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The Live CD List Web Site

This is a comment I posted at the site of the Live CD List.
I have used that site nearly over 18 months and for me it is one of the best neatly organized site without advertisement.
There may be lapses in part when I write about Linux distributions which are coming thick and fast but keeping them available for downloading is the best service one can offer a newbie or a savvy.

My Comment
I have been downloading Linux images for testing for a long time.
Your site and layout is excellent..
Unfortunately distromania suddenly went defunct and there is no site other than you site where old images (or redirection to home site) archived and kept for downloading..
I was looking for pocketwriter a Slackware derivative but got redirected to GoDaddy site.
Failed after several attempts.
Similarly I could not find an image of Musix 64 bits.
There is some problem with Porteus too (portable Linux).
What I want to thank you very much is for keeping the very old DemoLinux (currently downloading version 3) with you.
i have had lot of problem with point to point downloads which get disconnected abruptly.
Now I use linxtracker and try to seed as much as possible..
It took 14 days to download absolute Linux (old version) and 10 days to download Fedora 13 even at Linux Tracker due to no seeders.
Keep up the good work.
We greatly appreciate your work for the Linux community and the rest.