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Chysalis a Debian based probably xfce windows distribution is fast to boot, sleek and attractive.
It  has lot of Debian packages.
I have listed few of the Debian (Mind you, Ubunbtu and Kboppix are Debian derivatives) in my nineties to illustrate how deep and dedicated the Debian community and developers and how deep they have gone in.

To know Linux one must master Gnome and Debian.

If you an average user go for other Live CDs but Core and Heart of Linux lie in Debian and Gnome.

Do not forget the Origin even though I had lot of difficulties learning it, when it could not support proprietary drivers for Graphic cards.

It has enormous repository, even the popular Linux Mint has produced a Debian base distribution. This is because the way Linux is moving each distribution cannot keep it own repository and update them regularly.
This is why we must have a convergence strategy for Live CDs. Desktop and Server.

Togetherness is strength and solidarity come with it.

Even though I have not elaborated fully with Debian but this is the way to pay back my dues.


My live CD craze started with SAM 2007 and it went up to SAM 2009.
It is a derivative of PCLinuxOS and is based on xFce.

My attempt at testing 100 live CDs wouldn’t have taken place if I did not come across SAM-2007 almost by accident.  

All the credit goes to SAM and the xFce. This is long before the my discovery of PCLinux.  

It’s last edition based on PCLinux was on August, 2009.

I waited long to I see the new edition in 2010 that is not to be yet and that will be a brand new edition and not based on PCLinux.

Unfortunately it is not going to be before I finish the 100.

SAM 2007 was the best live CD for me for quite a long time with games and lot of web utilities and that was the CD I used to demonstrate Linux (how easy to mount a live CD and configure internet cards).

I will edit this page when a new edition is on the horizon.

Linux100-Imagine-32 (previously GoblinX)

GoblinX which was based on Slackware has changed its name to Imagine and changed its face. too.
Xfce is much better than slow to boot gstandard (? version 3) which was KDE.

It’s about turn has made it a sleek, fast and beautiful Live CD that can be installed.

It’s graphical installer is different from other partition tools.
I did not test its installation but surely coming from Slackware it must be doing its job without a problem.

It is light weight that is why like it.

Its Viking Map reader and tracer is the one, one should try for a change.

I am very much interested in Scientific and Educational packages including statistics.

This is a weak point in Linux even though there are many statistical packages no one package has taken root like SPSS.

I give 250 extra points for Viking and if they introduce a statistical package as a default I am going to use it like Berry Linux.

It must take a cue from Berry Linux which has Wine and and similar packages pre-installed.

Imagine should take a scientific lean and introduce statistics and a few scientific packages which do not consume Mib like other packages.

Good Luck and I am waiting for their next edition / version to write a review.

Give them a donation or two, too.