours later, I washed my head thoroughly in case it was something nasty.

I still wonder what it is and we cannot now walk in front of the Maligawa (without an unnatural accident of some sort) and this building is managed by Indians and I do not know what the hell they are storing upstairs.
Is it a curse or an accident I do not know.
In any case I come to Kandy to browse some books in the bookshops and not for shopping now but certainly or a haircut at my regular place which is surviving still.

Full politicization of our Universities

I saw a long narration about my Alma Mater (University) which was probably written in malicious political intention and this is in no way an attempt to engage in a debate with the writer or answer any issues raised. But regret to say without the points I am raising here are not included in that essay, it cannot be taken as an academic exercise. I will leave it to a politically oriented person to address those issue academically. The points I am raising here could be used as a base.

I will put them in concise and precise manner since an average reader has no time to read long essays.

There is a little scientific but not political bias here.

I try to be in chronological order but not in logical order and the reader can assemble in logical order he wishes to.

The bottom line is politicians without vision and education principles are ruining all education including university.

First that come to mind is Monty (Late Monty Gopallawa who was the Governor in Kandy) Affair.

Monty is a good friend of mine and good philosopher and I have no intention of incriminating any malice or disgrace to him, his father or his family except highlighting the wrong decisions made by the then education minister and only he is culpable of the grandiose mistake.

I must state here when I heard about the Monty’s demise I wrote a verse (sent to a paper but they did not publish it) and publish it in the web and it is still there. Only other person I have written a verse is our late Kadhiragarmar. That is to put in perspective the way I admire both personalities.

The story we have heard was that Monty did not have the required marks to enter the university. Then the minister gave orders to lower the marks of entry to accommodate Monty. In that process the candidates up to that point mark had to be taken in to all the universities. The universities did not have the proper infrastructure to accommodate the numbers involved and the race course adjoining the Colombo university was used as temporary shelter.

This was the beginning and I think the year was 1965.

Lot of things happened after that and in 1965 (may be later) police was called in to settle a dispute and police baton charged and one student had serious head injuries and he completed his academic studies with me many years later.

In 1968 Army was stationed in the Gymnasium with political motivation and what followed was nasty and I was there to witness it.

Then in 1974 on wrong (a racial issue) advice the practical examination for science subjects to enter the science streams were stopped.

Then Science Streams were made to be taught in mother tongue (Swabasha) and that was the death knell for outside world of scientific knowledge.

Between 1974 to 1976 (I need to be corrected here-I had left the university by then) another blunder was made by introducing area basis admission scheme but not on merits. This is of cause the violation of the rights of the student who obtained requires marks. They should be compensated in some academically acceptable way for this arbitrary politically motivated penalization.

In 1975 or 1976 we had a death of a student (I was a witness as a doctor in Kandy OPD) shot by police, a single bullet at short range.

We did not have a proper Vice Chancellor it could have been a Competent Authority (politically appointed, I believe) that was running the show.

In 1977 the UGC (and the act) was established leading to full politicization and the Chancellor and Vice chancellor were made on political affiliations.

There are many more blunders in our education and one of the biggest is when a wrong decision was made there was no discussion or and no attempt to correct it even when it was realized that the decision was not made on education principles but on political grounds with short sight.

These thing happened not in isolation but with connivance of academics who go for high seats and become stooges of politicians.

Down the ages with political intervention we manged to cancel the University Entrance Examination conducted by the University independently.

University has no choice in selecting the students they wish to have in their various faculties.

It is a game of lottery or lotto which is unprecedented unlike in universities abroad.

For over 60 years we did not have an Education Minister with some distant vision or understanding of real needs and I have a feeling the way we select our representatives we never will have..

There are lot of lapses in this summary of events but I will wind up with a down to earth story.

I had served six years of service and I wanted to go abroad.

For GMC registration I needed my degree certificate. I had applied it five years ago and when I inquired about it the registrar told me that they do not have money to buy the special paper for degree certificate ( imported probably from UK).

I could not wait and I was not bothered about the special paper and told the registrar I need a certificate authenticated by you and the vice chancellor, that is all what I want.

Finally with some persuasion, the vice chancellor agreed to give such certificate pending the original.

My father received the certificate many years later when I was abroad (I may be the only one who has two certificates for the same degree) and he kept it in his safe possession without telling me. He of course fell sick and was ill for a long period of time and his memory was gone. Then many years later after my father’s death my sister who had some of his precious paper belonging dumped them in a garage of my other sister.

One day I was looking for some old memorabilia in the garage, may be my father’s stamp album and some of his photos (one gone missing by that time) and I found my MBBS (Ceylon) Certificate, top part eaten by white ants.and bottom part still legible because of the quality of the print material.

It may be at least 20 years later I saw my original certificate.

Quite and outstanding achievement of mine.

I have two other outstanding achievements.

I decided not to attend any convocation for my life in Ceylon. Our convocation was canceled indefinitely for many years because they could not buy the paper to print certificates. We never had it. Some of my friends mostly Tamil are coming home (they are all over the world) in April for a get together and I need to remind this fact to them.

I never took a photograph with the degree paraphernalia (cloak).

But I still remain as a teacher of young adults who need direction.

Plant Watching

  1. I have decided that I will not write anything on Politics and Cricket (Sri-Lankan Cricket) and mind you even cricket is politics in Sri-Lanka. If those topics are excluded how I am going to write over 300 odd pieces of writing one piece a day or one piece a week as requested by the wordpress.

    But real reason is for me to get an extension of the post of equation developer for Apaya (Hell) as per Apaya Web Master (AWM) General’s demand.

    Mind you Apaya does not have trees like on this planet earth.

  2. It is now highly developed into a computer farm like Google’s and no different from Dubai and is very hot indeed. There are lot of ex-Google employers working there full time now. Those who passed away before the Google Chrome, Androids and Cloud Computing came into existence.

  3. I thought of reminding them how beautiful is the earth without humans especially ex-Microsoft workers and I found a good alibi.

    That is the plants, the species vanishing by the day.

    Before I could talk about rare plants I should talk about few unknown facts about known plants.

    The plant or the fruit toady is pineapples or the annasee.

    The leaves of the pineapple can be used to weave a fine thread that is used in a fine fabric better than silk

    What I did not know is when the fruit is removed what happens to the plant afterward.

    I asked a few biology students but they were not helpful. They gave various answers and interpretations to the extent that I became more confused. Look at few books no mention of what happens to the old stem. What usually happens in commercial practice is one takes the top comb and plant it and remove the old plant stem.

  4. Nobody bothered to think about it except me. So what I did was to water it daily (in a pot ) so that it won’t dry up. After about two months I saw a side shot coming up. It was very slow to grow having consumed all the rich soil underneath. I was expecting it to come lower down near the roots but it did come higher up and that was my observation.

  5. Now after about 6 months I am waiting to see whether it will flower and bear a fruit. Thieone before took over one year to bear fruit. So the experiment continues.

  6. Interestingly the stem after plucking off the ripe fruit is shriveled up now and the leaves below it integrated into a nice whorl around the new shot. Nothing was wasted in its reorganization.

    Mind you pineapple has a beautiful flower and that is the flower seen in one of my web pages.





Science Education and Linux

One of my first articles on Linux was based on Linux in education.

Then, I was grumbling about not been able to find a Linux Guru either in Kandy or Colombo.

Result at that time was an appallingly negative outcome.

Of course I found a few Gurus from abroad which included Cristopher Naegus.

Unfortunately he has stopped writing or updating the Linux Bible.

I want blame him for his delay. (I bought his new edition few months ago which came after almost after 5 years).

The way Linux is progressing, nobody can keep pace with, including books on Linux.

Moment you write something on Linux and post it, it is outdated by many a miles.

My entry today is to talk about contribution of Linux to Education in general and Science in particular.

With the introduction of One Lap Top for Child (OLPS) project there was proliferation of educational products from France to Germany to Poland and Spain.

Material included from preschool to university level.

Unfortunately due to interference of Microsoft and they being able to port their product on OLPS with the sole object of destroying the initiative is hindering the progress of the OLPS

For OLPS there is SOAP (Sugar On A stick or Plastics -means Flash Drive) packages but unfortunately nobody seems to streamline and organize these educational material in a systematic and stepwise manner (Built on an existing platform and add on serially to suit the different age groups and needs).

I found few packages very interesting and deal with them first before proposing a scientific way to establish this scenario of Open Source Science and Education.

I call it OSSE-U (Open for Students, budding Scientists and Explorers of this Universe).

There is is a serious of 7 to 10 Linux CDS for Science which I have not downloaded yet. (I have done it now-writing on science may be not in the immediate future)

Therefore, I am not going to talk about science at the moment but education in general.

To begin with there is gCompris from France with a definite French accent for Linux and Microsoft.
But my best in Knoppix for Kids (probably originated form Germany) but unfortunately there are no updates after 2005 or 2007.
There are packages from Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Spain, Poland and Italy and many other countries(including China-Taiwan-Linpus Linux-now become commercial).
But all these are catering for the domestic audience with their language bias without international clout.
Unfortunately UNICEF and UNO is Dumb and Numb about producing educational (Freeduc-that originated probably from France died in infancy at the hands of UNO) material at least for children and doctors of the Third World.
There is nothing from England and USA, who still with the colonial attitude and mind that they are the repository of Education, which is not so, now. If Open Source take a root in the Developing World their monopoly in education would slowly diminish in importance (European countries are embracing Linux, Spain in particular and Latin Americans including Brazil) but

Unfortunately India also has failed because Indian Maha Rajas also think education is money like their colonial Past Masters.

In this context Russia without a global outlook has failed to catch the market.

I am still to get a live CD version of ALT Linux (they have a DVD version in English-I have the Russian version, though) from Russia in spite of contacting them on several occasions. I have got a CD in Linux now. 

I think my Linux 100 and critical comments on the web are bearing fruits in less than 6 months and stock market crisis is a blessing in disguise for the third world except U.N.O pundits who have succumbed to the pressure and insinuation by Microsoft.

Everybody think that once a CD ISO is posted at their web site for free download the job is done.

That is not so.

They do not realize that the Telelom Industry is still in infancy in the Third World and download speed is appallingly slow. 

(This has become appalling after the introduction of PEO TV in Sri-Lanka).

It took 12 to 14 hours for me to download SuSe Sugar (please do not download SuSe Sugar, it is slow and has a serious bug in the Grub File).

Because of the proliferation of mobile industry Telecom Industry cannot think of a Giga bite download speed for another decade or so.

That is also if one pays a hefty fee.

UNICEF has failed.

UNO has failed to impart emphasis on education because education from preschool to university is big money spinner.

Unfortunately, even in this Banana Republic of SriLanka it is true. 

They are not thinking digitally (Brain Atrophied).

Currently trying to destroy the existing system and the students..
I think many more children will go abroad and will never come back with the budget for education going down while budget for defense is going up.

They think by giving outdated free education material to students free that they have solved our Education Problem. It is not so!

They do not pause to think why our brightest students and the children of rich families with foreign connections go abroad paying massive sums.

With this digital age that information can be had for 10% of the price.

All what the student should have is a laptop with Apple Approach (I would write about Apple computer in preference to Microsoft in due course). 

This I have to defer since the price is not within the reach of average Sri-Lankan who has to pay almost 50 Rupees for a coconut now!

Mind you now Linux is porting free Linux distributions for Mac too.

We have to import English Teachers from Hyderabad to teach our teachers, having killed the English Education for the last 35 years.

If one wants to learn about Linux and Education, just go to Google and type Linux and Education you get a heap of material form nearby Australia to Germany and France.

This is only a glimpse. I would give a list below and wind with some hints for the Educational Developers with a Linux bent.

1.OLPS with my new OSSE-Universe Linux


3.Knoppix for Kids

4.Look for defunct Freeduck


6.Alt Linux form Russia

7.Pardus Linux from Greece and many more.

Even though SuSE Community assembled many of these resources from the repositories they have done a poor job.

Educational package should in my opinion should have they following as the base.


Mysql PHP

Mysql Admin graphic face

My Admin as the front end for student to play with and develop a database of packages.

Gbasic as a front end of Visual Basic application

gFlash as or Flash as a front end.

A Quick time simulator for playing Apple Education software.

Some way to hack itunes.

Kind of Play Station based on Wine and similar emulators.

Then divide the material as preschool, Junior, Intermediate, Higher and University Level to begin with.
Common software repository with series of Levels (for the Linux Distribution in mind) to download.

I would like the distribution to named as OSSE-U Linux (Open for Students, budding Scientists and Explorers of this Universe).

That is my contribution for the time being!

Edited 0n the 15th of November. 2010

Original 14
th of October, 2009

Open for Students, budding Scientists and Explorers of this Universe).
Copyright name of OSSE-U belongs to me anyway!

Google you can improve on this idea with cloud computing in mind.

Microsoft do not steal this idea.

I will be on your tail!

Education and Linux

It is worth writing few lines on education and its relationship with Linux.

Even though we do not have teachers trained in Linux to help with education including computer literacy, it is evident that in many other countries including Latin America and Australia are investing on Linux in a major way.


Education is big business in America and in the West and neglecting other avenues are deliberately done with the help of Microsoft. 

Only in this spring that Americans are awakening to the fact that in eduction at least monopoly should be negated by using Linux. They have highlighted the Seven Sins of Microsoft and I will talk only about their insinuation in educational institution (other factors are well known to an average soul).


First they donate few computers, then they give a scaled down version of words package and the carrot and the stick approach is done to the politicians and the teachers abroad (as well as this country).

Ultimately teachers are hooked to the bait.

With words there is a proprietary format for Microsoft.

Why UNO or UNICEF is not pushing for a standard word format is an open question.

Are they caught up in the myriads?

How I stumbled upon education (there are many utilities of education value in any Linux distribution) utilities in Linux is quite an accident of some sort.

I was downloading almost one live distribution (of Linux) a day for testing with a view to (I may have hundred by December at the rate I am going on) sorting out the best ten for a web article.

What is written in the web is all about standard and well established distributions but there are many flavours (Gloria, Myah, Chacra, MoonOS, SuperOs, PCLinux,SAM, Mepis and many more) of Linux used by newbie and the savvy.

They are excellent in their own way but very few people write about them except listing them in a Live CD list.

I accidentally typed Linux and Education got an amazing list of Linux distributions that bundle in one package all the educational utilities.

One of them is ADIOS originated from Fedora Core 2.

Once I saw that all the anger I had with RED HAT due to their departure from Linux average community disappeared into thin air. Unfortunately this is done by voluntary basis and not updated frequently. I believe they (ADIOS) are waiting for Fedora 14 (newest version of Fedora with radical change in approach to coincide with the new needs and trends) to upgrade the systems.

They have done a wonderful job and what I downloaded yesterday had the Red Hat look and feel which was dear to me not many moons ago.

Unfortunately it cannot be installed into hard disk but very soon I believe ADIOS Community would do that.

That is not the only distribution Ubuntu has its own version called Qimo.

The Sugar on a stick approach (SOAS) was amazing it can be booted in a CD as well as on a Pendrive (Flash Drive).

Knoppix for Kids (2003) is another, unfortunately not updated for nearly five years.

The community should reactivate it.

Youknowforkids is another.

If you type Asoka and Linux you get me in the web.

But if you type Linux and Education, you get much more.

Pleas note that Microsoft has taken arms against the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Project which is based on Linux distribution and Latin American children are carrying them on their shoulder with pride and SOAS (Sugar on a stick) are meant for that Laptop.

Why our politicians fail to visualize that is due to their indulgence with Microsoft and ignorance.

Edited today, 15th November, 2010

Asoka – First published at before my adventure with Google.
21, September, 2009

Why Man falls Sick more often than Woman?

This is a very provocative question..

I wonder how many men of the ego species have pondered about this question at least philosophically, I do not know.

If I have a lecture on this topic how many men and women will attend my lecture I do not know but worth a statistical study..

My analysis is that very few men will attend since the men with ego or without ego would not feel comfortable about my vocal comments that would demoralize their ego still further in front of women.


In any case the number of women (they take any gullible facts sitting in front of the TV) will far exceed the number of men would attend since women of the species, might think I might bare few more secrets of men that they could get hold of it to strangle them some more in deadlock of wedlock.


Real reason I thought of writing is not to do with men or women.


It is really to do with the Sir-Lankan Telecoms.

I am currently downloading Katana (for Window Guys) which has all the utilities one needs in an emergency but the last few megabytes of the DVD taking nearly three hours ( OurTelecoms is downloading it at a snail pace of 5 to 10 bytes per second ( less than one megabyte per minute) and I do not like to have a heart attack of some sort, so if I do not stimulate my creative part of the brain, there would be some side effects.

The non-creative automatic part of the brain that causes surge of androgen and anger, jealousy (oestrogens included), aggression and all the animal behaviour which include thrashing the key board and squeezing the mouse so hard that the mouse defecates intermittently on my hand, should have to be avoided if I want the last few of the MiBs to be downloaded,.without any hassle.

Before I talk about the men I should give a brief account and the modus operandum of a young woman at work..

This particularly applies to a Sri-Lankan woman.

  1. She lies adequately to convince the interviewers (generally speaking more males than females in the interview board).

  2. Moment she gets the job she prepares for her marriage

  3. She will have at least two kids within 3 years

  4. Delegate all the work to spinster girls and bachelor boys at the work place since her home according to her is like the devil’s workshop.

  5. The next period she is very secretive and there are frequent absenteeism due to sick children but she can be found in the passport office and front of many foreign embassies.

  6. Then she attends all the workshops that are available free of charge or on the head’s recommendation depriving all the bachelors.

  7. In the last phase suddenly she hands over the resignation to go abroad.

  8. Just prior to the resignation she works like a bull to impress everybody.


All these time she does not know how to breast feed, cook or read a book to the kids. and the husband has to do all the work, including washing and cleaning and taking her from embassy to embassy.


Then she goes abroad drops the husband within a year (who has to look after the kids) and get married to a foreigner with white skin to get the (foreign) permanent visa.


This scenario is typical and I have seen many of the kind..



Now to why man falls sick.


The above scenario is enough to get any male of the species without paper qualification to get sick even without taking to alcohol.


But in my analysis I am talking about a perfectly healthy man before marrying and who does not take alcohol as a beverage.

He is a typical nice man totally dependent on his wife for what he eats from breakfast to dinner.


1. He has not done Home Science for ‘O’ Level.

2. He does not know the basic facts about any nutrition.

3. He cannot make a cup of tea.

4. He is a mummy’s boy and spoilt..

5. He follows the trend his mother has laid for him but he now cannot see his mother even secretly.

5. He gets the dogs share but a very large share (left over food of the previous night prepared for the kid) at home and kid gets the priority, especially if he is a boy..


6. Now the wife has acquired a microwave cooker and cooking is just a few seconds of heating left over food, killing and destroying all the vitamins.


For the next ten years all the hallmark of unhealthy habits are laid down.


7. At work place he eats all the junk food since his wife’s cooking is hopeless and no care for healthy food habits are laid down by now.

8. He gets fat by the day and his wife says see how healthy you are.

When your mother was feeding you were thin like a pole.

9. His kids are also fat like him since he brings all the sweets to lure them to his side.

10. Never goes with kids to play since tuition classes are more important than good exercise.


The bottom line is the marriage makes the Sri-Lankan man sick.

This is warning for any foreigner who thinks of marrying a local girl.


So I have some remedy for the local guys who want to stay healthy.

  1. Do not get married. This does not say you should not have sex.

  2. At school offer subjects like home science and nutrition.

  3. At least have few your friends for you to go on outing or hunting

  4. Play at least couple of games at least at weekends

  5. Do not buy a cell phone

  6. Learn to climb trees. Good exercise and you are the one who will have the first taste of the fruits but not the girls who are down below. Give them the rotten ones or half eaten ones.

  7. Only eat the food that your mum gives

  8. Read some girl’s magazines (before marriage) on beauty care and slim foods that give all the health care advice one needs (when you eventually get married).

  9. Go abroad if you can and work with some girls (preferably white skin but skin does not matter here, you will see the kinds that I have described above and but much more better (worse is perhaps is the better term) examples) to see how nasty they can become if you displace any one of them them in their job or of administration

  10. Get some paper qualification to stand a chance of getting a job by beating the girls in the interview.

  11. There are more girls doing boys jobs now than boys doing girls jobs worldwide. They will never tell you when a new job is in the offing. Our times boys outnumbered girls by 10 to 1.

You may add any of your personal experiences to this list but I have put the bare minimum to get you the picture.



Poisoning the nation!

This was something I wanted to write but kept postponing for more than 5 years after my first entry into minor scientific and environmentally friendly writing. 

However the ideas dates back to my medical students days.

I was convinced the Mahavali River Water was contaminated from its origin not only from biological agents but form pesticides that originate form tea plantation.

The amount of dog’s shit that get washed away to the river is colossal and that alone is enough to prove my point but amount man’s shit goes parallel and almost doubled or trebled that since the rough ratio of dog to man in Sri-Lanka is 1 to 7.

This is not about dog shit but how over agrarians poison us almost daily.
There is no food in the market which is not contaminated but there is no machinery to monitor the extent of this man made disaster since our legislation is too weak to regulate the use of artificial in gradients.

The biggest culprit was WHO who for three to four decades sprayed the enter country with DDT to fatten the coffers of American Companies which produce (they blame only Iraq and did not find a trace) all the nasty chemicals to test on the poor countries.

That menace is gone to some extent but our Agriculture Ministry has taken over the responsibility of poisoning our masses by default of not monitoring or regulating the use of poisons.

My friend in the University and almost my name sake was able to prove that cadmium was the cause of renal diseases prevalent in the North and North Central but both the WHO experts and the local medical experts failed to see this since renal disease is big money since a Kidney is priced at half to one million now.

If one take two kidneys from an innocent refugee it is almost two millions.

This probably happened during the war time.

The kidneys were not a problem then but it is a problem now.

One of my friends who was abroad tells me doctors there removed his normal kidney leaving his half normal kidney to survive.

I can remember in my internship my consultant removed the Normal Kidney of a woman and went on for one week holiday and I had to look after her till her death.

Since I was an intern I could not do anything.

Bound by golden ethics.

That is one reason, I did not take up Surgery which I loved as a medical student but ended up as a pathologist to see what went wrong after the event.

The poisons in our food is too numerous to list but at least it is my responsibility to make people aware.

I should end up with a little note of our drug industry.

The number one poison in the list is alcohol.

For many reasons.

1. It is a universal cell poison.

2. It is a good solvent and dissolve all other poisons and act as a vehicle for poison.

3. Third is that alcohol is adulterer with methyl alcohol to a large extent which causes blindness.

4. Most of our children’s syrups and vitamins are not water based but alcohol based.

5. There is no way to regulate consumption of illicit (almost legal in this country) alcohol.

Just today I went to buy some vitamin syrup for an adult.

This particular one needed alcohol free syrup.

Having checked over 20 I could not find a single bottle that had a label (to display) to say what is the solvent used.

They should label them as alcohol based or water based.

I had to buy (just guess work) two and at home opened and tasted them to see which had alcohol.

One was alcohol based other was not alcohol based but expensive.

This is a primitive experiment in a country where we have not produced a Nobel Prize winning scientist.

That is why I drink only wine now even though they are very expensive.

What is the hell the Health Department doing to regulate that issue?

They have one priority.

That is dengue.

The have no priority to check all the poisons and the labels in food and drugs industry (that are imported to this country).

This include our chille powder.
Brand I tasted was totally poisoned may be with Gadol.

Anybody who has money and connection can import anything in this liberal and liberated society.

God save the masses.

Simplified Psychoanalysis

Since I did not receive the noble prize for the Original Web Edition of my psychoanalysis for the last 10 years, I have decided to update my thesis on a simplified and abbreviated edition, thinking that the Nobel prize selectors did not understand the basic tenets and dropped the Buddhist Thematics for simplicity. 

This modification I inherit from one of my class mates who returned from a long stay abroad with his foreign wife. Suddenly lot of my Sinhalese friends have discovered that there is a country called Sri-Lanka in the world map.

They have woken up from their slumber and seemed to have discovered their leonine qualities especially after the thrashing our cricketers gave to Australian cricket outfit struggling to find form.

Anyway beating the underdog should not be taken as heroic feat by lions. Lions neat big meat like Indians and South Africans to become true champions.

The simplified version has three stages like the Thun Kal Balma of our politicians (I will write about it, The Thun Kal Balma and the politicians not the three (3) all of us inherit from birth if one is a male) in due course.

1. Number one is the Kid Stage (up to 16 years).

2. Number two is the Tharunnayya or the Young Stage ( from 17 to 35 years).

3. The number three is the Old Stage (from 55 to 65 depending on the pensionable age of the country.

In fact there is a forth stage from 36 and above since it is called the non-existing stage (especially if one has gone abroad and adopted a foreign sounding name like David, Philip, Lukes and George etc) and I have not included it in my analysis.

This analysis is global in scale and if there is any resemblance or semblance to Sri-Lankan context it is purely accidental and not coincidental.

The Kids Stage is the dependent stage where one does all the work according to the parents or the guardian and one is not liberated from the global clutches of modern education. even if one is a preschool kid.

1. Kids Stage
Kids are taught what others think what is appropriate for them and not what the kids do like most, unlike our schooling days and times. The kids are never restrained or punished or taught there are other kids in the world and discipline is essential only at home an not when one comes to a supermarket or public place. I can have another thesis on this especially the preschool stage and I am reluctant to divulge all the details but I hope you got the global picture and the global village of IT literacy.

The politician’s kids go through this stage very easily and get even Harvard Degree by staying at home. They offer this since when they get out of home like out Tiger Wood there are enormous problems for the security to cover their trails of excesses and travails.

2. Young Stage

The young stage is the most difficult in a democratic country. In this stage he or she has to prepare for the global stage and pas all the global examinations and he needs to know a tongue other than the mother tongue even if he has to bite it or chop or elongate it to get the correct pronunciation. In this stage politicians and the well to do children go to special collages and the others have to go to some make shift schools especially after the liberation of the mother land from terror.

Now the emphasis is total discipline, no rebellion, no jobs and a poor pocket money to barely to survive, They do not have heroes like Nelson Mandala or Mohamed Ally and there heroes are all celluloid figure’s all Indians and including the like of Harrison Ford of America.
They have to be totally submissive even if they go the University.  

The latest trend is for the Education Minister to have noose around their noses like the bulls pulling the carts in our times.



This is total immersion or submission like the American water boarding.



The Americans are way ahead in this regard and even Obama is spending lot of money to get this perfected after the shoe throwing incident in Iraq when Mr. Bush had a push over and a pull over.

The modern trend again is not to have human rights or to exercise the free choice (not applicable0 for these young men and women).

They have to get a huge loans for education and work hard day and night while olds in administration do very little except minor supervision or delegation.

Only French citizens have some reservation about this stage and that is why they came out in numbers against the Nicola Sarkozy’s Reforms. Labour Party in England had an elaborate plan to undermine the youth and both Conservatives and the New Liberals are advancing the agenda of Labour without any hesitation and youth are almost dead in their dreams in the West.

Or they advance to the stage four of non-existence fast.

Unfortunately I see that only in France young has seen the step motherly treatment of them and the violation of the rights of the young to have a job and education of his or her choice.

I think the young in the rest of the world are duped either by the Internet or their parents or teachers or administrators.

Come on boys and girls. come and voice your opinion and choices you would like to have when one has spent the youth and become old.

3. Old Stage

This is the difficult part of my thesis.

1. Should I retire at 55, 60 or 65?

2. Should I be happy with the present pension which each country is offering the senior citizens?

3. Should I continue to hold the job and deprive a young one from ascending?

4. Should I take politics and have a veto power not to give the average citizen his or her dues but increase my own pension?

5. Should I continue to plunder the limited earthly resources including water and alcohol?

6. Should I continue to use all the resources in the health sector?

7. Should I go back to my own country and offer the President / Prime Minister my advices and vices (become an adviser in economics and banking) without caring two hoots to the country or the citizens or the devil incarnation and putt all the coffers in my basket?

8. Should I have a golden hand shake?

9. Should I continue to live or make a suffering for the others earthly beings?

This list is endless and all the thoughts are selfish in nature and willful acts of disgrace.

I hope the reader can add his or her choices if is over the pensionable age of his or her choice.

The old stage has never changed in spite of man’s evolution from an ape to a hu-man whether one is a King, Queen, President or Prime Minister.

By hook or by crook hold on to the last feather or thread of life and consume everything the mother nature has to offer.

These are the wishful thinking at old stage.

I think the bubble is going to burst starting from America, if the old chronies in administrations and in politics do something fast to address the needs of the young of today and in future globally.

Obama loosing the House of Representatives is an eyeopener!

Will old generation learn lessons from history?

I do not think.

Psychoanalisis of Modern Man

This thesis published as a web edition is almost 10 years old. 

It is one of my late discoveries.

I hope somebody could propose me for a Nobel Prize in psychoanalysis.

This should however go to Piaget but he did not publish this in his time (found in his possession as crumbled notes) fearing that if he published it then he would have been sent to the dustbin of history with all his previous writings.

My adaptation of his psychoanalytical theory goes little further than Piaget assumed it to be.

1. Up to 5 years Concrete Operational

2. 5 to 15 years Formal Operational

3. 15 to 35 years Formal but non Functional

4. 35 to 65 years Non operational

5. 65 to 100 years Concrete (Complete) non Operational

In another way of putting these facts of life is as follows.

1. Up to 5 years Ego

2. 5 to 15 years Accelerating Ego

3. 15 to 35 years Decelerating Ego

4. 35 to 65 years Non Ego

5. 65 to 100 years No Ego

When this theory is applied in a scientific way to politics and science the revealing facts are fantastic.


The politicians also go through the child stage and the dog stage up to about 15 years and having achieved nothing in this period he would go to the stooge stage abruptly (Formal but non Functional Stage) and becoming subservient to his political masters. 

At 35 years he goes to the Killer Stage. By default according to my latest analysis (Non Operational Brain Stage) at this stage they do not get any new ideas and subside on others ideas for survival (for example All Party Conferences). 

In this stage they start killing others ideas within the same party and if they cannot do that they physically eliminate them.


Then they turn to the opposing parties and start abusing and eliminating them until they culminate in coming to the helm by hook or by crook.


The final culmination of all the hard work is that they become the rulers (The President or Prime Minister) without any new ideas or common sense (Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush were now not- functioning shining examples). 

( P.S. Unfortunately in Buddhist analysis this is the AK Stage or the Akusal Kaamma Stage. A good and shining example is Mr.Robert Mugabe, the Zanu PA champion, who cannot remember the good ground work he did to begin with).


They project all ideas of the others as their own and Mr. Reagan is a dead certain example and was a very good actor at that.


Coming to Scientists they go through the Discovering Stage (rather learning) up to 35 years. Then they go to the Discovered Stage. They do some hard work and at the end they find all these have been already discovered by others.


Having discovered this fact at a later stage of their career they have no urge for living and die prematurely at around 65 years of age (looking for a better life next time).

Buddhist way of Analysis

Lord Buddha and Buddhists’ analyze this in a subtle way.

It is easy to analyze this in modern Banking Terms.

There are only three stages.

1. Deposit Account Stage from birth to 15 years – Kusala Kamma (KK for short)

2. Current Account Stage from 15 to 35 years – Kusala Akusala Kamma (KAK for short)

3. Overdraft Stage from 35 to the end – Akusala Kamma Stage (AK-all Kusala consumed)

Then the Brahma takes over and recruits them to the Animal Kingdom again.

His choices and picks have no overrule in life and matters.

The life cycle begins again with fresh vigour.

P.S. Edited for posterity and prosperity!
The old scheme is Chandasokas becoming Dhammasoks but the modern trend is Dhammasoks becoming Chandasokas. This is what we call the “Abuddhassa Kale (when Buddha’s influence dissipates gradually and the new world order begins) Labuth Thittha Weyi“!