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My Justification for not buying a tablet this Christmas.

My Justification for not buying a tablet this Christmas.
My justification for not immediately going for a tablet is holding true to its tenet.
They were mainly personal reasons.
1. I do not like any proprietary software installed.
2. I do not like proprietary operating system too.
3. Even if the above two conditions cannot be avoided I need my own or selected operation system run independently of the above two.
4. Eve android is not my kind of game.
5. I prefer sourceforge EyeOS instead of Android or vagaries of Android even though I supported the move by Google from the very beginning its embrace of Linux (they did it for different reason now I understand).
6. I don’t like even Kindlefire in spite of very vocal support for its success above all the other E-readers.
7. Apart from the above facts, it cannot or does not let you boot from a smartcard like in Barnes Noble tablet. In that scenario I prefer Barnes Noble in spite of the higher price.
8. Not having the USB boot function was my major attribute that is missing in Kindlefire. But I do not make qualm at this stage before it get established in the classroom. I want it to be successful in an educational environment and if one has camera and lot of other utilities it divert the attention of the students and teachers will have a hectic time preventing little guys hacking into the system without the teacher’s knowledge. It is natural for kids to do that kind of things. If they want to do that their mums and dads have to buy a separate tablet.
9. I need a dock for a proper keyboard at my age. I am not going to fiddle with my fingers and touch screen.
10. Now comes the crunch point.  
Carrier-IQ’s attempt to spy on YOU is OUTRAGEOUS. 
What ever their industrial justification the METHOD is worse than a dictator/king attempt to say that he/she is not nude in front of his her subjects while parading stark naked.
It is naked attempt to hoodwink the not so sophisticated ordinary guy/girl.
I thought only Microsoft applied that principle and now that they are rich they seem not to repeat their old mistakes.
It is the new companies want to get rich quickly coming from Asian subcontinent who would apply those tactics. 
Already there is hush every China built chip has associated spyware (it may be a ploy of IBM and the chip manufacturer to undermine China. But there is no reason such a rich and powerful company with lot at stake will go down that pathway unless they know something is brewing in China. I tend to believe them knowing what China is.
Chinese and Indian guys did dirty things in this country prior to and during elections.
I retire into Christmas holidays not sporting a tablet or Kindle and my reasons are vindicated by and large.
It is prudent practice to wait and see policy and to see which direction the wind blows.
In this digital age one has to be not paranoid to believe anything they offer with market hypes and strategies.

Pen and paper are out and the Tablet and stylus are

Pen and paper are out and Tablet and stylus are in.
That is the “sea change” we are going to see come 2012.
I rarely use a pen nowadays, most likely filling a government form or at the bank.
The other day one of my students asked for my pen and he never returned it.
He is becoming like me.
He was filling on of my surveys and I obliged.
Ten years ago, if this happened I would have been angry.
It is very similar if somebody asks for pen at the counter / Water/Electricity Board, ten years go. I used to say NO, rudely of course.
I remembered that he did  returned it when I wanted to go to the bank . I borrowed a pen from our secretary and went to the bank and I did not either till next day.
She a steno-typist rarely takes short hand notes, now.
All of us are hooked to the keyboard and the computer.
However, I do not like lot of paper being used.
That is we are felling trees and not environmentally sound practice.
If the pen disappears and the paper disappears, I don’t care.
But we need a replacement.
Yes we are going to get it soon.
Long before “I kick the bucket”
Not a computer we want a tablet with a stylus.
To that you add Xournal, we can fill an electronic form on the fly.Xournal makes filling an electronic form breezy.

I love the idea of the tablet which reminds me of the Slate and slate pencil.
I wish that its alternative name should be “THE SLATE”.
It is said that in USA they are abolishing cursive writing in school which is a stupid idea.
We are different from Apes because we use our finer coordinate movements for manipulative skills.
If one wants to become a vascular surgeons or a neurosurgeon these are very essential skills.
Chinese make their (actually parents) children to learn these skills early in their life. These skills are essential in shop floor too.
In time to come Americans might need Chinese to perform neurosurgery on them, if they do not teach finer manipulative skills.
That is why when they come to Asia they cannot eat rice with their hands or used chop sticks.
Coming back to stylus, tiny stylus and ekle can be dangerous in young children.
I have seen young ones poking their eyes (accidentally) with coconut ekle, fine gadgets in instrument sets etc.
The tablet should be hardy and they stylus should be safe with a blunt end.
They should be child safe.
Lest few children might lose their eyesight by accidents of the nature  I mentioned above.

I hope these items from Amazon hit this country before my manipulative skills and eyesight fail

What can go wrong for Android Tablets?

Lot can go wrong with Android tablets.
Long period elapsed from the concept to execution and most of it was tested on high end of the market.
The average user was not involved in the decision making.
It was probably an effort of a small team which worked hard (dedicated to the task at hand).

To begin with it was the development of the browser.
Then the tiny OS without security enhancements.

It was a new browser not a time tested one.
There were many suitable candidates for this new browser in the  Linux community and none of them were considered or compared with the Chrome. 
Now take FireFox.
It has lot of loop holes when used in the Microsoft Environment.
It originated from Linux but then arched its way out to embrace Microsoft community.
With that it lost the security features.
It is possible to customize it in the Linux environment and even in that environment some cookies till lately (penetrated even my computer) do some undesirable things.
I was doing lot of downloads without a firewall and hacker (most likely windows guy from India-that is far as I went in search of the guy) installed a script in the browser.
Fortunately I detected it in matter of hours and took necessary steps.
Instead of point to point I went for Torrents which has a way of of using the port and testing the threads.
Even torrents can be attacked and it happened to LinuxTracker and lately Linux foundation is affected by a similar attack.
If Linux could be attacked it is going to be chicken feed for attackers in Microsoft environment.
Chrome will have to deal with this threat.
It has no human resource to deal with like in the Linux Community.
In a commercial environment Linux does not prosper as was shown in Fedora Project.
Fedora’s contribution was marginal when compared to Debian.
It was today I (rather PCLinux) detected something fishy.
I was using point to point download overnight (two files) and one of them (either Zenwalk or Absolute Linux let in a cookie in between the download streams disrupting my download (point to point) today.
Equally it could have happened after the downloads were finished and I did not terminate the download as usual and left the computer running.
If I had the torrent running this would not have happened which I usually do.
I removed all the Google Cookies (including useful ones) to get some sanity back and system running smoothly.
Any browser is vulnerable and not foolhardy.
So Google gadgets are also vulnerable.
In any case I do not use Chrome.
I am into Cloud computing I have to and I will be using the browsers.
I think Linux has to develop a utility like torrent to deal with this problem and Google with its limited staff cannot do that.
For cloud to succeed something better than the browser has to take the  tiny  computing moments and events into control.
I believe the browser is not the best vehicle for Cloud computing.
Time will tell whether my apprehensions are true or false.
Google cannot do it alone.
The stakes are high if they fail. 
Like viruses for Microsoft viruses it will be Cookies for Google that set in a bad omen (for Chrome and Google).
It has to forge a friendship with Linux Community for it to be successful.
The mistake it did was to declare it’s kernel is pure and original.
It is not and it is vulnerable.
Linux has to look forward to the challenge and take a giant stride now  (before it is too late) in Cloud Computing.
Linux can do it with or without Google’s help.
That is my belief.