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Dream 02 of course is a fragmented dream

Dream two (2) of course is fragmented dream.
The full version was dreamt for me (until he takes over the spell cast on me) by Maha Brahma.

Part One of the dream goes like this

1. I was given huge load of linen by some godforsaken guy and he came to collect it soon after giving me a call.

2. At the time of the call the top part of the bundle which was 4 by 6 foot size an 6 foot in height (which appeared to me like bedsheets) was in disarray and fallen sideways and leaning on the doorway and preventing the door being opened when the guy comes to collect the load.

3. I was rearranging the lot and with the sound of the telephone I was woken up.

Before the interpretation was released Maha Brahma asked me a question.

Why are you sending half of a dream, he asked?

Sir, this was a armchair dream and mind you it is a day time dream?

Why are you dreaming at day time?

I could not help, Sir.

We are on industrial action and we have given up our headships and the head chair was empty and I sat on it to see how it feels like without administrative work like filling e-forms and mundane stuff like timetable for students and annual calender.

Then the head’s telephone rang and I was woken up.

I was annoyed that the dream was interrupted rudely but unfortunately for me there was nobody to answer the call.

Did you answer the call?

No Sir.


It is head’s telephone if I answer it, I will be in trouble.


If the guy on the other side is from FUTA, he might think I am secretly working.

If the guy on the other side is from the Ministry, he might mark another stupid head is working and add to his statistics.

The beauty is that lot of guys who never had an opportunity to sit on this big chair (like our politicians wanting to sit on high chairs of others when they are sleeping) to see how it feels like and when a call comes unlike me, answer it.

Even before caller’s call ends, guy says, wants to be head speaking for head.

It must be a lucrative post for aspiring candidates.

No Sir it is only Rs.1000/= and not even enough to pay the monthly telephone bill and we pay from over pocket the telephone bill.

Or I see.

Why then people want to be heads?

It is a very good and open question Sir but I think it is a dress rehearsal for becoming a politician, I believe .

Sir, can you tell me the full dream.

Part Two of the dream.

Mind you I like your futuristic dreams shall we make some arrangement for the first part for you to dream and the second part for me to dream and it saves me reading a long email.

No problem Sir, till our industrial action is over we will be dreaming of a pay hike and dreaming is our objective proposal and vision for miracles in this country, like Martin Luther King, we do like to dream even day time now.

He told me the setting is not at your home but at the laundry.

The guy who was dreaming had come to collect the dues (linen) after 3 months on credit card (that is the time laundry takes no responsibility for the clothes). He could not pay for the bill.
He was a professor of political science. Unfortunately had not got any salary hike he dreamed of, for 10 years.

Then before he pays the bill, the guy who gave the first load has given him a second load and that is the reason for it falling sideways.

If the dream was continued the guy gets a heart attack and dies at the laundry.

Was it me Sir?

No you stupid?

These are futuristic dreams not current.


The guy is a Professor of Political History of Sri-Lanka and this is ten years from now.

Had I let you dream the rest of the dream you would have had a heart attack and die in your armchair (dream).

I saved you in nick of time.

But what’s the point Sir, the way the things are developing in this country we do not have to dream.
We Know for certain we want get anything for our lifetime.

That is not the point.
If you die I won’t get these lovely dreams.
I love them and if you go who is going to dream for me for the first half of the dream.
It is my hobby and I won’t die for eons unlike you!
I am going to have this fun only till you live and Aryubovan for You.

Sir, there are 20 million people here.
We dreamed that we bring the world cup home for the second time round but we did not.

Those dreams are mediocre and not futuristic like yours and lasts only a day and people get on with their work as nothing has happened.

But pay hikes are our daily dreams not only of professors Sir.

Every Sri-Lankan who is able is dreaming of a pay hike.

Only problem is politicians do not see that way.

Sir, can you pass one of these lethal dreams to the treasury secretary and let him dream it in full, instead of me.

That is criminal know?

But if he goes millions will be happy millions time (we made billion in India to be happy by losing the World Cup and we deserve a pay hike at least at Indian Level) and there will be pay hikes!

Well I will see about it and in any case he is in the geriatric age group isn’t he?

I got to go.


It is 10 years from now.

1. Global warming has peaked to 38 F and there is no alcohol (no yeast-no alcohol-the song no woman no pain- theme is adopted to no alcohol no fun) except imported in this country. The imported stuff is available in international institutions and hotels.

2. There is no rain for two years.

3. All rivers have run dry

4. Coal power for 2 hours at night for email services only for booking air tickets etc.

5. No laundry services at hotels.

6. People are asked not to wear anything like IMF boss while in hotels.

7. There is no air conditioning

8. There are no maids for cleaning especially in the International Buddhist Institute.

9. Buddhist monks are permitted to wear only the Andana Kadas by the hierarchy at International Buddhist Institute. There is a big vada (argument ) developing to wear or not to wear Andana Kada.

10. Some get heat strokes while in meditative mode in the tiny cubicles

The laundry load was Andana Kada from the International Institute.

Action necessary to prevent this scenario.

Grow trees in Colombo instead of developing international Hotels!
This applies to Kandy too.

Ten or more steps of my own

Ten or more steps of my own

I have taken some bold steps (decisions) in my life from my childhood and that had come good, when I reflect on them. Some of them cannot be mentioned here.

I was a keen observer of nature and people around me and learned to be bold and fearless.

Most of my teachers except who taught me Sinhala and English were mediocre.
I often wondered how they ever became teachers especially science.

1. One bold step was not to believe teachers especially in science.
That was a very scientific decision by itself.
I had the knack and keen power of observation and problem solving ability. For example I believed anything can be grown on our be soil, be that it may, seeds or yam or runner provided I water them regularly. My father was not a farmer but he was a keen gardener (which he learned from a burger gentleman0. Except potatoes I could do that on my own but could not figure out why I could not grow potatoes (those days potatoes came from UK and I did not know that they put chemicals to inhibit sprouting and made sure seed potatoes were never given to us. I discovered this many many years later. This is how western countries help us).

2. I decided never to ask scientific questions (why potatoes could not grow) from my teachers (knowing very well they will give a wrong answer to shut my mouth).

3. I decided to do science and one day I decided not to go to the school I was attending abruptly (there were many other reasons and flashes of them I have expanded elsewhere) and that was a very bold decision. Finding a school teaching science was difficult but i eventually found one (there was another story behind this I would not enlarge upon).

4. I decided not to proceed with cadetting even though I was the leader in my old school (I was thrashed by the teacher / principal three times in the new school but I stood my ground). I took part in all other sports except cadettting (reason should be obvious and there is / was a worse form of ragging which included sexual for the young).

5. New school was no better in teaching science and I made the decision to do D.I.Y learning science (thank god there were two Foreign libraries stocked with old science books in Kandy then).

6. Due to harassing by teachers I decided to walk out of the science class and asked permission from the principal who thrashed me for not joining cadets. He eventually acceded (I still thank him for that help) to my demand (man with military training) knowing my will power.

Little he knew that others will join me later.

7. We decided to work towards a common (first exercise in group work) goal and entire university in the first attempt (both Bio and Maths). Eventually all of us did pass and none from the class who attended normal class.

They thought we (me especially) had gone bonkus.

8. Next decision was to get rid of all the science teachers in one go (Boomi Puthra was one of them) and get some decent ones. By this time I have forged some connections with science school inspector who was very helpful.
Proof of the pudding was that nobody from the normal class passed.
Some teachers feared me more than the principal and I was a good cohort for him.

9. We never went for tuition classes and we never got involved in giving tuition to others except my cousin brother who eventually became an engineer. He failed all his subjects in “O” Level and till he entered the university he was under my clutches.

10. Next decision was to get rid of the compulsory government service act that we had to serve (IMF would love this) for six years and never to join the government service except university (semi-autonomous institution and not a government per say).

The way things are happening and developing in the university now leaving that is also not a big decision for me.

Rest that followed is history.

I suppose nobody should try these methods now since all the systems including schools in this country are very poorly managed by over 100 of ministers and ministries.

There is no half way house for us now as the saying in English goes.

Why Singaporean / Hongkong Model will fail and the Chinese Model will work wonders?

Why Singaporean / Hongkong Model will fail and the Chinese Model will work wonders?

I use to visit Singapore almost on yearly or six monthly basis when I had a reasonable amount of foreign exchange in my hand (of course earned abroad not borrowed from SriLankan coffers like our politicians) and the ticket price was very, very cheap even on Singapore Air Line.

I stopped eating big bananas when prices went up for no reason and stopped visiting / going to Singapore when (due to poor management of Rupee  currency which depreciated by the minute and exorbitant taxes imposed by the government after the LTTE expedition on Katunayake airport) price of the air line ticket became prohibitive.

This was a very difficult decision given the prices of our commodities here were three times the price in Singapore especially electronics and toys.

Those days Singapore did not make any distinction between a Asian visitor and a European visitor and there was no surcharge for using credit cards. The credit card was like having cash in hand. Then suddenly they imposed 3% interest on credit cards and the reason I am not sure and things started going bad for Asian visitors (not working abroad) who were borrowing money from the government coffers to travel.

This is the period I made a decision if I want something (computer gadgets mainly) I get it down from Singapore if I happen to know a person visiting there for a brief period (pay him little extras for the service which is still cheaper than here).

But even with stock market  changes  in the West  Singapore turned a blind eye to Asian visitor and his needs and tried to look after the European visitor.

In fact the Orchard Street is as dear as Reagent Street in London nowadays.

Now with the credit crunch in America and Europe and consumer goods are universally available outside Singapore, they cannot turn back to Asians and lure Asians again since there are other emerging markets.

Even the Sarangoon street is dearer now.

It is nice to here from a smart businessman in Kandy  (small business) that he is prepared to sell things at almost the going price in Singapore for cash (not on credit cards) and there is no need for us to go there if our import taxes are kept at a minimum and import /get things that move fast in our economy and then we can match any in the world in business, now that the war is not a problem.

What I am getting at is if we follow the Singapore Model we are bound to fail and we have to have a strategy that make businessman / women here could take  a reasonable risk to outsmart India and Singapore with one breadth or two.

Why we go to India?

Mainly to get sarees and very few young ladies now wear sarees for daily work. If we flood the market with Indian sarees we can limit our visit to India too. We must make it like Southall in England where I could buy Indian saree much cheaper than anywhere in the world.

If we flood our market with Indian saree, we will win that battle too.

To do that of course we must make cloths much cheaper than anywhere in the world and we should not worry about quotas from European community.

Let the European come here and buy the cloths instead of we export them and pay a big sum for shipment. In the process we make money from air lines too.

The cardinal rule should be that our garments to be high quality but cheap in money terms.

1. Singapore does not have water.
2. Singapore does not have fruits.
3. Singapore does not have veggies
4. Singapore does not have biodiversity
5. Singapore does not have elephants roaming (Wasgamuwa) in the wild or Pinnawala
6. Singapore does not have bird sanctuaries
7. Singapore cannot offer helitours to the extent of ours
8. Singapore does not have singing fish
9. We can have sports festivals here
10. Singapore does not have traditional Kandyan dancers and arts and the Perehara
11. Meditation Retreats
12. We have universities which can provide cultural retreats (other than professional)

What we lack are golf flings (that is good it is at the high end) all over, we do not have horse racing and formula motor racing at international level.

What the government did was to start gambling dens to begin with. They got their priorities wrong. Without casino’s and prostitution we can do lot of other things to improve our image.

Do not think most of the visitors are coming for sex.
It is not true.
Most of of them come here because they are fed up of sex exploits excepts paedophiliacs and the sex maniacs who come here to avoid prosecution in their own countries.

The list can go on.

1. But we must eliminate corruption at all levels.

2. We must make sure our people speak many languages not only English and French (Russian, Chinese)

3. We must make sure things are affordable to our people (us) the SriLankans, unlike in Singapore where some cannot afford it since it is catering for outsiders.

But what is happening is things are becoming expensive in every level and not affordable like in Singapore and the trend is alarming.

4. If the visitors are not coming hang that idea and we must enjoy ourselves (not only politicians) and visit the places we could not visit due to war.
Why ill treat locals with exorbitant prices and lure for foreign money?

5. For this to happen our roads should improve and strict laws and punishment to offenders should be imposed and that should include ban on driving for at least 5 years. We have too many bad vehicles on the road and SriLankan drivers are the worst in this world.

If we have a championship for bad drivers we can win the World Cup  without batting an eyelid.

We got our priorities wrong.
If we go foe Singapore or Hongkong Models we are going to fail.
We should have our own Model which should be Sri-Lankan, not Western or Singaporean.

But above all look after the locals first and make them happy and then productivity will go up leaps and bounds.

Misguided miracle or wonder (nice catch phrase though) may boomerang if we are not careful.
Catch phrases will not work in the modern world but money in hand will jolly well do wonders.
Lot of us are on credit cards now and look for the heaven to fall to pick up the pieces.
Planners should understand this and should not waste time like we wasted on elections, cricket, heroics like in Olympics.