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se demander -to wonder, how could I master French?

French is a beautiful language on paper but not when a native French speaks to another native (not English of course) French.
English however has grabbed all the niceties (not English speaking diplomats including Koreans) including cricket commentators of yesteryear.The worst of the crime to French and English is perpetuated by English and Canadian Football Hooligans now turned Human Right Protectors of the World.
Below is a collection of French sayings I copied from the web with only one word demande.
In English it is corrupted to force of demand in colonial times of the past and now channel 4 outbursts of Human rights (most of them were few years ago Football Hooligans).Enjoy even if you cannot pronounce them especially, the tongue-tied English, who cannot pronounce my name in full (it is a violation of My Human Right anyway).

demander la lune
to ask for the moon

se demander
to wonder, to ask oneself

se demander bien pourquoi…
to not be able to figure out why…

Cela ne se demande pas !
That’s a stupid question!

Il est parti sans demander son reste.
He left without a murmur.

Que demande le peuple ?
What more could you ask for?

Je ne demande qu’à vous voir.
All I ask is to see you.

demander la parole
to ask for permission to speak

Also how corrupt it has got when it turned into English?

Parle has cahnged to parole (change in tense) and English parole (in French it is the freedom to speak-French Revolution but in English the freedom to move -physical freedom of it’s incarcerated inmates including Sri-Lankans in Ceylon after 1815, tortured and killed in prisons.

Now these English and the “Whites” speak of Human Rights which they violated including French in Africa in colonial times.

They all are hypocritical including Channel 4.