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Do you want, Simple, Fast and Elegant way to write?

1. Do you want, Simple, Fast and Elegant way to write?

The answer is not Microsoft but AbiWord.

3. Do you know the size of the executive file?
It is less than 8 MiB.
Plug in can be installed later if one needs it.

Do you want to do collaborative work online?
Perhaps in a school set up!
It is abiword.

Do you know how much memory it uses for a blank document?
Below is is the breakdown on a Linux machine.

Type gmemusage in Terminal and one gets

RAM allocations on my Debian desktop.
When opened to blank documents, OO uses 60MB of RAM,
compared to 30MB for Abiword,
compared to 8MB for Bluefish (Web Editor with graphics),
Vi uses the lowest memory when

gmemusage output.

OO is a pig,
Abiword is an anteater,
Bluefish is a minnow
Vi is the one on diet,

What is the Microsoft Word 2007 eating capacity?
It is a Gorilla Crashing on a dinner party ( not G.O.P.).
I hear an Apple Guy saying that it takes Microsoft 10 minutes to work out the RAM load of 2 minutes of its use and opening up a blank document.
What about the Apple takes to open a word document?
I am told it is a trade secret they wish not or would not share with Microsoft or Linux guys and girls?

What if you got an email with an attachment of word 2007 and you are unable to open it?

1. Open AbiWord blank document.
2. Copy the Microsoft document with its Macros.
3. Paste in AbiWord without formatting
4. In seconds you have clear word document which you can edit and post it back to the sender with a note when you send an important messages shed all the dead weight or proprietary load which I am not prepared to stomach in on a busy Monday.

Why I write this?
Well when the tablets hit the market, they should use a strip down version of Abiword instead of a Microsoft’s notepad.
Yes Source Code is available free and the particular distribution can add the necessary tit bits for its proper use.
Linux of course unlike 5 years ago have started incorporating abiword in their distribution sshedding dead weight of Open Office and adding more useful packages like UnetBootIn , Web Editor (Bluefish), CD/DVD burners and the likes.