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My Justification for not buying a tablet this Christmas.

My Justification for not buying a tablet this Christmas.
My justification for not immediately going for a tablet is holding true to its tenet.
They were mainly personal reasons.
1. I do not like any proprietary software installed.
2. I do not like proprietary operating system too.
3. Even if the above two conditions cannot be avoided I need my own or selected operation system run independently of the above two.
4. Eve android is not my kind of game.
5. I prefer sourceforge EyeOS instead of Android or vagaries of Android even though I supported the move by Google from the very beginning its embrace of Linux (they did it for different reason now I understand).
6. I don’t like even Kindlefire in spite of very vocal support for its success above all the other E-readers.
7. Apart from the above facts, it cannot or does not let you boot from a smartcard like in Barnes Noble tablet. In that scenario I prefer Barnes Noble in spite of the higher price.
8. Not having the USB boot function was my major attribute that is missing in Kindlefire. But I do not make qualm at this stage before it get established in the classroom. I want it to be successful in an educational environment and if one has camera and lot of other utilities it divert the attention of the students and teachers will have a hectic time preventing little guys hacking into the system without the teacher’s knowledge. It is natural for kids to do that kind of things. If they want to do that their mums and dads have to buy a separate tablet.
9. I need a dock for a proper keyboard at my age. I am not going to fiddle with my fingers and touch screen.
10. Now comes the crunch point.  
Carrier-IQ’s attempt to spy on YOU is OUTRAGEOUS. 
What ever their industrial justification the METHOD is worse than a dictator/king attempt to say that he/she is not nude in front of his her subjects while parading stark naked.
It is naked attempt to hoodwink the not so sophisticated ordinary guy/girl.
I thought only Microsoft applied that principle and now that they are rich they seem not to repeat their old mistakes.
It is the new companies want to get rich quickly coming from Asian subcontinent who would apply those tactics. 
Already there is hush every China built chip has associated spyware (it may be a ploy of IBM and the chip manufacturer to undermine China. But there is no reason such a rich and powerful company with lot at stake will go down that pathway unless they know something is brewing in China. I tend to believe them knowing what China is.
Chinese and Indian guys did dirty things in this country prior to and during elections.
I retire into Christmas holidays not sporting a tablet or Kindle and my reasons are vindicated by and large.
It is prudent practice to wait and see policy and to see which direction the wind blows.
In this digital age one has to be not paranoid to believe anything they offer with market hypes and strategies.

Tabloid, News Reader, E-reader and the new Education Tool

Tabloid is going to make print media obsolete in the not so distant future. 
1. Ink print might disappear giving way to digital news.
2. Unlike the print paper, it can read you the news while you drive your car.
3. Local Paper edition might come in smart cards.
4. Advertisement supplements in the digital format make one to order with the touch of your finger tips
5. sports can be live like in the TV but unlike TV you can replay the match or game you like.
6. It has audio and video capabilities
7. Even amazon is going to phase out E-Reader and go for Tabloid.
8. All these are due to Linux and Android entering the market. It is a reality and not futuristic.
9. Tabloid is your News Reader, E-Reader, the smart phone, the web browser and the travel companion.
10. This is why I support Unity and very soon Google’s Android with Linux operating system will overtake the Apple’s iPod, since they are going to market it at affordable prices.
11. Not only that, smart news papers magnets will dish out OEM version of Tabloid at cut price with their subscription attached to the deal.

In the next 10 years we going to see amazing changes in the West. 

I do not see these changes will come true in this part of the world where professors in IT industry has to go behind politicians in begging for his or her salary increase. 

The promise of giving computers to university on loan will be a wasteful exercise and students drawn into debt no sooner they enter higher education.

If you are a smart student one should not go into debt buying a laptop before Tabloids hit the market.
If you do so, you might have to be in debt for two items instead of one.