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Banki Moon and his three Musketeersd

Banki Moon and his three Musketeers

In an earlier comment by me, when new to his office on Banki Moon I have said he has not set a single foot wrong.

I was wrong in that assessment.

He never set foot forward for three years but he was on reverse gear all the time that is why I did not see anything wrong in his footing in the new office.

Now that his term of office due for renewal or extension (he is elected for 5 years and not one of three years and and then two of 2 years- this is a bizarre interpretation by USA and its allies to to undermine UNO by hidden agenda) he has realized human beings walk forwards and not backwards got into 5th gear in a hurry with three musketeers armed with false propaganda.

The three musketeers are his panel of judges with hawked eyed vision for smaller countries like Sri-Lanka but squinted eye view of USA /UK in Kings and Kingdoms of Arabia and Iraq and the countries behind them, namely USA (Hilary Clinton who has lost her teeth under Obama administration), UK (Foreign Secretary who is running affairs like running a kindergarten) and cohort of loosely amalgamated or concocted countries near and far with their agenda stamped down by USA directly and indirectly (South Korea is an example).

Goes out the credibility of U.N.O and its Charters during the last three years of his office but monkeying with 20 million people desperate to keep the peace intact in the next two years of borrowed time in office with good perks and disrupting the integration of all habits both Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims nurtured over 2000 years with harmony before the Britishers came and imposed the divide and rule principle .

Now it seems the UNO is imposing divide and rule on smaller nations (including Muslim Middle East) with the help of hired hand called UN Secretary General (Is he a General with Court of Arms?)

This is the first time in history that the U.N.O is collaborating to disrupt peace won by shear determination of a simple but small nation.

I think Bunki Moon should leave his office sooner than his five year term without making the U.NO a laughing stock of the 21st century and join the NATO (No Action Talk Only show) as a military adviser to bomb all Muslim countries that do not tore the line with Israel.

What I am really puzzled (or pissed with it) with it is how he found courage now to take action which he lacked and he failed for three years in office.

These are not his actions but actions of the stated countries undermining the UN Office with their might (delivering threats that they will not give funds to maintain this Giant White Elephant of modern times) and pressuring him when he is weak with greed for clinging to his office of no wisdom.

I think if he is a man of wisdom he should have the courage to leave it so that a person with courage enters into U.N.O and put the house of no action in order, before more calamities are created by USA for their ill perceived goals of domination of weaker countries.

In actual fact he is elected for five years and not three years.

If he is a man of courage he should stick with the protocols.

Why he needs a sanction (after failing for three solid years) for the last two years puzzles me to the world’s end predicted by some for year 2012 by the Almighty above.

This is the insinuation created by USA to undermine UNO and put their agenda in the last two years of his office which they could not do due to structural changes that took place due to elections in USA.

Why not sack him and put Hilary Clinton in his place for the last 2 years.

It will be a direct (for the fist time in history) action in US politics instead of indirect hits intended all these sordid years.

So my advice to U.N.O is to sack Bunki Moon (not a good word) rather elevate him to high office in NATO as a military adviser with no action and put Hilary in for two years on the Chair so that she can undermine Obama in office and lift her image and prestige which was lost going under him.

That is one of my wisdom teeth which was going horizontally (arrested eruption) and now turning up and erupting vertically in ripe old age (of wisdom) is telling me.

That I call a smart chess move in U.N.O politics with some iota of wisdom.

Present Moment of Truth and U.N.O.

Well we tend to be very reflective in old age and lament on the past.

Instead of the obituaries we should look at the birthdays.

Dead are gone perhaps leaving behind good memories, perhaps not.

Living in the past is not the way forward.

Past unfortunately tend to harbour all the thoughts of ill will and hate.

Digging into the past of miseries, war and death has made this nation to be very negative.

It is unfortunate even the United Nations Organization is also live in the past.

They cannot see the present devastation in the East with floods and they are good at counting the number of dead of the war past.

They are not making any attempt to make the life meaningful for the survivors of the ruthless war.

The survivors have water up to their neck but UNO is not ready to give a lifeboat or a raft to them but ready to spend countless dollars in counting the ruthless dead bodies of hate , violence and ill will.

They perpetuate ill will and difference instead of uniting and bridging the gaps. They are trapped in the vicious propaganda not knowing how to wade off or avoid conflict of interests.

How can they be called astute negotiators if they are trapped to the neck with propaganda of ill will?

When is UNO going to learn lessons from the past and prevent future catastrophes, I wonder?

When are they going to live in the present moment?

It is better to look at the present moment of truth.

It is farĀ  better to look at the present moment instead of the past or the future.

People who are in the present moment and reflective are the ones who makes companionship meaningful, even at the death bed.

We must make the present moment infectious even to the young and those going to be born.

That’s all we are sure of having.

That is the only way for reconciliation.

We need to learn how to forget the past, make amends and make the present moment beautiful.

They are trying hard to make even the present moment very miserable and are paid for that effort.

The are a very depressive lot!

The money spent by UNO is an utter waste and loss.

They do not know how to move forward.

They have put themselves shackles around their feet and grumble instead of releasing them of their bondage to evil.