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O’Rielly and Stewart-Who is more civilized?

O’Rielly and Stewart-Who is more civilized?

Everybody should watch this debate of 10 minutes Live.
It is serious stuff but entertaining too.
Issue concerns with match points Obama tries to score to enhance his re-election by inviting a singer who writes about a probable cop killer in the name of black liberation.

One agrees and other disagrees on the discretion White House used to influence people who were invited and the general viewing public at large.

It is a credibility issue for both TV artists of different approach and underscore the White House and the presidential aspirations.

Stewart come out smart and says that If he is selected as the president and invites a ‘cheap’ artist (they are worried about the album sales probably) with poetic crap, O”Reilly should throw him out of the office.

There is no difference between the actor turned president, Ronald Reagon (he was better probably with his acting talents) and Obama.

O”Reilly on the contrary argues on the principles of law and conviction as it stands (barring of course wrong convictions) in any country.

What is obvious is both respect each other and continue to hold a different point of view and use civilized language and use most importantly enough material in 10 minutes and try to be precise to the point.

What Professor Bono calls Lateral Thinking is applied to a point of view.

They are both good TV artists.

Long live except those Americans including most diplomats who are good with duplicity.

Even ordinary Americans do not believe this kind of gentlemen live in America as at present.

Both are not Yes Men unlike in the Third World.

That is why we are called the Third World or may be the Fifth World or Outer World.