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Criteria of Eligibility

    I have to giving to the popular requests form most of my friends to disclose the criteria for the equation development without sacrificing the principles underlying the company A.I.(Ltd) now renamed as Artificial Intelligence without which one cannot communicate with the Hell or Heaven.

  1. Longer one lives more one accumulates corrupt practices and less points (inversely proportionate) or merits one gets to go to heaven
  2. Longer one lives more waste one produce to pollute the mother earth
  3. More power one has more corrupt one becomes
  4. More descendants one procreates more corrupt one gets
  5. Longer one lives more aberrant one’s thinking becomes leading up to dementia of power and corruption
  6. More artificial means one uses to prolong life (bypass, kidney transplant, lung and heart transplant).

    In this context one who donates the kidney gets more merits and one who lives with the kidney gets more demerits (disproportionate since cumulative action).

  7. This is the example I used to explain the 3 Cs Cumulative, Culmination of Carma (if one uses C gets more Karma since he is destroying a prominent language called English and if one K for karma he gets less so calculation are very subtle in nature in the final equation.

  8. Similarly if one uses Sinhala instead of Pali terminology he gets more karma since Sinhala is the language that destroyed Pali in the first instance. English is taken as a neutral language because of its general use and corruption by many nations and now especially by Sri-Lankans

  9. Most difficult part is finding correct terminology in Pali to be used in the equation since Buddha was very clever not to leave any obvious clues in all the Thripitakas (Canons) for me to get hold. Therefore I have to use English which both the Deva and Yakkus and Yamakas have agreed upon ( mind you Buddha visited to allay any misgivings in his time).


    This much is enough for one to understand the nature of the calculation if not mathematics. If I reveal anymore even an average MP would be able to calculate his merits and demerits when he or she decides to exit from this planet.

  10. The laptop they carry can convert the equation instantaneously to final outcome in decimals and nanoseconds without using their brains and any more revealing is very detrimental to my living and long life.