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Ubuntu Unity Experience-11.10-Update

Ubuntu Unity Experience-11.10-Update

I think then the “Ubuntu Bashing” that is going on is coming from not Linux users but by windows guys.
First of all I never used Ubuntu for my regular work.
I did not like when it disposed of root log in and that was the very reason I never used it on regular basis, coming from Redhat base.
I have used many Linux distribution and my Linux 100 was an attempt to highlight many distributions as possible.
Even though I did not use Ubuntu, every time a new Ubuntu comes I download the new image test it and keep it as an archive.
The other two I regular downloaded were Puppy and Knoppix.
Then I went into full gear and I started downloading every possible Linux from Turnkey to eyeOs.
After all this, one thing I must make it clear.
Every time a new Ubuntu come it was much better than the previous best Linux except my idiosyncrasy or the basic nuance no root log in.
Ubuntu 10 is pretty good and its L.T.S 10.04.3 is a very stable distribution.
The we have a lot of Ubuntu derivatives out there of which Ultimate Linux and Ultimate Linux Gamers scored heavily on my point scheme.
What is most striking for me was Ubuntu was Cloud Ready from its version 9.
Now the Ubuntu One has over million users.
Now I believe there are over 10 times or may be 20 times Ubuntu users worldwide.
That is 10 to 20 million users.
Most remarkable achievement of Ubuntu was it was the distribution that made some impact on Microsoft.
So bashing Ubuntu now using UNITY is the game they (windows guys) play in tandem with some not so regular Linux users.
I think Ubuntu is going from strength to strength and its Unity for me is pretty good and novel experience.
I LOVE that experience.
Managing change even in business world is difficult.
I think Ubuntu should hire a small team to manage this change. That will come good on the long run.
Its web site is doing an excellent JOB.
Visit it if you have time.
I for one join that team to promote all Ubuntu derivatives especially Unity and Cloud Service.
Not only that it is making Linux Mint popular.
I see that as a good byproduct and a very good plus factor for Ubuntu and a market hype.
Both are Debian derivatives and they indirectly make a slow moving Debian also target for newbies.
It is all good for Linux.
My worry is that the other 97 Linux I promote are not given a hearing due to this HYPE.
There is another good one on the market which I am currently downloading (very slow with only one seeder) and it is called Onyx64.
If you are bored visit my blogspot here.
Please do not forget Knoppix, Puppy my favorite and PCLinux FullMonty.
Do not forget EyeOS and EyeNUX.
This time even Suse has a done an excellent job and its derivatives that one can make from SUSE STUDIO is another attraction.
LINUX is well ahead of all the other commercial distributions (including ANDROIDS), come this Christmas.
The best Christmas gift one can give this time round is Linux from UNITY to VANITY.
Thank you Guys/Girls (developers), your hard work is paying dividends.

Ultimate Edition (Ubuntu) 3.0 / Tango Studio-Christmas Edition Update/Christmas Update

Ultimate Edition (Ubuntu) 3.0 / Tango Studio-Christmas Edition Update/Christmas Update
Ubuntu derivative Ultimate Linux 3.0 has done a quiet JOB for Linux Lovers by producing a wonderfully GOOD all-purpose DVD (both torrent and point to point available).
If you don’t like and find difficult to use Debian 6.0.3 update (I suggest you have both editions with you).
If you do not won’t to change this Christmas and do not want to try Unity or Gnome 3.0 these two will do all the honours for years to come.
Ultimate Edition 2.9 has both 32 bits and 64 bits versions and this one is only one DVD.
This has  limited number of games.
Only missing thing is cloud utility of Ubuntu One (Dropbox is there).
Please do not confuse with Ultimate Game Edition, which is different but very good too.
If you are Video Audio Artist, there is another Ubuntu derivative which is pretty good and have new features (without office packages).
That is Tango Studio with 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
Please do not confuse with Ubuntu Studio.
Thanks guys and girls for keeping Ubuntu roots alive and well.
I have one warning though.
Linux mint 12 i386 32 bit ( 1 GIB) image does not boot.
I downloaded it from Linuxtracker Torrents (twice)

Ubuntu One Free is a Winner, Takes it All

Ubuntu One Free is a Winner, Takes it All
Canonical, the Ubuntu’s parent company is way ahead with cloud computing.
It has both the Client and the Server architecture.
It has integrated the Desktop and  IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).
It has 5 GiB huge storage.
It will soon allow the Windows and Apple users the client service.
That’s not all you can stream Music for less than 3 dollars a year price tag.
It’s Canonical’s biggest enterprise win to date, but that’s only a hint of what Canonical is up to with the cloud.
Only other hit in the market is Amazon’s Kindle on Fire.
Like Nero who played Music when Rome was on Fire one may be able to play Music on Kindle on Fire with the help of Ubuntu One Cloud.
What more one needs?
One does not need to be Linux user to take this advantage.
Go and get registered with Ubuntu One.
It has already hit one million clients.

Choice of Cloud Utilities.

This is an email I have sent to my friends.
I have already sent you an invitation for you to join a cloud (open source) utility called EyeOS.
It is cute and it can be organized around your email.
I like it because of its simplicity.
I am into cloud computing and have tried three already with varying degree of complexity.
1. Dropbox is a commercial variant but its contract is bit dicey.
2. Ubuntu One is a good one with 5 GiB storage.
3. CloudSUB is elegant
4. JoliCloud is elaborate and from there only I found EyeOS.
5. EyeOS (this is a cloud desktop and a very thin client).
Is also a Web OS. I have a live CD called EyeNux which can be booted from a the Live CD with access to files in the hard disk for uploading.
Pick your choice.
In time to come all of us have to give up desktop and use cloud desktop and it is the way we have to shape. this will prevent one get hooked to Google’s tablets which is getting too commercial even though i supported its from the very beginning.
It keeps its android as proprietary (open Source though) making people to get fixed, somewhat similar to Microsoft.

Ubuntu’s Unity-Dream Studio- Is it a dream Come true for newbies?

Ubuntu’s Unity-Dream Studio- Is it a dream Come true for newbies?
I think so and thumbs up for this distribution which I could download overnight with 2.1 GiB.
there were only four Seeders but it was pretty fast.
Go and download it and increase the number of seeder proportion in relation to Leechers and enjoy Unity experience.
It is new experience for old hand of Linux like me who never used Ubuntu on regular basis except for demonstrations.
Regular Ubuntu users will grumble but I have told you what to do go ahead and have both old version and new version in the same box and enjoy the difference.
Sinhala capability was there which I did not test but probably need some smooth ironing which is another plus point.
It has Libre and Blender new version (Maya).
Please do not call it Apple like but call it this Linux Unity desktop.
It sure is a winner at the time of debt and cash crisis.
For good effects find a good compatible graphic card.
that may be the only thing you may have to change in your computer.
My old computer graphic was enough to take advantage of Unity.
few glitches I had with the unity CD with Terminals has been reasonably taken care of and I could load all the workplaces with a a running program and with a click it goes into full screen image.
Play with it and I do not know how far one can configure it to one’s needs but it is good as   it is why configure and make a mess?
Thank you guys and girls for doing hard work.
You guys and girls also need a rest and do not worry about complaints and by Christmas we all be saying well done to you.

Cloud Computing-Ubuntu One

Below is a caption I enclosed for getting a PDF file from a web hosting service in America.

“Assuming that there is no power outage or failure and download speed is instant and fast (both these premises are hard to come by and ensure in the Third World) cloud computing is the next best thing that happened after World Wide Web.

This can be better utilized in a school setup or in a University (I call it the Virtual University where everybody is a graduate or undergraduate).

The potential is enormous once the infrastructure is laid down and maintained with a stable cloud”.

I have decided to support Ubuntu Unity and Ubuntu One.
I hate the Free Books often outdated (especially in Science and IT) by 30 years dished out by the Education Department and the recently politicized new entrants (inculcation) discipline program (Yes Men and Yes Sir Program).
It is an insult to freedom of thought and exercise of free mind in creative work.
That is another reason for promoting Ubuntu One.
Without duplicating of information Cloud Computing can bring whole world together.

I am believer it can be done cheaper than the Government’s Free Text Book Program.
I hope Mark Shuttelworth, the Guru can initiate it in South Africa and take few of our teachers from here for training there (instead of the English Instructors we got from India to teach English to teachers of English) and send them back with Ubuntu Unity CD/DVD (No more free CDs from Canonicals now) and IT and English Training.
He does not have to spend South African Money.
All he has to do is to give a free laptops to all opposition MPs with music streaming charged at 10 times the priming price instead of the basic customer price.
That alone is enough to finance the project and voters get money back guarantee.
The money we pay them as pension after five yeas and pay while they are not doing anything except fighting for the top post-leader of the opposition).

They are not doing anything except singing local Baila (variety of song in this island and also use as substitute for lies -usually used by policemen) instead of actively engage in voter / consumer based politics.

Regards to the MPs in power who are more often abroad without even not knowing how to fill airport form in English should be sent to moon or given a satellite telephone to keep in contact with aliens.
The money for those utilities should come from President Fund to which our Lottery money is diverted.
All of them have become alien to the average voters needs.

But the language of instruction has to be Universal and it cannot be Sinhala or Tamil.

I hope present day parents, teachers and above all students should realize this.
We do not want to be like frog in a deep (Enclosed Island) well.

Ubuntu One and Cloud Space

Update on Ubuntu One
I am glad to say Ubuntu One is available in all the Ubuntu derivatives I have installed in my laptop, namely Pinguy and Vinux.
It took a long time for me to find where it is in the Menu List, the Ubuntu One is placed and it is under preferences.
In Pinguy it is in the Graphic Menu List in the bottom panel and moment you log in with Ubuntu One a folder is open in the left side panel.
I have Dropbox downloaded / installed in Pinguy and that means I have 8 GiB of Cloud Space Free 5 in Ubuntu One and 3 in Dropbox.
Now I can drop a DVD image of a Linux distribution in Ubuntu One to share with Linux friends.

In Ubuntu Unity one can at the time of installing Ubuntu One, the shared folder can be added to the left side panel which is a very nice Apple like feature.

Thanks guys and girls of Ubuntu Community for doing wonderful things.

Not only Ubuntu is getting ready for the next phase of computing with Unity desktop it is also ready with cloud space.

Ubuntu has Ubuntu One, it’s built-in cloud file, both Client and Service, since Ubuntu 9.10 which was released in October 2009.
One does not need another cloud service if you are using Ubuntu.
There is also a distribution called CloudOS based on Ubuntu.

For those who prefer more storage, Ubuntu One Basic, the free service, has changed its name to Ubuntu One Free and it now comes with 5GiBs of free storage instead of 2GiBs.

If you opt for the paid Ubuntu One Music Streaming service in addition to music streaming, you’ll get an additional 20GBs of storage.

For $3.99 a month that’s not bad.
Need more room?
It’s $2.99 a month for each fresh allotment of 20GBs.

On top of that there’s also now Ubuntu One file and music streaming clients for Android.
There’s also an Ubuntu One iPod/iPhone/iPad music streaming client.
Very soon iOS too.

This is what I call hit three birds with one stone.
So do not grumble saying Ubuntu has changed.
Yes it has changed for good with tablets in mind.
I am less and less reluctant to say no to Ubuntu now.
I have already installed Ubuntu 11.04 in my laptop.