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Dream 25

Dream 25
I was in an air port.
This airport was different and I had to purchase the ticket from the airport counter itself.
There were lot of other people queuing to buy tickets.
Lot of them looked like refugees trying to enter a new country.
I had one heavy luggage and a light handbag.
Somehow I managed to get a ticket for the immediate flight.
I checked the heavy luggage in a hurry.
Then I entered an area which looked like the departure lounge but looked very primitive.
I went into a gate to inquire and they checked my ticket with the only computer they had and said I have to wait for another 9 hours, for the flight.
When I asked why?
I was told that the pilot had not reported for work.
I felt strange.
They then told me the real departure lounge is a walking distance away from where we were and there are no taxis to take you there.
It is a nice walkaway, by the side of the Hotel International, I was told.
Since I had a very light hand luggage, I decided to take a stroll.
I walked past the hotel, thinking it was only a joyride.
Moment I passed the hotel, I went into a heavily buildup area and lost my way.
I asked a passerby to show me the way and he said go straight and down.
I went up straight and ended up on top of a steep wall and there was no way to climb down.
Then by stroke of luck I found a side walk which was dirty and rickety.
With difficulty I finally reached the bottom which led to what looked like a street market.
There were a lot of people who were doing lot of road side buying and selling.
Quite like, London in medieval times.
I felt I had been laid the wrong garden path.
To begin with, I lost all my belongings with my heavy luggage at the entrance of what for all intents and purposes was a bogus airport.
I was frightened and woke up immediately.
Posted this to Maha Brahma after the dream 26 was posted, thinking this has no relevance to it.
Maha immediately responded and asked me why this was not posted with the other.
I said I did not see any connection.
He said this has a direct relationship.
You will know it better when I expand on the story.
In your dream 26 I said one has to follow 10 points.
If Sri-Lankan do not follow those instructions to the letter, what I am going to say now will happen in about 50 years, he said.
Things are not rosy in 50 years time.
Can you guess?
Global Warming.
Global warming is already set in and it won’t change.
I think so.
It was only yesterday my pet fishes were almost cooked to dinner from direct sunlight.
All of them were floating on top of the water and I rescued them in nick of time and put them in some buckets that contained cooler water.
Had I come half an hour late, all of them would have been dead.
What did you do afterward.
I changed the water with some cool water I had collected for an emergency.
Then I covered the top and side with black plastic sheeting.
Fixed a new filter.
Put the air compressor on full throttle.
Did your fish die.
Thank god, not this time!
I checked the indoor temperature later which was 90 Fahrenheit and outside was probably higher.
Fish die at 84 F and it was touch and go scenario.
Can you have a second guess.
No fossil fuel and no planes.
That’s right my boy.
In fifty years from now there are no fossil fuel and no airbus industry.
The airports built now will be idling and the industry that were built around them will go bankrupt.
Soon the jungle take over the periphery.
But there will be few animals and the entire elephant fleet in the jungle is not more than fifty.
They roam in 5 to 10 in a herd and go violent moment they see humans.
Since humans now do not have jeeps or vehicles and have to travel by foot elephants do not fear humans anymore.
They rule the little vegetation that is there.
Global warming has caused untold misery in this country and it is no different from Dubai where England now play cricket with Pakistan.
Why did you interrupt my dream?
If I left it for another five minutes you would have lost the hand luggage and, you thought of hiding in the jungle nearby.
Had you entered there for cover the elephants will trample you to death.
I had to intervene for your safety.
Can you tell me where this place was?
The name is something like Hambantota.
I got it.
See you soon.

Dream 20 and its interpretation

Dream 20 and its interpretation
Dream 20 was somewhat different.
I was investigated for being in my birthday suit.
Twice I had being availing myself the freedom of not wearing cloths in a godforsaken place.
Not at home
Not in my office
Somewhere in my dreamland I cannot still figure out.
First time was brief.
I was guilt stricken.
What will my home people say?
What will my colleagues would say?
Then the second time was more of time for it to be detected by the outside world.
That include my colleagues.
The end result was an inquiry into my behaviour.
Unfortunately for me inquirer was a female with whom I had strained relationship on some unrelated academic matter.
The inquiry went like this.
Why did you do that on the first occasion.
I said it is my privilege and right to be naked when I wanted to be.
I was born naked and I do not understand why I need to wear a dress except to protect from elements.
Especially when the climate is too hot to wear a tie and a coat.
Then I was asked why you did it for the second time.
I said well it is easy the second time.
It is difficult to lie the first time but the second and third lies become almost spontaneous.
So me being naked in public was less of a problem
Didn’t you have any guilt or shame?
First time yes.
If my family members knew it would have been a difficult ground to defend and they would have assumed many more reason for me to be stark naked.
What about the second time?
Well now my home people knows it before it becomes world-wide gossip, it is the done for it to be repeated, say while watching a cricket match which is dull.
The the question, why did you do that?
I said it is my human right.
Animal can do that.
My cat does it.
My dog does it.
Even the big elephants do it.
So why not me?
I do not find any logic in it.
When I see young ones, often the married females do almost everything to bear themselves free, almost naked in public nowadays why when a man is found naked it is obscene.
This expression the lady investigating me a back step.
She was appropriately dressed.
I hope if she was more bare perhaps wearing only a tiny weeny bikini to witness my innocence.
Besides I have only a very limited span to reveal unlike in the females.
Some soft parts and some hard parts were revealed.
Then I said the soft part was not made hard anyway?
The the lady in gear was in a state of shock and the investigation abruptly ended without any conclusion.
I was left without any objective finding what the rationale for wearing cloths which are getting expensive by the day especially the foot wear.
I expound the wisdom that only underwear should be absolutely expensive but not the over-wear or the overcoat to protect us from elements.
This was good one for Maha to interpret.
I include two more and he was promptly available by Voice Mail.
He asked me why did you send three instead of one.
The I told him I was down with a flu and the first two were when i was down a bit.
The last one was when I had almost recovered except I could not bear the rain and the cold weather accompanied.
Then he asked which one I preferred interpretation first.
I told him the last and the others were under bad weather conditions physically and I told him the last one I enjoyed the most the inquiry into my simple behavior change.
Before he could commence, I asked him do gods wear cloths?
No he said.
Don’t co?
Yes we do not have to wear cloths and we merge our bodies with the environment as it were one whole gracious thing.
I cannot understand that.
You got to come here and see.
I am not supposed to tell.
So if I am coming to heaven it is no point having a nice dress rehearsal for the funeral parlor guys.
Why do they spend a lot for the last dress which I am not really wearing myself, anyway.
You got to ask the funeral guys we are not experts on human clothing.
You mean to say if one is going to hell, he or she should wear a nice dress.
Yes, I suppose so, the guys in the hell won’t let you have one or borrow one to wear.
You go to be ready and be naked if necessary.
Then I am the one who is going to hell. 
In my dream I was without any cloths in my birthday suit.
Isn’t it?
Well it is not like that.
If you really won’t to be naked you may choose to go to hell but coming back to the interpretation, you were handling the inquiry very well and I was enjoying your real human logic.
then why did you stop me in my dream?
I did not.
Who did it?
The lady did it.
Don’t you realize?
She has not had a real HARD one for sometime.
Didn’t she?
That is why some of them get involved in investigations and administration and NOT REAL LIFE.
Or I see.
Are you really want to hear the interpretation.
It is not at all related to you.
It is futuristic.
In time to come with debt crisis rising to trillions in America people will not get good salaries.
The food prices will go up.
Clothing will go up.
More importantly the global warming will hit America if they wait till 2020 to rectify the CO2 issue.
They form clubs called NAKED TRUTH and NAKED APES especially in California.
You were dreaming one of those places you wished you would have gone on your holidays in retirement but could not.
It was not my faculty.
Thank you for that information.
Who was that lady investigating me.
She was from the American Embassy for VISA processing and documentation.
The people who wish to go to America stark naked and without any corruption in Sri-Lanka get preferences.
She was picking the docile ones without hard parts, lest they get into trouble once they land in California.
So people with soft parts as opposed to hard parts get VISA.
See you soon.
Wait for Dream 18 and 19 interpretation. 
They will come soon.

Dream 14 and its Interpretation

This was somewhat of a bizarre dream.
I was incarcerated in a godforsaken place.
I was certainly not in a prison.
I would not do a silly thing to be in that predicament any way.

Knowing how the law operates in Sri-Lanka, there is no real reason why one should not be incarcerated.
Even simple hooting incident or a verbal outburst may be just enough for one to get landed in prison.
Even fighting for one’s own country may be enough for one to be incarcerated.
But I was not in Sri-Lanka, this was outside Sri-Lankan jurisdiction.
It was not another country, certainly not USA. In any case the things I write about USA is enough for me not to get Visa Entry even for a holiday, there.
The Americans have become paranoid again with the heating up of the election campaign.
They are monitoring me daily and the visitors to my blog by enlarge  are from America, probably from FBI.
It was certainly not UK and even if it was UK it was not a mental asylum of some sort.

It is somewhere in between Sri-Lanka and another country and that again  was not  in a toilet in an airport with stolen or swallowed items in my stomach.
It had some strange nostalgic feeling about the place, something like mosquitoes hovering around, freely.
It got to be some part of India.
I had very light weight bag and I was trying to get out of the place in a spiral staircase  that one sees in some high-rising building in Singapore where one has to go in a circular rotation to get to the bottom floor from top floor if one makes a mistake of not finding the lift nearby.

Then there was another guy with me who had the similar predicament and when ever I slip away from the captors he also uses the same route and follows me like a string following a needle.
Invariably they catch me with the other guy and put us back in separate cells.
This went for ages.
I get out and get caught like in the Alcatraz.
This obsession of escaping and capturing cycle went on endlessly and I was almost getting mad with myself.
I did not have an alternative strategy like what I normally do in a real life situation.
Then suddenly a buzz from a giant mosquito woke me up and I realized I was in the transit lounge of Mumbai Airport.
I have not gone to watch world cup match.

I have not gone on a religious pilgrimage.
I have not certainly gone to India to instruct the Indian Finance Minister to advice  him  on how to recover debts from a Sri-Lankan entrepreneurs especially the ones politically connected.
So what is this strange scenario and for incarceration in a transit lounge with lot of giant-sized mosquitoes.
I was baffled!
This is a part a dream and I got up before it was all over and I have not sent a dream to Maha for while and this one is the best to break ice and let Maha knows, I have already published my book on Cloud Computing for ordinary guy/girls and not technocrats.
I sent an email with an attachment of the digital cloud computing book.
He promptly answered my call.
He started with a laugh saying what a weird idea this so-called cloud computing is?
I told him that it is a brilliant idea and that we could not implement it due to slow pace of Internet and now that we are ready with super fast Internet (not Sri-Lanka unfortunately) and this is the way forward at a time of the global credit crisis.
Then he asked me what is this credit crisis and only credit we have in heaven is meritorious Kamma and nothing else.
Then I told him we (rather our politicians) live in futuristic world and we always think that futures is better than yesterday/today (it is very easy to promise for future than the real now, especially when it comes to salary increase-they say when the growth rate expands it automatically filters to ordinary masses with salary increase but they also promise that they can never stop prices of essential commodities going up when there is demand-in a demand driven economy, “the demand drives the market is the real economic philosophy”) and always look for a promised better tomorrow/ future.We take loans from IMF that we can never repay with futuristic demand and not real demands of the real and ordinary people.

This IMF is it International Military Fund?
No. No.
But they have military muscle and power to squeeze everything out of poor countries.
They latest countries squeezed are  Sri-Lanka and Greece.
I asked is it possible for me to think laterally, centrally or obliquely?
For you yes but not in public places and only in private places where nobody suspects that you thinking and exercise your free will.
How come?
It is like this.
Ordinary people should not think, that include you too.
They should accept the fate and like the first year students that enter the university. They should obey every blessed thing the Minister or the Government think is appropriate for them.
They should stop thinking.
If they want to think freely they should pay a fee and enter a private university or go and join a university abroad.
It is OK know?
For 12 to 13 years they have stopped them thinking in schools independently and that is what they practice and preach and they ought to read only the free government books nothing else.
One should not read especially political freedom and history of the world politics.
I see nothing exciting about it.
No stupid they want you to stop thinking creatively especially about Cloud Computing and free the Amazon tablet that you would get from a friend of yours from abroad with loads of books free  with Amazon cloud’s account activated.
If the dream was left to its full conclusion after your 100th attempt they put you in a tower with no books and no staircase with open windows on all the sides.
Only exit was to jump and you will succumb with the fall  or you go insane instantaneously without books or Internet connectivity, if you stay up there.
It is very unfair.
What is wrong with creative thinking?
The Americans always believe and want one to think creatively.
Don’t you realize?
These political guys do not have creative thinking and they want 100 of advisers to think for themselves (politicians) creatively, especially before the budget speech and somehow hoodwink the masses with jargon words and supernatural figures that come in trillions.
You know the stuff that Obama frequently does in America.
Or I see.
Stop thinking creatively OK.
What about writing?
It is OK if you do that in only English or better still in French.
If you write in Sinhala or Tamil they will start thinking creatively to start evicting the current politicians and the events might follow like what is happening in the Middle East.
I thought the Middle East crisis was created by NATO and its allies to protect oil reserve.
It is true but some of the guy/girls out there are really thinking creatively and positively.
You know this Bangladeshi Lady who walked off from a wedding protesting against the dowry and the bribes (santhosums).
That is exactly what they do not want to see in the Third World.
This dream was ordinary and not futuristic know?
It has a futuristic part which I have not told you yet.
Besides you diverted my attention with mundane politics of yours, you know?
Futuristic Interpretation.
You ignored the guy who followed you know.
He is the future.
In future guy/girls as soon as they enter the university, they implant a circuit in their brain with the latest scientific investigation in how to preserve dwindling resources.
The other guy whom you saw in the dream is the supervisor with all the latest information implanted in his brain with no voluntary control of his own. He just follows orders from a super computer.
He/she was tagged to any free-thinker in future territories.
He is like a zombie or a server.
He cannot think but he transmit all the information in a cloud of computers through his circuit to all university students doing scientific work.
You know in about another 20 to 50 years the computers behave like human thinking and that they have overtaken the capacity of human brain.
So humans do not have to think then.
Those computers are like our politician of today know?
Trying to stop us thinking creatively.
I do not like that scenario at all.
Don’t worry you are gone by then.
I cannot tell you that now.
You mean our present politician are better than those super cloud computers.
I suppose so.
One can laugh at them (politicians) but one cannot laugh at a computer doing trillions and trillions of thinking calculations for the human living then and they exterminate any human being at the slightest thought of interfering with the processing power of the cloud of computers doing the thinking for the humans.
It is a very dangerous predicament know?
That is what human are heading by giving prominence to  the computers and not to ordinary human beings with simple needs and thoughts.
You mean to say world is better now than the futuristic world?
I was dumbfounded and did not have any more questions.
He left saying “you come back with another futuristic dream will you?”

Dream-07 and its interpretation from Heaven

Dream seven was a short one and bit bizarre.
It was a very short one and I woke up with some anger before I could finish viewing it with normal calm and satirical intents associated with my dreams.

It was a small cubicle with two way entrance.
I saw little brat who showed a mirror to a robust money.
The monkey took the mirror in his hand and bashed over the toddlers head with glass pieces all over the place and vanished through the side entry.
Before I could summon my senses and get ready to view another came in through the same door with something in the hand like a club and bashed again on the toddler and he fell down.
I hate children being ill treated and woke up with a broomstick in my hand. 
Well it was a dream and I put the broomstick where it should be and tried to memorize the story before I could forget it and go into trance of another mediocre dream like getting a fat salary or winning a lottery from heaven.
So there you are, I could remember it to send an email to Maha.
He responded quickly.
He pulled an armchair laid himself for a long interpretation.
I told it was very short one and what was the long of it.
He said good that you woke up.
You would have ended up with a heart attack in your dream.
Me, on a dream?
Second part was violent and it was all out war like LTTE and Armed Forces.
You mean to say LTTE won.
 No stupid.
Then International Community who backed the terror won.
No stupid.
I was fully confused.
Don’t you realize this is a futuristic dream.
What was the time scale? I asked him.
In evolutionary term it is short but significant in about 100 years.
Who are they?
Have you seen the Planet of Apes.
Then it is somewhat similar.
There were series of nuclear accident not related to war but equipment malfunction like in Japan.
It was spread by a mutation of the Israel virus that hit Iran nuclear facility.
It went around the entire world in mater of two weeks and catastrophic destruction ensued.
Millions and millions of people and animals died and the whole world was stinking with chemicals and dead bodies animals (almost all dog population except few wild dogs) and humans.
For sometime there appeared no life on earth except few plants.
Then there were two mutant species one humanoid and one ape, amongst many others.
Humanoid were short and was of toddler size.
The apes were slightly bigger and taller and were dominating the world.
They pushed the humanoids to barren lands and islands where monkeys could not reach and there were no tree cover except tiny farm lands.
Why are they small?
Food in short supply and that is the way the genes have been designed to last critical periods of evolution on Earth.
Big do not survive but midgets do.
Or I see.
I saw a paper on Paleontological evidence to say that when a catastrophe of this nature occurs the surviving animals fill the niche as it were and it is the norm.
That is a stupid idea know?
Maha was not impressed with that theory.
I asked why?
This is not a natural catastrophe but artificial and man made .
It affected the entire biodiversity including plants and it does not leave ground for a niche or any opportunity for the rest.
See what happened to the entire dog population vanished.
What remained really went wild.
They went backwards in evolution and not forward like the humanoids with short stature.
Elephants were decimated like the dinosaurs.
You mean to say end of human intelligence.
I suppose so.
Then he had a very sorry and worried look.
I asked why?
Did the effect filtered to the heaven?
If this happens who is going to dream for me?
Even animals and humanoid do dream know?
I said.
That is besides the point.
Their dreams are not futuristic like yours.
Give me a break and extend my agonizing stay on earth?
Would you?
I may have to do that till the sun shines.
Please don’t.
I will consider a proposal to the President (in his dreams) to  have a say and increase your salary.
Would you?
I will try the dream method first and if it fails I will try the Dr. White’s oil method.
Thank you Sir.
Then he vanished.