Time for me to take the stock of Linux Activity

Time for me to take the stock of Linux Activity 

It was more than three years that I constantly investigated the Linux World of Freedom.
There were many frustrations when I could not download, Puppy Linux even in the in the University Setup which was less than 100 MiB.
Running the first Puppy Linux was the height of satisfaction.
I still carry that trait and it is still my favorite distribution.
When I first ran it from a USB Stick, it was the glory of discovering the the freedom.
Getting first Linux distribution which was Redhat Linux running in my 4MiB inbuilt graphic card on P2 Machine was never a failed exercise.
Real reason for my enthusiasm I should bare it now.
I wanted to have a little workshop for School Children in Kandy and it was total disaster not because I was ill prepared.
Microsoft bribed the guys organizing (with alcohol and money) the function and prevented me from having an audience.
I am one who never take  anything lying down in this country.
For that matter any where in the globe.It was a simple innocent exercise. 
Never thought it will blossom to this extent. 

I investigated and found the guys (who had left school just 17 plus or 18 plus not able to get into the University).
Unfortunately. those guys published their intention in the web and what I did to them is only a tiny history now and no need to say anything more.
I am still thankful to Microsoft for doing that.
Microsoft inadvertently charged my inner brain faculties. 
If they did not do that my enthusiasm would have petered out in no time.
I had finished my research work in the University and I was looking for something new.
This was a great opportunity and I took Linux head on and later having mastered Linux I took, Microsoft in any position they attack me.
Only once they could do that this time from India and I was up to it in hours and traced the guy to India with open challenge.
He never appeared again on my back.
Guy did not know that I had several computers monitoring which Microsoft could not monitor since all the operating system were pirated ones in Sri-Lanka, to my credit.
Thank god for the piracy of Sri-Lankans.
They had no hold and I started talking of Copy Right Law in my city.To my happiness over twenty in the city (everybody except me had pirated copies then, I had Windows 95) were prosecuted for violating Sinhala Songs and Films.

That did them too and some lost their businesses.
Unfortunately, to this day, it is still going on, even in temples and nobody was prosecuted after that incident (since then to my knowledge).
I did venture into Colombo and got a few guys involved in Linux and I used to get my Linux CDs from (DVD not on the market then) Singapore until one, day I went to Singapore and downloaded my first 20 Linux distributions including Linpus Linux from Taiwan.Nobody in Singapore knew about Linux then, I believe. 

I was there for only two weeks and I came home with a Router (Wireless) and made sure I downloaded one distribution a day.
Writing about Linux was also an accident and the University guys (not academics) were on strike and I had all day from 7 to 5 pm in my office to publish in the web.
Fortunately, I was involved with a British Institute which struck a code not violating Copy Right Law and we were getting young (not University  undergraduates) ones to write to improve English.
This site was attacked by somebody for political reasons and knowing Sri-Lankan politics when I detected the first intrusion, I dissociated with them for a long period of time until recently.I deleted all my politically sensitive (not Linux) items when they started running again.

Enough of dirty politics in the world wide web and thanks to Linux I was able to my register my presence in the web with many free web sites.
Now I am going to severe some of those connections by April only due to rising Electricity Bill.
Nothing Else.
So it is time for me to thank all those who were inspirational to say the least in the Linux community, including Peter Parfitt.
I have no antipathy with Microsoft now but I have a hearty laugh when one is struggling with Windows with a toned down hype.
Because of this reason, not looking at Microsoft Updates my email is never cluttered and delete them at the first glance by reflex action.
Now let me thank all the guys who developed little utilities.
To begin with I hate all the web browsers except perhaps Iceweasel. 
Simply because some of isos were severed in the last few minuets and having to download from the beginning.Browsers good at eavesdropping on you but never help you from to begin an activity that was terminated by faulty Telecom connection or server not ready with a file.

1. I love K-torrent and it had done the donkey work.
2. I love http://www.linuxtracker.og which was hacked several times by the undesirables.
Thank god my electricity bill was manageable, then.
3. Then Distromania site for storing old copies of Linux. It went defunct for some time and they are back again.

4. Thank for all the Linux forums who would have a line or two at their web sites to help my searches.
7. Not forgetting the Live CD list. From that site I managed to download Linux in Singapore.

8. Linux Freedom for having sample of most of the Linux Distributions.
9. Let me say I hate writers who writes, 10 best distributions which distort the facts often with a Virtual Machines.
Linux counter is trying to rectify this anomaly.
10 Then to my amazement only 32 Sri-Lankan guys were using Linux.
Even in South Africa where Ubuntu originated there were very few using Linux.
11. That made me to do some research and one of my dear friend’s son in UK (on my invitation) has already completed his masters (Linux penetration).
I provided him with all the useful information.
I am currently doing some local research in the University and that will take some time before my retirement.
So I will take a break and I want the young guys to follow my footsteps.
I will be reading the Linux magazine and they are also doing a very good global promotion.
It is well set and my absence wan’t be felt much.
There will be a book on Quality Concepts too.
If I missed anybody that is not an oversight but my gray matter failing in old age.
12. The work horse for me was K3B.
With out which over 1000 CD/DVD sessions (on Nero would have been a disaster) would not have come without a scratch.
I may say with conviction, less than 10 CD/DVDs failed due to faulty manufacture of the CD/DVD.
That is the strength of the Linux utilities.
13. UnetbootIn is my love and I have about 20 USB sticks for demonstration and I now  use SD Cards with Androids, hitting the market and Raspberry Pi is doing the rounds in UK where I started my computing work, first and not in USA.
Fortunately USA, guys and girls outnumber my Sri-Lankan counterparts.
And thanks to all of them who visit my site!

Ubuntu and its derivatives- an update.

Ubuntu and its derivatives- an update.
It is more than 3 years of critical writing on Linux.
I am going to call it a day soon since the electricity bill is up and I have decided to cut down on my carbon footprint on this planet.
I have few books and the collection of ideas are put in print and digital forms.
That is in expectation of these blog ideas will vanish into wilderness when new form factors and new ideas hit the market. 
That is natural and one has to move on.
Only book I have not done yet is TQM-Quality for the Developers.
Linux is now matured fully and Quality as an inbuilt system should come into effect since tablets will hit the market and poor old 32 bit computers and many 64 bit computers will be relegated to the attic.
The Quality Cycles of 5 years would do the job and when the Linux community gets a complaint from window’s migrant (Linux guys will quietly will find a fix) one should investigate whether it is due to hardware or software or user learning curve (steep or flat)  or Quality issue.
If the issue is not of quality the developer should leave the community to address the problem leaving his or her precious time for consolidation of issues related the platform he/she is involved in developing.
Equally he / she should see the penetration of the distribution among newbies.
If the distribution does not penetrate there is a fault in marketing the PLUS Points.
May be virus or aesthetic values or damn indifference of the user.

Ubuntu 12-04

First time in my life I am using Ubuntu as a base for introducing it to resistant users like my daughter.

If they run into problem at home with any issue with Windows, they are now independent to sit in front of a Linux Box and sort them out themselves, while I am away doing things not related to Linux or house work.
Ubuntu’s Unity has matured enough to be recommended to a newbie (if old Linux guys are grumbling, let them do it at their own peril and at lib) and canonical should invest its resources on Mobile Market and Cloud Computing.

1. I recommend Pinguy Linux since it has many derivatives including light weight distributions for netbooks.

2. Linux Regal Titan is a very good one for 64 bits.

3. Black Opal (Ubuntu mix) has sorted out many of the windowing and workplace problems.

4. UberStudent 64 bit is heavy (4 GiB) and I am glad to see they have put out a 32 bit one with less packages (2.5 GiB).
It used to have a CD version too.

5.Ultimate Linux light is  a good one for games.

6. ArtistiX is for Video, Audio and the Artists

Then, there are Dream Studio, Ubuntu Studio and many more distributions to cater for many tastes.
Ubuntu is still the number one that has penetrated the mind and soul of average users.

For specialist Linux users there over 300 other distributions which is not Ubuntu, to have a go.

Unfortunately Gentoo derivatives except Sabayon is falling behind and TinHat has to do lot of catch up.

Why I should not go for a new 64 bit computer?

Why I should not go for a new 64 bit computer?

I have many 32 bit computers and they have done the donkey work for me and my family, over the past 5 years and none of them is ready for retirement.
Even if I retire them there is nobody to look after them.
But they are on voluntary retirement, simply because the electricity tariff has gone beyond my purse and control.
It has gone up by 50% and I stopped downloading and subscribed to Linux Magazine from the money saved for one month Electricity bill.
I get a free DVD with every issue.
Buying the print version of the Magazine contributes to my carbon foot-print but I save 10 times carbon foot-print if I switched off the computer for good except for checking my email.

The other reason for me not buying a new computer (64 bits) is that now I can buy a few Raspberry Pis, instead of a computer and tinker it for my liking.
They are going to make a camera outfit soon out of the Raspberry Pi/Pie.

I have only one Refurbished Mini 64 bit computer to test Linux 64 bit versions and it looks like in another five years they may not have 32 bit Linux versions except PCLinux and its FullMonty counterpart which works equally well on 64 bit computers.

Then of course Tablets are going to hit the local market, at least the cheap Chinese versions and buying one of them will cut down my carbon foot-print and electricity bill.

With an E-reader an email I am all set, all that I may want for my twilight years are bundled in a 10 inch Tablet or Slate and I am back to kindergarten work again.

Think twice before one buys a new or old computer.
Their days seems to be numbered and they will be dumped in this small island including, temples where nobody would use them because of the price hike in electricity.

It is going to be a miracle to get one to use a computer then.

I have a new saying now.
In good old days we said, if one has an enemy, one buys or coax him to buy an old car so that he will spend a fortune to get it to running order.

Now one has to pay a fortune to buy a car let alone run it on the road.

The new saying is ¨if one has an enemy buy him a laptop or an old computer¨.
He may never find parts or battery to run it/them and they are loaded with all the Microsoft viruses.

Joli OS and FreedomBox

Joli OS and FreedomBox

 Update on JoliCloud
This is just to say I have installed JoliOS on my computer and writing through Google’s Chrome.
It Looks pretty fast unlike my work horse PCLinuxFullMonty which is temporarily out of commission since JoliCloud could not boot up my Linux since it made a hash of my boot loader.I have to reinstall  PCLinuxFullMonty TWICE which was bit of a hassle.
Fortunately, I copied all the downloads to my laptop (which is defunct due to battery failure) hard disk already removed and the laptop now resting in the attic, so to speak.

JoliCloud has to work on the Boot loader to satisfy me.

It must beef up its security protocols too.
Overall its performance is as good as any Cloud Service.
Thank you for electing me as a founder member.

Please note the following points in addition.

1. Do not install it on the laptop or desktop till they get a good boot loader.

2. If you are Linux guy or girl use UnetBootIn (which I have described adequately under CloudUSB (Ubuntu 10.04).

One does not need a password if you use UnetBootIn.

3. My cloudUSB stick with a password still works but it gets to its old web site, instead of http://www.myjolicloud.com.

4. All what you have to do is to go to www,myjolicloud.com and sign up.

5. If you have already signed up just log in.

6. It seamlessly integrates with your email address and all the blog posts.
Thank you JoliCloud for doing this. 
I have forgotten some of them already.
Initially it integrated with dropbox without me logging into dropbox.
I actually have forgotten the password for dropbox.
When they (dropbox changed its initial contract agreement, I stopped using dropbox) made changes to the initial contract I was hesitant to trust them.

7. I am annoyed with Facebook’s nosiness and I deleted it from my page.

8. Make sure you have a powerful password for the EMAIL.
If you have sensitive data make sure when you install Linux encrypt at least your home partition.
I have no sensitive but painful data for Microsoft, so I do not encrypt my home folder.
Any Microsoft Guy / Girl can browse it, if they know how to do that but I will track them with Kali the dangerous Devil Queen of Folklore.

Problem with Linux including CloudOS is that they can see or mount, root (not the sexual rooting or mounting of animal) or load any partition of Microsoft and Linux at lib.

Linux is a dangerous animal to deal with including Google’s Android.

Unfortunately digital Andoid does not have male hormones for sexual activity.
I think the one who coined this word would have been impotent sexually by default. 
One need not be fully potent to enjoy Linux FREEDOM in a modern Unisex Digital World.

Sex is not a barrier to use Linux but fortunately it is dominated by males who have extra hormones but one less or dysfunctional chromosome.

If you love anonymity try tails or anonymous.

9. Then register with the Help Center and ask for the applications you prefer.

I asked for AbiWord and LibreOffice which I have not yet got.

10. Do not be paranoid with a password for the USB Key since you may give it to your friends to boot with it. 

One does not need to download CloudOS.

11. I am extremely unhappy since the EyeOS which had all the tiny utilities is hijacked by a Spanish Company, I believe and they do not let you log in.
I had a log in password with them before this was taken over by a company.
EyeOS is the tiniest cloud utility and I still have a CD of it.

I may post it (image) in a public folder for others to copy since it was mainly Open Source.

My only problem is like that of the Email, when I KICK the Bucket or when I expire either due to old age or faulty memory who will look after my CLOUDs of Clouds of OLD Age.

I will have this sorted out with the Maha Brahma, who is the chief of all the Eastern (not Western or Muslim gods) GODS.

Joli Clouding to ALL!

This is posted by booting with a USB stick.
I will certainly take all my USB sticks to be interned with me on a sealed blackbox when I EXIT properly from this planet/world for the computer guys / girls of the next century see that their was mad Guy by the name XiT.

Joli OS and JoliCloud.

My investigation into Linux has taken me into Cloud Computing (I have written a book on cloud computing, too) many uncharted quarters.
This is one of those Happy Moments.
I am considered a founder member of the Jolly Cloud.
They have now developed the Jolly Drive.
Go to their site and download the CD image or windows exe file .
They say it is less than 700 MiB but unfortunately Windows exe file is over that limit and one need a DVD.
I am not going to try it on a windows since I do not use Windows.

Making a Flash drive is bit messy.

I would use my net booting utility instead of their USB Creator.

In fact Linux sh file is dysfunctional with lot of garbage.
One may use the USB Key to boot up or use the USB Key to install it on the hard drive partition. 

Computer BIOS should let you boot up from the Flash Drive and an old BIOS may not have this option.

Sign up with their Help Centre and follow the instructions.
I have forgotten where I have kept my USB Key.
I finally found it having booted about 20 USB sticks with various Live Linux distribution in them. 

I rarely use USBs now.

Why use them when I have many computers with many Linux derivatives running including Ubuntu 12.04.

I have some more things for future including why I should not buy anymore hardware or SSDs.
It is because of FreedomBox which is platform independent Debian Cracker.
It will run on Rasberry too.
Still at development stage and good one for Linux article writers.
I will write about it once I have digested the trend.
Already downloaded the image not a iso file.
Just Joli OS
Bring your old computers back to life.
Create the perfect Internet computer.
Buy a new computer, get a refund on Windows (applies in certain countries.)
Keep Windows
Choose Windows or Joli OS at start up
Use your Windows files from Jolicloud.
Remove Joli OS at any time

Dream 32-About doctors and consultations

Dream 32-About doctors and consultations

This has nothing to do with the Aurvedhic Physician or a Dos-Thara trying to kill one of his fellow beings. It looks like they are following the practice of Western doctors who has employed this method to eliminate rivals in his practice. 

There are few on record of recent times, where doctors were involved in this type elimination strategy but not healthy competition.

This is beautiful happening in this Buddhist country where Dhana is taken as a high precept where Wessanthara (Bodhisatva has ) had even offered his head to gain higher perfection.

It is also noteworthy these guys and girls obtained their qualification from FREE education.

When, private Medical Schools come into practice, they will start killing each other in their students dates and before graduation since all of them will start private practice to recover the money spent on Education.

This country will become a Killing Field, when these graduates come out from their Prospective Private Universities since we do not have any ethnic wars to practice killing each other.

I wish I should be dead before these guys/Girls come out of Medical Schools.

My Dream

My dream is related to me visiting a Skin Specialist.

It was nice feeling to become a patient where most of my life I practiced medicine free except for a brief period during the dark days when everybody was threatened with life in dark days of Southern Insurrection.

I took the risk of treating needy patients when all other outlets were closed due to insurrection.

Some of these guys whom I saved may have become even doctors now.

I never imagined this country will go down in history with these incidents occurring on almost daily basis.

Prolong period of war has brought us to this sage where life is not counted as something worthwhile.

Doctors prime duty is to save life but not to kill or harm.

What a nice introduction for Maha Brahma when I send this for his interpretation.

The Treatment Center was like an open Meditation Retreat.

I went and paid the entry fee and was waiting for my consultation.

It took a long time and I would have dropped into sleep on the floor (no chair was available for me since all were occupied by others) when suddenly, I was woken by a messenger boy or girl asking me to see the Skin Doctor (I went for a skin condition which was not getting better but I was thinking that it was a cancer) immediately.

I asked, Why?

I was told because I was a retired doctor, this was a very special call.

I went in to see hundred of patients seated on the floor what looked like a mas hypnosis session.

He looked a towering figure beautiful in attire and pleasant composure.

Before, I could open my mouth, he said.

You look very thin and sick.

Are you a diabetic?


Do you have cancer.

I said I do not know.

He was bit taken by answers and he took a deep breath.

It looked like, he wanted the diagnosis from my mouth.

I was expecting him to do the diagnosis anyway.

I asked him, what is my secret of being slim and thin?

He said he has no idea.

I was doing a little cross check to see this guy is actually a doctor that he claims to be.

I told him I did not eat rice for one year.

He was more taken up now.

Is that so?

Yes and before he could ask a relevant question to follow I said.

It was voluntary act of mine.

You know there is a guy in our cabinet who asks us to eat only rice and no bread.

I wanted to treat him with disrespect.

So I made a resolution one year ago not to eat any rice and eat only JUNK food, like potato chips, ravioli, pasta, spaghetti, pizza and the like.

You were trying to save money.

No they were three times as much.

Little pasta with garlic garnish is over Rs.200/= and chocolate drink that comes from India is over Rs.300/=.

I told him that we had a long strike and during that period I was practically starving and at the end of the strike, I was catching up with my calories.

Did your wait go up.


There was no risk involved I started eating rich chocolates, mousy and all rich things I became an envy of the house.

My wife had a little respite and she had to cook only one meal.

Then I started eating sweet potatoes (Rs.100/= a Kilo and Wal Ala Rs.200/= Kilo) and was giving a list of prices.

He suddenly disappeared from my sight almost by divine intervention.

I could not tell him my main complaint.

Then I went out and waited in the entrance for him to come out after seeing the other patients.

Sure enough, he came out but it looked like he was not interested in seeing me.

I told him, I forgot to tell about the small wart in my writing thumb which affected my touch typing (this is not true in true life; I do not have any wart on my thumb or good at touch typing).

To my surprise he disappeared into thin air without giving my money back or any consultation.

I was in a panic mode and got up instantaneously with my hand over my chest saying You squandering rascal.

However, I had a nice feeling when I got up since I had not send a dream for Maha Brahma´s perusal by email.

I got an instant audience from Maha, the Greatest.

He was laughing.

You did not get your money back, did you?


You must have squandered money from your patient and that is why you lost it.

Not this life but may be in my past lives.

Then I told him I finished my book on Rebirth Revisited and it is available in print and digital mode.

Shall I send you a digital copy.

It won´t have a market in heaven.

I can see many lives but most of the guys even they do not have the divine ability to see back and forward, they have to come to me for permission for such activities.

Why is that?

Then I have no running currency in heaven as the all mighty.

It is an offense in heaven to discuss rebirth without my permission,

Only human can do that.

Then I told him, that I wan´t be able to publish the second edition of my book Rebirth Revisited from there.

Not unless you take my post.

Are you interested?

Not at all, I told him.


It is a boring job know?

You can´t dream like me know.

Thank you and long life on earth.

He returned with a big noisy smile.

I love your dreams and specially about Sri-Lanka.


No body comes here from Sri-Lanka now and all of them go to Hell Know.

Even, those who sacrificed their life for the country.

I am afraid that is the sad part of the war all of the killers go to Hell not heaven.

Do they come back to earth?

Yes, a few.

In that case what I stated in my book is more than the likely statistics.

Yes, my Boy.

You did not eat rice for one year.

That is very good my Boy.


You must get used to price hikes on rice on earth.


There will be droughts in the near future.

The effect of global warming will be dramatic he said.

Thank you, I had been predicting them with my human brain.

What is the interpretation of my dream?

It is very simple.

In future everybody who is somebody can become a doctor by only using web as a resource.

Then there is no need for a Private Medical School in Malabe.

Yes and NO.

There will be many private medical schools in the web.

The problem will be that many of the sites´ computers can be hacked by even a teenager and they get hold of the past graduates and dead doctors and become Instant Doctors.

They even hijack their live practices in the web and use them as medium of instructions.

Actually, you were looking at a video display of a hypnosis session 100 years old in future.

What happened?

I switched off the server using my divine power.

To see your reaction.

That is naughty of you.

I would have ended up with a heart attack.

I paid high and it was like paying a ransom.

Not in the future.


In future Sri-Lanka there will be so many doctors, one can get a consultation for a peanut.

BUT peanuts are expensive KNOW, one Rupee a nut.

It will be Rs.250/=  a Jumbo peanut and I read your piece on peanuts on the blog site.


Was there a second part to my dream.


Do you have peanut on heaven?

We have only cashew nuts.

Are they cheaper than on earth.


Can you send some for me.

No and he disappeared in a flash.

Internet Banking = Dangers not Evaluated; The WARNINGS not Heeded

Internet Banking = Dangers not Evaluated; The WARNINGS not Heeded

This should be read in conjunction with Bugger the Bankers.
I will only give only a glimpse of it.
The reader should update his or her own risk element, if not on daily basis but on monthly basis.
Let me dispense with the underline presumptions.
There are two presumptions.
One is that computers never make mistakes and better than humans.
Computers make huge mistakes whereas humans make small mistakes, like counting the balance.
Computer can make million of mistakes in a fraction of a second but human can make only one mistake at a time, which many of us do not guard against.
Humans try to prevent repeating the mistake, whereas computers keep on doing the same mistake million times.

(No fortune company will come out with the true facts, like the Ponsi scheme that went round globally without any hindrance, till the banking started collapsing.
We have too many banks .
What we need is a few banks with credibility.)

Like me forgetting, to take the balance after payment is made.
The cashier, if he or she is a good one will promptly return the money.
Computers will never gives back the money that was wrongly paid (server administrator can safely transfer it in seconds to some far away destination without any trace of the transaction) or comes behind you with the correct balance in hand.
The sever administrator can swindle any excess, knowing very well that somebody has made a mistake.
This happens in big shopping networks and that is why the items and articles are more expensive than in the open market.
They never audit or declare these frauds fearing that they will loose the market.
Banks are no different.
They only see one side of it.
The customer side.
Never its own staff.
If they make a mistake they will hide it by all means like a cat covering its poo.
The second premise is very simple.
Majority (99%) including me is very bad at balancing accounts on daily basis.
The bank jump into your shoes under this pretext and may even one day ruin you.
In fact, I managed without a bank account for nearly six years when I returned from abroad with six credit cards.
That was only period in my life, I never asked for a loan and did not make a single mistake.
I was doing my own banking and balancing my accounts.
But I have one cardinal principle.
That is, I may not make mistakes on a daily basis but one day I will make a huge mistake.
I will guard against that mistake which will ruin me.
It will last good for me.
I have also another resolution.
My maximum loss should be theoretically not more than Rs.100,000/= (never a million which young ones are enticed and coaxed into by all commercial banks).
Each one should have a credit limit which he or she can bear, which is usually three to ten times the basic salary (not the total salary).
If one exceeds that limit, he or she on his or her own peril one day, one has to blame oneself not the bank or the creditors.
The day I make that big mistake, I will close all my accounts and delegate my finances to someone whom I can trust.
The problem is finding one whom I can trust in this blessed Buddhist country.
So if you do Internet Banking,  the moment (fraction of a second) you press the button,  you are taking a big risk.
The song bugger the bankers is making a huge impact globally and the banks are hell bent on promoting their vices on many new form of advertisements and in many fronts.
Even children not born are not spared.

Do not fall to their trappings which are worse than Merchant of Venice..

That is, promote free spending with a noose around your neck.
I felt like writing this having seen a young mother with her baby attended by her mother did not check the bill when she was making her payment.
In my medical career I have seen many nursing mothers making big mistakes that include caring for the baby, let alone finances.

Dog Talks and Banker’s Dream

Dog Talks and Banker’s Dream

This story was long overdue.

This I extracted from a dog banker or more or less from a banker’s dog.

I went to ask for an overdraft facility to pay my Telephone, Electricity and Water bills for the month of December from a commercial bank.

It was a Friday and I went very early, even before the bank was open.

You know, in spite of many banks and many facilities one has to wait in the queue to get one’s own money.

But if one has to get money from the bank, one has to wait longer in the queue.

Then the questions they ask before extending whatever the facility they release you on bail like procedure, I wish I am dead and on a different planet.

Because I was early, I had nothing else to do but to watch the procedure of opening the bank diligently.

There was a big.

There was a big security guard wearing a big beard.

The officer of a lower rank who comes was not there yet.

When I entered, the dog had a little sniff at me and ignored me as nothing of worth and he knew at a glance I was not a bank thief.

Mind you these dogs are trained to detect thieves and rich people only.

I did fall into neither.

The dog looked tired, a bit restless and profusely salivating and the security guard looked obviously in a panic mode.

The officer of a lower rank did come and immediately followed by the manager of the bank.

Anyway, I knew the manager very well and he promptly extended the credit facility and I was off on the street in a flash having exchanged Christmas and New Year greetings.

He even told me that the bank officers are the only ones who never get greeting cards or chocolates.

But my scientific observation even though brief was the reason for the discovery of this story I am going to tell you, now.

During our industrial action I developed a little gadget using Raspberry Pi, the latest IT gadget on ARM base (not Microsoft fortunately) on the market, one can modify to one’s own taste from media centre to a server utility.

I decided to record dogs’ dreams and their talks.

Since, the ARM is open source, I have decided not to apply for any industry award as the creation of this century.

Reason being if we record all what dogs talk about bankers, economic experts and politicians, I will be executed by a special decree.

You will get a rare glimpse of only a randomly random but aberrant sample of it.

This gadget works only a short wireless distance but a considerable distance over frequencies what dogs can detect but humans cannot.

If had used wireless distance, I had to go behind dogs and no dog will relate any story privy to them, if I follow them on street talks, fearing their extinction from this planet.

Dogs talks are honest and their dreams are very simple unlike our politicians, fortunately.

I set up a big antenna covering my sphere of activity and the few banks around me.

I had to scan over about a week to get a proper story, since there were much mundane stories from Paraya dogs talking about their meagre supply in dustbins and there were only a few Bank Dogs.

Finally, I got hold of, the dog who belonged to this particular bank strangely on street with another Paraya dog.

It was an illuminating story.

The Paraya started the dog talk.

Are you on holiday?


You will be sacked from your job know?

I will be, if I do not find my girl friend.


I put her as my replacement or decoy and she did not turn up today.

That is why I am on the street, can the help me?


Can you describe the one, I have many girl friends which I have lost count of.

How many have you?

One regular and only a few others since I cannot get leave from duty to roam about.

Then, he said I know this particular one, she is not  a Paraya variety anyway but cross between pedigree and Paraya.

I will take you to her but what is around your neck?

It does not look like a dog collar or a belt but a necklace.

I do not see bankers wearing artificial metal except gold nowadays with gold prices sky high!

No it is not a necklace but security keys of the bank.

I am taking them to my girl friend and she delivers it to the guard and both of are safe then.

It is very naughty know, the bank is at risk know?

No as long as the keys are with dogs.

It is the humans one cannot trust.

I am also sure he will not sleep in his post till he finds the keys.

When I am their he sleeps and I am doing a service to my master, the bank by this method.

She goes there first and get half of my meal and I immediately follow after his anger towards me had disappeared.

You are very brainy know?

That is what I am a Bank Dog.

 I must tell you I have edited a lot of this story since getting a scanned story is difficult since the dogs are always on the move and they go through various routes and routines with many obstacles including magnetic devices installed.

It is not like reading a Sunday paper where from editorial to news to features are doctored.

Then I have to convert the frequencies in them to analogue and word form and many traces are lost and lot of pauses in between.

Unlike human dogs do not keep on talking and they do other things in between which we are familiar with.

I will detour here and few lines on bankers dreams which are retold by dogs while listening to their conversations after heavy drinks.

The dreams are not like my dreams and no need to send them to Maha for interpretations.

They are very simple and only a very few.

One dream is becoming a director of a bank and not a bank officer when one does not have to work.

Other is getting a post in a foreign bank.

They are so real they cannot be categorized as real dreams.

Now I will give in summary form the way a bank security guard works from the data analysed from Raspberry Pi modified.

1. They are very good in sleeping on  duty hours like most of our security guards on duty.

2. They feed the dog half the quota due for the dog.

The better half he eats.

Nowadays his food is no better from dog food.

3. He buys liqueur from the saved money since their pay is no better.

4. Then he goes to sleep while the half hungry dog does his part of the job.

5. That is why they devised a plot to get out of this boredom but made sure that the friend dog stays on guard till the official dog returns after roaming.

The guard who is drunk and doped could not say who is his dog or who the Paraya dog except when he/she is awake.

This is the way both Paraya dogs and pedigree dogs coexist on this small state where money is everything and duty is not