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Total Quality Management (T.Q.M) and my SLEEP

Total Quality Management (T.Q.M) and my SLEEP
I have not had good sleep for the last one year or so.
There were many reasons.
Fact that I had to published a book on (my omitted) Dreams and their interpretation is an example of that inconvenience.
I only dream when I am down with fever or recovering form a flu episode.
I probably dream a lot but never remember them unless I am incapacitated.
Be that as it is, may be, for the coming year is not a healthy pastime and this years resolution is for me to catch up all the lost sleep.
In fact I am practicing it for the last few days and it seems to be becoming infectious in the family.
The reason for lack of sleep was my obsession of downloading 100 Linux distributions to begin with but it ended up passing over 200 and not out, which Tandurkar should be bit concerned about.
It was shear perseverance.
Lot of odds!
I wish Tandukar make it this year for the record.
Good luck it will be on your way.
Do not believe on lucky stars but believe in yourself.
My reason for keeping up in the night is that i could never get our telecoms the speed above 5 to 10 bits day time even though I pay for 50 bits/sec.
This where lack of quality is judged by every minute of loss of my sleep.
Then the electricity breaks down and before the download stream breaks down I have to get up and shutdown the computer and restart again when power is restored almost every other day due to sudden interruption to electricity supply.
That is number two in my list of lack of Quality.
Number three is the water supply.
All of the above three i pay through my nose and I have decided to terminate my Linux adventure soon.
That is after I have downloaded a few Linux gamers for demonstration.
I am trying the Ultimate gamer for the last two weeks and there is still 1 GiB left.
Hopefully without any break I would be able to download it from a point to point server.
Hope they place the image in Linuxtracker soon.
Ultimate Linux 3.0 (without games) I was able to download through linuxtracker in 2 days.
My quality of sleep is interrupted by two or more sources.
Number one is Global Warming and its attendant increase of mosquito menace.
Number two is my dog barking at night.
Number three is the fire crackers which my dog hates.
He does not sleep and so do I.
So to solve my quality problem, I need to bring down the ambient temperature.
With coal power and the rest of the factors contributing to its upward mobility I won’t be able to solve it.
I will try my ZERO carbon out put (that means I have to die) and failing which low carbon output.
I must go into Metta Meditation and the Dream Mode to conserve energy and low CO2 output.
When I do that mosquito attraction is less.
I will encourage the misquotes to bread in my water buckets.
Then add two or three Guppy fish when full of larvae.
Water plants of course I cannot use as vegetables but I will try to find a water plant that prevent mosquito breeding.
When I sleep well my dog also sleep well.
The mosquitoes reach me first and then the dog who is under the bed.
I cannot do anything about the fire crackers.
I will put some ear plugs and possibly to my dog’s ears too.
I do not think my dog will love ear plugs.
So those are the few steps of quality control I may employ coming year.
Mind you I will stop downloading Linux within the next few weeks.
I have enough in my archives now.