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Choice of Cloud Utilities.

This is an email I have sent to my friends.
I have already sent you an invitation for you to join a cloud (open source) utility called EyeOS.
It is cute and it can be organized around your email.
I like it because of its simplicity.
I am into cloud computing and have tried three already with varying degree of complexity.
1. Dropbox is a commercial variant but its contract is bit dicey.
2. Ubuntu One is a good one with 5 GiB storage.
3. CloudSUB is elegant
4. JoliCloud is elaborate and from there only I found EyeOS.
5. EyeOS (this is a cloud desktop and a very thin client).
Is also a Web OS. I have a live CD called EyeNux which can be booted from a the Live CD with access to files in the hard disk for uploading.
Pick your choice.
In time to come all of us have to give up desktop and use cloud desktop and it is the way we have to shape. this will prevent one get hooked to Google’s tablets which is getting too commercial even though i supported its from the very beginning.
It keeps its android as proprietary (open Source though) making people to get fixed, somewhat similar to Microsoft.

Update on Dropbox and Concerns

Current news and security lapses are bringing bad publicity to Dropbox.

I had all these concerns when I joined Dropbox but I had My Mast Plan (MMP).
When my friends join me I highlight MMP (My Master Plan) and state I share only Linux Images.
It is a convenient place to drop latest tit bits there and share.
In any case is I am following Linux Philosophy and share all the good things in my life with my friends except daily headaches.
What Dropbox does is takes headache out of context.
Very few people are web comfortable and competent especially at my age.
I have one advice for them
Unless you have become an universal philanthropist pleas do not drop your smelly pants (Like the IMF guys and girls) in the open.
The word encrypting is a jargon word and any encrypted word or words can unencrypted by the law enforcing officers.
But it takes a hell of a big time consuming job until one crack the coding.
We were a country (for the last 35 years and even now) because of the war secret service has the option of breaking into any private material.
This paranoia has gone into American mind set after WiKiLeaks and there are demanding the web services for free access of private material.
News of the World is a good example how one makes its circulation grow by illegal means.
Thank god that web came in and destroyed the monopoly these private institutions had for dirty tricks.
Web is still evolving but one has to realize if one opens an email account one has to be ready and sacrifice ones own privacy and identity for the greater good for self and the wider audience.
This is a very good philosophical question, should one share information or not?
In spite of all red herrings I go for sharing.
In my way of understanding Buddhist Philosophy, self does not exist now or after my death but people will only talk about all the bad things I did (I am not there to defend myself) and not the good things.
Man has not evolved into a higher state (in spite of massive law enforcing institutions) of mind as yet and probably will not unless one becomes selfless (which is highly unlikely).
When you share something one should use the wiser counsel, should I or should I not?
If you have answered that premise, very unlikely one is going to get into trouble by using Dropbox.
Bottom line do not put sensitive and valuable information in the public domain, if not hackers, the so called democratic government will have access to your information.
No true democracy has evolved yet, philosophically speaking.
In any case I will standby with Dropbox in difficult times and if they cannot I will start pulling out my hitherto not published (at least in the web) writing in one stroke of mine.
I think this discussion should go on for at least the next 5 years.
Something good will evolve out of it, if we respect human dignity unlike the Daily News Papers.
We took over private paper saying it is partisan and for the last 40 years we have not been able to free it from the government grip.
It is how democracy operates in this world and future too.
there are only two entities.
One who holds power.
The other who is subjected to that power.

Sadly, there is nothing in between.

Update on Dropbox

I do not like negative comments especially in regard to new enterprises taking effect from the ashes of Phoenix. This comment is a negative one but it does not belong to the enterprise concerned, the Dropbox. Dropbox is doing an excellent job to make cloud computing a worthwhile endeavour. Even if the the service provided is good but the infrastructure below its level of competence is poor like in the third world where download speed of the telecoms are in snail pace activity, I find it difficult to expand on virtues of cloud computing. I do not have a single photo or any videos in my folders but the Linux Iso image is taking ages to come back to it’s home compartment. I grabbed the idea of cloud computing to exchange Linux images especially new versions to share with my friends all over the globe but it looks like that experiment is going to have a natural but premature death. All this happened because I formatted my home compartment to install new version of Linux. I do this annually but this time delayed it for few months due toother important activities related to computing. Even though I copied everything in the Dropbox to a DVD (again except Linux images) I forgot (deliberate action of mine) to put my files back where they should be. Once I activated the Dropbox I did not have any control over synchronization. The Linux image is trying its best to come to its home but the telecoms and its speed is the stumbling block to rapid synchronization. In future I would delete all the heavy files and let synchronization to take effect and format my home partition if I decide to do so. If I leave the home partition intact this problem might not happen but formatting home partition to get rid of all junk files is a routine that I use to bypass the failed CRON jobs. I hope Dropbox gives me some control over hopelessly slow downloads (If I can arrest this automatic synchronization after 24 hours, it will help the Dropbox team too). Mind you uploads are even slower, so putting a Linux image back into its place is also not an option left for me. I vaguely remember the Linux image but that is also blessing in disguise. Point to point download or upload is not an option but something in the make of Torrents is the way forward for Dropbox. For that to be effective Dropbox needs to have more split servers all over the globe with split images of large files. At least they should offer that service for premium customers who paid for the extra payload in space (I mean cloud space which takes physical space of a server). Will they go for it, only a wishful thinking of mine, I do not know.


Cloud computing and Cloud OS had been one of my interests for some time.

To begin with I started with Dropbox which is a nice way to share ones data with friends especially those who are away and abroad.

I use it to deposit Linux images in the shared folder.

Similarly friends from abroad can have their folders shared with me.
Idea was to promote Linux.

But cloud computing is of a different order altogether.
When one is on travel and does not have a netbook or laptop (which is an added burden when on the move) Cloud Os come to your service.

One has to carry the OS in a CD or Pendrive (I have not tried this with a Pendrive yet).

The Cloud OS (Joli OS and Jolly Cloud are its other names) let you do this.

I downloaded version 1.0 and for one reason or the other I could not run it even though I registered with their web site.

Then I downloaded Joli Os version 1.1 (Live CD) and booted it up but I could not get the link with the Cloud Service, even though I tried to register with them.
Disappointed I gave up.
Today I downloaded version 1.2 from Linux tracker. It was a quick download with many seeders all over the world.
Booted it up and (I could not boot up with my previous email) I registered with another email address after some considerable delay I was up an running and was in link with world wide web.
There were lot of applications but I could not find the Dropbox.
So after some fiddling (It lets you add other cloud applications) I added dropbox and could sign up with Dropbox and open my folders.

These two applications One a Live OS on a CD, the other Dropbox registration make you travel light and even if you forget your laptop instantly get in touch with the outside world (with your current data in the cloud) if the friend you stay with lets you boot your Joli OS 1.2.
Joli OS lets you boot with  guest logging by request of its previous users.
I have no hesitiation of using these two for my work and recommend anybody to try it.
The learning curve is the only limitation.

It can be installed in an isolated OS in computer and the procedure is bit complicated and you are advised to visit the home page and follow instruction. One needs a Flash drive for that.

Dropbox-I am Not playing Cricket now!

This is a note I posted at Dropbox-Blog.

I am new to Dropbox but found it by accident when I was testing Live Linux (recent ones) CDs.

I used to write a short comment on each Live CD downloaded and when I see a new feature I would allocate somewhat arbitrary (my marking scale) points as a plus feature.

When I saw Dropbox in several of the Live CDs (Fedora, Ubuntu, PCLinux) in the internet section, I was curious but left it for another day to investigate.

Then finally I investigated it (they were promoting it for  school kids) and being myself a teacher in the University, the question why not for me and my students.


I am hooked to the Dropbox now as an educational tool.

Thank you for that and another reason.

I am depositing Linux Live CDs (unfortunately not DVDs-I advocate light version of OS instead of the Gorilla Versions) in the Dropbox for my Linux friends to test and try.

All in all. it is a Linux Depository for Testing and Trying not a Repository.

The download speeds are awfully slow in this part of the world and this is a simple remedy in avoiding downloads.

You do the synchronizing I do the depositing (Eggs -not Easter yet) on the Nest.

We have a bird in this country who deposits eggs on another type of bird’s nest.

I am a lazy bird who does not want to look after (intellectual property of mine) my laid eggs!

I am trying to collect enough MiB (at least 4 GiB for me to deposit a Linux Big Image once in a while-for example games DVD) by promoting Dropbox.

I sent a virtual spam (to all my contacts) and some of them thought somebody has hacked my email.

Never done that before, spamming of course!

Most of them are afraid of Dropbox (I have lost my sanity, they think in my old age) but I keep brainwashing (with coconut oil which is very expensive-we use it in anointing during our New Year)  them (at least I get all my friends together and some Mibs in the process) and with my humour, it seems to be working especially with younger counterparts.

I have found one problem that is unique to me.

I have up to 5 operating systems in the same Linux Box with different home partitions (with the same name-and same password sometimes) and they do not seem to synchronize the Dropbox which is in my home partition.

Linux distributions are finicky when it comes to sharing unless I ROOT Myself (which is not healthy at my age) every time I BOOT.

Apart from that Dropbox makes me lighter at the dinner parties.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all of you.

If you have some spare bones or MiBs please drop at my box (not the Cricket Box-I am not playing Cricket now).


Cloud Computing at its best-Share my folders with Linux distributions

My Dropbox share folder has two (2) light weight Linux distributions to share with you.

All what you have to do is to Register (cloud platform) with Dropbox and send me your email stating that you wish to share Linux Distributions.It will certainly save your download time and cloud computing will look after the service! 

Mind you I will get some extra space as bonus in MiBs (only a little) and then I can deposit bigger images!

This is cloud computing at its best.
Happy Christmas and enjoy your holidays with Linux Games.

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Dropbox in Linux-Fusion Linux included

I have decided I should stop writing on this blogspot after the 200th entry.

But before that I should write something about the dropbox.

I saw dropbox accidentally in Ubuntu 10.10 and was curious but never bothered to find out what it was.

Quite by accident I went to the site of cloudusb.net looking for a USB bootable iso and I was not getting into cloud computing anyway as a way forward (not knowing they are hosting dropbox as a type of Linux clone of cloud-not really).


Anyway I got caught myself in the web since it is promoting young kids to get registered as an educational opening to store their school files (Windows, Mac and Linux) and guess what, I immediately got registered wanting more information. 

I am already using Google’s space for my lectures and carry on files (not carry on doctor series) there was no need for me to to duplicate things but since it is a Linux derivative I could not resist the temptation.
Then I have to use Ubuntu (which was not my Linux armory even though it is a very good Linux distribution).

Then I remembered loading Fusion Linux-Fedora 14 derivative (this feature is enough for one to use Ubuntu and Fusion Linux) in a spare partition in my old IBM box fo testing.

Quickly rebooted into Fusion Linux and clicked the dropbox and I was directly at the site dropbox and I am downloading dropbox currently.

Before I could finish typing this it installed drop box in my home.

So guys and girls thanks for the offer, I got 2 GiB (enormous for me-I myself is light weight category now) space free and if I introduce this to another I get another bonus space which I may never fill up with data anyway.

You are free to try this offer especially if you are a school kid who forget to take tit bits to school and become light weight like me.

When I see SriLankan kids carrying gunny loads of books in their back my dream to see our kids will go to school carrying nothing but a Pendrive may be a distant dream but might become a reality, if I was made the Minister of Education without any other bonuses.

Unfortunately I am not a registered voter for the time being and that dream will never come true.