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Urea (Urine) Treatment

Urea (Urine) Treatment
Some of my visitors are nosy an ask some silly question.
Especially when they see my flowering plants.
Most of them take no time to learn some basics in biology or gardening.
They know I do not use artificial manure.
If hey ask what I put in for them to grow healthily.
I promptly say Urine.
using they do no go ahead with a second or third question.
If they probe a second question, I promptly say it is my dog who does look after the garden and I rarely use other method but there are other reliable supplies.
At that point most of them stop asking any more question expecting me to say human supply.
so far nobody has gone beyond that point but my real supply come from my pet fish.
With temperatures over 95 degrees Fahrenheit, I have to empty the water frequently to get rid of the algae that is a perennial problem andĀ  I have not found a solution yet.
Rest is banana and tea leaves.
In this country our farmers inject UREA to theĀ  flower stem (Banana) to make them grow bigger.
The UREA they use contain heavy metals and I have been trying to educate the consumers not to eat them or the vendors to not to buy or sell them injected with urea.
It has become a problem since banana growing i not done on commercial-scale but as a supplementary vegetation.
Banana is a very healthy fruit but our fellows are poisoning it with Urea contaminated with heavy metals including cadmium.
There is no quality control in this country.