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WHy I cannot Make Wine In Kandy?

This I have to post very quickly before the ordination of young ones by next Poya.

Then this country will be (alcohol free except in the parliament), smoke free (except smog from coal power plants and the variety of luxury vehicles imported for our representatives after elections and driving on our motorways built and will be newly built) and Buruwas free (except National Lottery and Lotto)  the National and Awrudu Game including Polburuwas watching our TVs for another 5 years (i.e the voter in peace).
These Buddhist monks first Kariya or the duty would be to get rid of the above three (alcohol,smoke and games) and disregard any excesses of other kinds that are not permitted to Dasa Sil Mathwas on a Poya day.
But my real reason for not been able to Make wine is more of a scientific nature and is not in my control.

Making wine is simple process but this betel chewing (no taste for wine) and arecanut cracking (inhibit taste for wine but not for arrack) nation would not experiment on new varieties of taste except what the government wants them to be.

In wine making one needs five to six ingredients.
1. Sugar
2. Yeast, living organism
3. Water
4. Flavour
5. Time and Temperature

We have five of them in abundance but only one is missing.

Guess what it is?

Even in Kandy I cannot provide it, the most important for correct brewing.

Well it is the temperature that is missing which has to be correct, precise and ideal.

1. Above 38 C (100 F) yeast will be dead.
2. Primary or the start up fermentation should start at 21 c (70 F)
3. Secondary or the slow phase fermentation should be at 16 C (65 F)
4. Finish product should be kept at 10 to 15 C (50 to 55 C)
5. Ideal requirement are 20, 15, 10 C (70, 60, 50) and very simple in arithmetic but never achieved in Kandy or suburbs.

That is the reason I cannot make wine in Kandy and the global warming has taken the toll.

I hope after Wesak Poya, the temperature should hover round 100 F (38 and above) and the newly ordained monks should meditate on his so that they do not have to worry about one of the three mentioned above for certain (that is the ideal way to kill yeast) but the mosquito menace and the music accompanied with will hinder their meditative path.

In my case I cannot think of
Pani Waraka Wine
Passion Fruit Wine
Banana Wine
Keeri Samaba Wine
Mangustine Wine
Belly wine
Diwul Wine
or any fruit cocktail Wine for certain

I have to think of getting them only in heavenly abode and probably after my death.

Please make a comment of what  beverage you like if not wine including Coffee and Tea: