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SMS, Short Forms, Pidgins and Linux Acronyms

SMS, Short Forms, Pidgins and Linux Acronyms

There are lot of things that I can hate and some of them are Linux acronyms.
I never use SMS and I was trained to use proper English or Sinhala in my vocabulary.
Yes we use some jargon riddle terms in Medicine to hoodwink innocent patient and make them engrossed in their own misery.
That is no reason for Linux or computer guys to use short forms when one can use a fancy name like Imagination, Unity, Peppermint, Poseidon, PureOS and the like.
I am almost finishing my Linux downloads and testing and was going through the failed download list and found Idr-1.06 i686 and Google could not find a match for this acronym.
After about half an hour I decided to type L instead of I and I got the Link to the iso.
It says Linux Done Right iso which is  an Arch derivative.
I do not think they have done anything right in their naming strategy.
They have got totally bogged down in the acronym jungle.
Arch is a very sleek distribution and its derivative has become an orphan at birth.
In any case I could not get the 1.06 version since Linux Done Right has already gone to 1.10 and in between 1.08 was missing in number in sequence.

These guys/ Girls are absent minded professors even before becoming old like me.

There is another which I remember by heart since it is a Gamer’s Linux.
Games is something we lack in Linux. In that scenario we must make it very attractive for newbie.
The name goes as lglive.
It is again Arch Linux derivative.
Its web site is
Acronym shows the way they think right to left instead of left to right.
Even a learned Arab will get confused in this terminology.
By the way Arch Linux gamers is one of the best Linux game CD/DVD.
This is a malady of Linux Guys and Girls and as a doctor I do not treat them since if I treat them they stop using the creative part of the brain and stop being creative. Many of us do not use this part of the brain even if  we decide to stand on our head to get blood flow to that area.
Why this is I do not know.
But I have one theory from childhood our teachers suppress the creative children for life and children fear authority and especially their maths teachers. Our language is character base (they have no meaning) unlike graphic based Chinese and Japanese.
Children like graphic and not character based letters (in fact they hate letters).
This is why Chinese are good at tearing part an American plane hijacked and fix it in three days without an English manual to working order.
They figure out the structure and not the manual written in letters.
there is something wrong in English character map especially when the are made into acronyms and SMS.