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Virtual C.E.O.s

The brand of C.E.Os are going to be a bane in future with the first of the kind of Virtual C.E.O.s and I am a prototype to be named as AsokapluS who will emerge in the meantime.

Why I call successful C.E.O. is a bane and wasteful is they either get old and run short of ideas and die with the institution or they get sick and spend rest of the money on medical bill.

I am in that profession I knew of a cardiologist (? by name) who did miss his own cardiac well being and had to go abroad to get his treatment (I do not know what happened to him afterward).

But we are very good at making merry with other people’s misery and making money spinning and most of us have lost human touch and to be a manly or womanly for what is worth.

Having said that I wish Steve Job his well being in Mind and Spirit for producing wonderful gadgets and making them sell (even though I cannot afford or buy any one of them) at runaway prices and making others even Linux to emulate.

I never found fault with Apple since they produce good quality gadgets and making people to buy unlike Microsoft which lure (both legal and pirated) and produce a very bad product and making money by gunny loads.

I believe in Quality in the first instance (Total Quality Management-both internal and external customers) and get it right at the first instance rather than doing patch work (Microsoft).

Apple is trying the get it right first time round and one does not have to do it again and customers have to pay for the quality.I am not saying it is the best product (far from it) on this planet for the money one pays but its approach to quality is commendable.

Whereas Microsoft is trying to get it right for umpteenth time and still get it wrong.

In this context quality is costly but cost effective.

But at a time of debt and financial crisis we cannot do that for ever.

Customers need to buy at a affordable prices.

This is where Virtual C.E.Os all over the Globe work together with Linux Community to achieve something substantial and lasting.

Linux has teething problems but it can do small things and big things right by working together.

The concept of Virtual C.E.O.s means we work together at tandem not under close doors.

I test a distribution and report and guy on the other side of the globe read it with some meaning and work hard to get it right.

I only give little over 50% (it is currently the best and only Debian has achieved it) of the marks I allocate and make that as the bench mark for others to follow.

Why I use 50% is that to state and inspire who are on the shop floor that we have a long way to go in Total Quality Solutions.

We cannot satisfy every customer.

That is the bare bones of Linux.

Linus wanted to do that and he is still trying it.

If we think we have achieved all the best there can’t be any inspiration or incentive to be better.

It got be simple too.

It should not achieved with the cost we are going spend to reach Mars and settle there.

For the 3 years I have been crying high as well as foul at times at Linux and guys on the shop floor (Developers) do the needful and I have all the small utilities now which I did not have there years ago in my pocket as a Mini CD or in a Pendrive.

I think as a customer first, then as a developer and third as a C.E.O. unlike in a business industry like Google.

Google takes such a long time get something right because everything happens in closed C.E.O. system and there is no ecosystem there.

Failure of the HP is and the new C.E.O. coming and dishing out WebOS which was open source and the tablet with it (Baby with the bath water) and all the other paraphernalia is due to not being able to think in Virtual C.E.O.s Hat (Like me do not get high commissions for success as well as failures-America is a good example where failure is paid by the Federal coffers both business men (bankers, hedgers and speculators) and politicians (war efforts and war machine).

End result-Debt and IMF also want us to emulate America.

WebOS is the scenario where Open Source should step in and either acquire the HPs contribution as open source or re-engineer the whole thing and come out with flying colours.

What an average business C.E.O cannot do, a Virtual C.E.O can achieve with community help in no time.

That is my Concept.

We should give it a try and should not abandon WebOS.

In this context the Virtual C.E.Os contribute a lot but expects very little in return and the who community grows.

When I am gone, I am gone, but there are many more to emulate me.

For the time being, there is Linus, there is Stallman who stands tall and there is semi (business, adventure and human spirit-Mark Shttlewort0 demi god.

This has to work.

It will work.

Community will achieve.

Man progressed in this world because of his community efforts.

It was never by domination, by force or war efforts.

So we have to define this Virtual C.E.O and make many of them in all parts of the world, especially to protect the mother Earth which is vandalized from India, to China to America to this Small Sri-Lanka (to cultivate banana to rich Americans in the rain forest and protected land).

Stupid ideas in this country is plenty!

We are a Banana Republic will soon be like Dubai.

Except perhaps our neighbouring Maldives who cries foul at rich nations.