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Seeders, Suckers and Leechers, My way of classifying!

In Linux community there a few leechers but many seeders, this is how the torrents works.
If there are many leechers, I am currently going through this with PCLinux, the community does not work.
One cannot download an image or a file.
First lesson in Linux is to give rather than take.
Give more and take less.
The developers give an enormous amount of time and tease their brain to come up with a new idea and find a solution to a given problem.
The leechers are the critic who sit in a warm office download an image and shred to pieces a distribution with one or two minor misses.
Most of the Linux critics who come from Microsoft background are leechers.
If one recognizes a leecher please ignore him/her and do not give more ammunition for one to thrash upon.
Seeders are the ones who do constructive criticism.
They are hard to come by.
I never see reviews, but scrappy and hasty writing now because people are busy with themselves and no time for others.
They have the nasty habit of criticizing something for the sake of  generating an argument/a flame often bloating their own image at the expense of the developers who do the hard work and the thinking behind it.
One has to see the other side of the coin, the good side and not only  the bad side.
Fortunately we have to deal with only two in Linux community.
In real world there is another, the UGLY GUY.
There is the bad guy (girl), the good guy and the ugly GUY/GIRL.
They are called SUCKERS.
Unlike a leech who take a little meal for survival and the leech goes on hunger (strike) for one year at a stretch the SUCKERS sap everything you have everyday and leave you nothing.
They are very difficult to spot and unfortunately they go up the ladder and become your bosses.
That is the sad or sadistic part of it.
I you recognize a SUCKER leave that organization before  HE or SHE saps you out (unlike a leech or a mosquito, often one meal before they perish) leaving nothing.
In any case that organization will not last, the first part of this century.
SUCKERS are found only in the HUMAN WORLD.
Learn how to spot them before one enters an organization.
GOOD LUCK and be a SEEDER not a SUCKER for at least a little part of your life.