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Updating My Laptop at Night

I was waiting for the PCLinux2011 64 bits Version but it was never coming and decided to upgrade my laptop with a bigger hard disk which are becoming cheaper by the day.

The steps are

1. Remove the battery.

2. Remove the Hard disk.

3. Fixed the new Hard Disk and place the old one on a portable mini USB bay/tray.

4. Use gParted to partition the new hard disk (15 partition restriction applies for SATA Hard Drives.

5. Install Knoppix 10 th anniversary edition. No problem.

6. Install Pinguy. No problem with GRUB and detects Knoppix but painfully slow when updating on line.

7. Install Dropbox in about 5 minutes.

8. Install Sabayon 6 with no problem and detects both Knoppix and Pinguy. No problem with XBMC media center and mouse does not freeze.

9. Boot up Pinguy and let Dropbox synchronize and me go to sleep and it is 6 am in the morning.

10. Test the USB Hard Disk and boots up OK but slow and my data in old hard is intact. All these without paying any ransom to Microsoft and now I have 7 operating systems 4 on the old disk 3 on the new one with another 7 partitions left for install.

Two for Linux Image Storage in ntfs partition and three for Debian Sinhala another three for PCLinux 64 bits when it comes and I still have another partition for testing new Linux distribution and a FAT partition for posterity but sometimes destructive Linux distributions with my oversight might make me to reinstall all in one night of hectic work and the whole Saturday for me to go into sleep mode and have a couple of dreams for Maha Brahma.

Please note that installing was done in the night only because out Telecoms download is painfully slow for on line updates (takes ages if done day time) in day time and all Sri-Lankan including doctors on duty sleeping except poor Interns who have poor diagnostic skills.

Please do not get sick at night we do not have ambulances to take you to a hospital and the ambulance drivers also prefer a good night sleep. Then you might wonder me keeping up all night. Well I had to keep all night up when on call abroad often working for three others and patient prefer coming to me at night since i use to solve problems those GPs took ages to give an appointment let alone solve.

Those nightly habits are a bonus when one deals with computing in Linux not that Linux gives problems but often due to human errors like installing a root partition on some other distribution’s home partition due to wrong numbering of the partition table.