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Who goes first?-Key Point-02

Have you ever thought of the identity crisis the key would have of its own if s/he has a brain? 

Who am I the duplicate or the triplicate or the original?

Who goes first, me the original, you the duplicate or you the romeo?

Who will have the break me, you or the other?

Have you ever thought of what will happen if 100 replicas are produced from a single stem cell and the names of the beings such produced are given?

Stem Cell-01 being, 02 being to 100 being.

What will happen if they decide to come to a supermarket for shopping with only one credit card given to the original stem cell?

What will happen if they come for a super bowl?

It is mind boggling isn’t it?

Thank god the key does not have a brain of its own!

Key Point-01

What is the best place to hide a key?
I say in the key hole!
Then who is going look after it?
I haven’t got a clue!

What is the best place to keep a car key?
It should be inside the car and locked!
Then who will drive the car?
I guess car key should!

I wonder, if the world is without keys and locks?
Then evolution and innovation of man would stop at that point of time!