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Unusual Sighting of Eagles

Unusual Siting of Eagles

Yes, it is unusual to find three Eagles hovering in the sky.

Usually there is only one that survey from above.

Then of course finding a second one in the neighbourhood could be a coincidence.

But finding there within the striking distance was very unusual.

They were becoming extinct and the Dehiwala Zoological department released a few to the wild expecting them to get colonized about a decade ago.

 I was not expecting them to survive long having being domesticated and not knowing basics in survival.

It looks like the experiment has succeeded but we need to look after them in the wild.

Three is not a big number but it is only a beginning.

Just thirty years ago sighting an eagle was not that difficult.

It is rare in the semi-urban environment in which we live.

They are very good snatching mouse and young squirrels.

Mind you they are secretive and they disappeared in about 10 minutes.