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One of my Gifts

This is a comment I posted at tiny Buddha.

Giving without expecting anything in return is a virtue Buddha always admired.

Santa does the same thing, here and now!

My daughter was recuperating from a long illness and it was hard for her us to keep her occupied.

I had lost all the ideas to make any meaningful contribution.

Then one day, I dropped into a bookshop selling old books. I remember, she telling me that there is this new bookshop (opened recently) selling secondhand books (thrown out as thrash in UK) .

I knew she selects books and leave them (with her name tag) at the counter to buy them later (when she has spare money).
I went through the book at the counter but could not find her name.
The second time when I went there, I politely asked the manager, could I see the books that are reserved but not collected.
To my amazement there were plenty of books (bags) waiting to be collected.
After a few meaningful searches I found the bag with the label in her handwriting.

Rest is history.

What really dawned on me was that there are many like her going for secondhand books to save a few bucks.

When I was a kid if somebody gave me an old book, I would have “thrown a fit”.

But now I scavenge at bookshops selling old but readable books.

This Christmas, if you have books worth (secondhand) reading please send them to the third world, Sri-Lanka included.

The gift need not be a brand new especially if it is a good reading material.

English books are very expensive even if they are printed (poor quality) in India.


WordPress is a Open Source Content Management System (C.M.S) that provides a simple web application platform for web hosting.

If you a Linux geek you can download it and tweak it to satisfy your needs but the open license prevents you from developing new themes other than what is already agreed and known as the standard.

It probably developed from
Ubuntu Turnkey applications and has a significant market share of web hosting for smaller companies. 


My intention here is to let you know that there is that gives you a blog space like here in Google’s blogspot that can be your personal web site before you mature into a Web Wizard. 

Other reason for me to

highlight it here is that it has support for Sinhala fonts and Tamil fonts for your web writings. 


Do not wait till Government provides you with necessary infrastructure in IT including fonts, go and become a Web Star (not a Mega Star) by learning the basics with WordPress

It is easy as a word processing program and you will ascend to greater heights once you master the Codes.

A glossary of the Codecs are published elsewhere free for access.

It is free but once you are mature you can pay a nominal fee and upgrade your blog site which for me is almost a complimentary website without annoying advertisements that hide your creativity. 

I downloaded

WordPress some months ago but failed to write something about it since I was obsessed with Linux 100 Live CDs. 

Now I am quietly delving into inner strengths of Linux and Open Source talking about WordPress is appropriate here.


omission was a serious lapse on my part and my apologies for that.

is as important as Dropbox for new wave of web activity with cloud computing on the horizon.

Christmas Gift

It will be Christmas soon.
Time for sharing and I would like to share my experience with Linux.
First of my gift will be on the Dropbox.

What is Dropbox anyway?
It is a cloud utility that can be accessed from Linux, Mac and Microsoft if you have Dropbox in your system installed.

Download Dropbox free first!

I will drop things I would like share with the rest of the world.
First one would be Ultimate Linux (lite) image which specializes on Linux free games.

Mind you this image I like very much since it has no games at all pre-installed.

You decide what you want to download (games of course) once the image is installed in your computer (side by side with other operating system you have).

First you burn the image into a CD and boot (set your computer to boot from CD) it Live and see whether you like the experience.

If you like it install it or get some help from me or somebody who has used Linux (at least Ubuntu).

Then go to Synaptic and start downloading whatever Linux game/s which is/are available there free.

That’s my Christmas Gift.

Only requirement is that you have a fast internet connection.
It will be ready before Christmas!