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New Wave of Linux-Multibooting Capability and its Culpability

Most of the Linux distributions are making a culpable offense by not recognizing other Linux that come from various backgrounds. 

In the beginning the LiLo had problems with booting other Linux distributions.
Then came GRUB it solved most of the booting problems by booting from any partition unlike windows which have to start from the first sector.

Linux guys have not put this weakness of Microsoft to light.

Now is the time to highlight why we give priority to Microsoft.

It is unfair in legal sense and open market economy.

It also should learn how to boot from any sector of choice other than Master Boot Record.

Nobody should give the copyright inheritance of the first sector to any Linux or Microsoft distribution.

It should be with the customer or the user.

It is a monopoly.

Why computer wizard did not expose this weakness to light is my grouse.

They only aggravate the situ by only recognizing windows and dos sometimes and invariably gave Microsoft the first place.

This is a culpable mistake Linux developers perpetuate by its taking the starting block.

Why give the head start to Microsoft?

I have found only three distributions doing it right
They are PCLinux (the new distributions now have a problem not including other format options – other types of disk formatting including DOS), Mephis, Debian, Suse , Mandriva, Redhat and Fedora.

Redhat had the best GRUB including RAIDs .

Still SuSe has the best partition tool, even though it restrict itself to 15 partitions.

Why I do not know?

All the other Live and installable CDs I checked had problem recognizing other Linux distributions.

But they invariable recognized Microsoft by default or is it fear induced by Microsoft by its global propaganda or is it both.

Why not recognize its sisters and brothers breathing over the neck to have a good start.

Most pertinent question is why Microsoft cannot see with their eyes open wide Linux or other partitions.

They are totally blind to independence an market forces.

Where is universal  brotherhood?

Where is universal comradeship?

There are two reasons.

1. One is boot loader they use is LiLo.

2. The other is that they do not write a script (copy of the booting sequence in the header files of the root partition.

They all write on the M.B.R while giving priority to Microsoft almost by default or deceit.

Ubuntu do this, all Ubuntu derivatives including attractive Mint do this culpable offense.

It is time to wake up and put this right.

Suse recognizes only 15 partitions.

There used to be over 60 partitions those days before the RAID and volumes came into existence.

I used to have at least 8 (2 windows) distributions bootable on my hard disk barely 80 GB.

Those days Linux were not fat and heavy and some of them could stay on 2 GiB partition.

I used to modify boot sector by various means to get all running without a problem with GRUB as the boot loader.

Now the hard disks are over 300 or 500 we must go back to all traditions and have at least 30 partitions recognizable.

Then I can boot Microsoft, Apple Mac and Open Free BSD as part-timers with Linux preferably my own assembly called God Bless You All (G.B.Y.A) (thanks to all the guys including Puppy Linux) and I will throw a party even the all mighty God has directed me to the grave for rest after the party.

Recovery Is Possible or Impossible and cohabitation is a must in the coffin for all of us at the end.

Linux100 and Linux Tit Bits

Now that I am in the penultimate stage of my analysis it is pertinent I should talk about the little distributions that did the work with only 4MiB Graphics on board. I still have my third computer with 4MiB on board graphics and 64 MiB RAM running old Linux distributions which is still working.

I use it for occasional demonstrations.

Who needs any demonstration with so many live CDs?

Even Windows 95 and 98 could land on this graphic card before the Graphic explosion!

I could never find a adapter to increase its Graphic potential to 8, the maximum.

Those were the days when we used Floppy disks to boot up and I still have few 5.5 inch Floppies.

The distributions that come to my mind are INSERT, Feather Linux, Tiny me and DSL.

I must confess except DSL I rarely needed to use the other distributions.

These became obsolete when Puppy Linux with 96 MiB came into the scene.

It is true that Puppy Linux stands tall among all the other distributions when one is using an old computer.

In historical perspective I must write few lines on each of these teeny weeny units.

The teeny weeny bikinis of the time.

In Linux terminology bare bones of Linux.


This is good for Windows guys and girls.
They can mount this on a windows partition not on a DOS partition.
I was annoyed that they did not let me install it on a Linux partition.
Fast, cute and good.

Linux100-Trinity Rescue Kit-81

This is a utility Windows guys can use to clean up their box / boxes (if they are stupid enough to have more than one).
What I used to do manually this Linux utility does in series of scripts booted onto the RAM. No knowledge of Linux is required only trigger happy (for Sri-Lankans) or mouse click happy (outside of Sri-Lanka) window’s stupid guys and girls.


Is another little utility with many applications.


I have been very busy, if not I may have finished the last phase (last 25 of the 100) my entries by now. I have already downloaded over 200 CD and DVDs in spite of the very slow throughput of our Telecom.
Guys / Girls of the Sri-Lankan doing a very good job with very limited resources they have.
Hats off for them for they are heading and giving a welcome hearing to my constructive comments.
Peo TV is very good venture and giving out a router which is above the Operating System in I.P. / T.P. protocol (Year ago the Modem did not support Linux) so that user can decide which operating system to use.

However, they are far behind in Telecom’s innovations such as AsteristNow and the PABX. As far as Linux they are nowhere near international standards.

Coming back to Deft. it is a forensic distribution I fished out of Distromania archives. Apart form general utilities it has number of forensic utlitlis.


SuperOs has updated it’s image to Ubuntu 10.04 and seems to have shed some of its Graphic Intensive front.

It stays the same with minimal changes but sleek appearance.

When one is hooked to Ubuntu it is difficult to make radical changes.

At least it can change it’s name to Vanity or Sensation as I have suggested, earlier.

It has added some demos which is a good thing for a newbie.

My critical comments about the previous version is down below.

Number ##33 in my entries.

First Five out of the first 10 and more

It is time for me to narrow down the first Five Linux Live CDs (Please note not Installable CDs) only.

I have no intention of giving points or put it in any order except alphabetical.

However criteria for selection were based on few important qualities.

They include the followings.

1. Stable Boot Loader preferably GRUB.

2. Ability to live with other Linux distributions side by side (not only with windows). Black Track4 fails on this issue. I cannot have it installed along with other Linux distributions so that it is available for me in an emergency.

3. Good Partition Manger (which include other OS types)or a editor which does not cause problem with many other partition tools available in Linux.

4. Installation process easy and compatible with other distributions.

5. Security tools and firewalls and parental control.

6. Availability of root and user options (unfortunately Ubuntu fails on this issue).

7. Availability of commonly used general purpose utilities or the ability to download them as an open option.

8. Attractive but light weight (tone downed KDE would do).

9. CD burner ideally KDE.

10. an assortment of light weight games (including card games) or one single high features game everybody loves.

Unfortunately all of the Live CDs fail on this feature.

1. Knoppix
2. Mepis
3. PCLinux
4. Puppy
5. SuSe

I have all in my 80 GB hard drive.

6. Linux Mint
7. Fedora
8. Vector Linux
9. Berry Linux
10. Zenwalk

For specialists and Newbies with special interest.
11. Arch
12. Chakra
13. Granular
14. aLive / aLinux ? Peanut Linux
15. AV Linux
16. Yoper
17. GoBo Linux
18. Linvo
19. Dream Linux
20. Ubuntu / Lubuntu / Kubuntu / SuperrOS and the lot

Then the Light Weight beauties.

21. Slax
22. Imagine.
23. Peppermint
24. Element
25. gOs
26. Paldo
27. Unity
28. Untangle
29. Chameleon
30. Imagine
31. Igelle
32. Myah
33. Leenux
34. Netrunner
37. ViperOS

38. Mandriva
39. XandroS
40. ? Linspire ? Freespire

I have not include the educational distributions like Scientific Linux, Fermi Linux, ADIOS. QIMO. Knoppix for Kids. Kids Linux.

I have also not included the middle weight or the heavy weight like. Sabayon, Monomax, Openmamba
, Calculate Linux, ALT Linux, Epidermic
and Genitoo.


I have been coining new words for English lately and the first is parafox.

If you go to Google and type parafox you will get to my blog spot and see why I coined it and it has of course outlasted its original intentions and the meaning.

Now this is used to spread the news of live Linux CDs.

The Cypersafety is next in the line if not already in the internet vocabulary.

I think the word Cyberbullying is already there and no wonder somebody else has used with the same intentions.

In that case he or she owns it.

I have being doing too much on Live CDs and I feel I must get back to the normal stream with more appeal since I am nearing the century of Linux Live CDs.

The recent incident of committing suicide of a young teenage girls In USA brings us to the reality and the cruelty with psychopathic tendencies and behaviour of the web users.

Web belongs to everybody and there is no control over it.

There is lot of pornography too, lot of luring and enticement are there.

I am not sure how we can deal with this problem.

This is happening in Sri-Lanka in most unlikely places and I do not want to mention them and open a can of worms.

The cybersafety to be established we need to understand the mechanics, insinuation and subtle ways the web designers, advertisers and search engine use the web to manipulate young visitor.

Even the words games, play and kids can be tagged to catch an unsuspecting mind.

The parents have a role.

Teachers have a role.

Owners of Cybercafes have a role.

Above all awareness and education have a role.

Lot of forensic work has to be done.

To begin this word has to be in the vocabulary and in circulation with parents and their mouths and the would be parents.

Recently I was seeing a mother buying a web camera for a child unsuspectingly.

The vender did not ask the young child for what purpose he was using and no warning was given to the mother how to use it.

For the time being parents should not give a child all the hardware to be installed in his closed room.

Like in a office the computer should be in a prominent, public and open place even at home not in a closet of its own.

That is the first line of defense.

The second line of defense is Linux with Child Protection Utilities and time slot allocation for kids.

I’ll write few more tricks parents can adopt once the word cybersafety is firmly established in the internet.

This is where Linux can contribute immensely by deploying cybersafety utilities.

Linux can do that.

5th September, 2010

Things not to do with YesLinux and Elastix

I do funny things once in a way.

Edited on the 10th of September
I was doing search some search on Linux distributions specialized on telephony for one of Linux fan since he had some problem with the telephone card.
The intrusion made me to delay search and I found many telephony related utilities in BackTrack4.
In any case I was clueless about telephone industry especially the digital side.
Initially I could not get anywhere and finally found AsteristNow and tried to download AsteristNow and found a rouge script was in my system.
I could not download AsteristNow (Centos based) which was a free distribution supported by commercial venders of telephone hardware.
My search ended up ultimately my son getting Peo TV installed and a free router installed adding two more ports to my hardware.

I am thinking using one of them as a firewall when I have time.

The list of distributions I found were as follows
1. AsteristX now defunct
2. Amatix Live and Office
3. Alpine
4. Elastix
I had to find most of them in the archives of Distromania.

The Elastix is based on Redhat and it ripped my hard disk in few seconds.

In that scenario YesLinux was better only during the time I was sipping tea it ripped off my hard disk

So if you are not like me taking any conceivable risk to investigate Linux (except my life) do not venture into unknown territory like browsing into pornography which is rampant in this country including temples.

Beware if you do not have a Linux Guru (hard to find in this country) to help you out.

Only yesterday I downloaded YesLinux from (probably not supported by anybody currently) Distromania archives.
It is only 300 MiB and the core based on Debian,
I activated the installation process and went to make a cup of tea,
Knowing very well Debian gives a written warning before any action.
This devil of 300 MiB distribution erased everything by the time I sipped the cup of tea without any warning.

I aborted the process and restarted the computer to find there was nothing and no boot record at all.
I kicked a high note what the hacker could not do I did it myself.

Of course after the minor hacking incident I was testing few of the non-live installable CDs and there was nothing of note except 5 GB of Isos which I did not copy (CDs were burnt but iso were lost) but burnt everything including Samity Linux (this another distribution that looked funny).

Most of the time you do your own damage so do not blame others for it.

Well it was Friday night, I do not get Saturday Night Palsy or Dropsy and partitioned the hard drive and put installation into action and went to sleep.
In the morning it was alive and running well.

So even a cup of tea can be deadly to your computer.

If you do not want to be like me please make an effort to record all what you do in a little notebook and read all the instructions before you click the mouse button.

The commonest mistake I do is to forget the root password and sometimes the user password.

In that scenario you have to reinstall everything once again which I have done hundred of times.
Little discipline built into your work habits carry you a long way.

One could laugh at oneself, that is what I do.

It is no fun!