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Like Damn Small Linux and Puppy Linux the Feather Linux is a Beauty.

I always believed the concept “Small is Beautiful”.
This is and example in addition to DSL.

I was DSL fan to begin with.

When I was new to Linux and when I first bought the Linux Bible by Christopher Naegus (I have three different editions now, latest one I bought few months ago after a 6 year Gap), and in those boot from Floppy Disk days, there were only a few Live CDs (Knoppix was there but I did not know about Puppy then-Puppy is one of my favorites now with over 25 varieties in my possession) that I copied form one of the CD/DVDs that came with the book. 

I booted up live and enjoyed Linux and its utilities.


Just little over 100 MiB can do wonders which 1000 MiBs or GBs cannot.

It is a Knoppix derivative by the way!

One thing they did best was if you are unable to get to the internet they did it in double quick time (with a router easily but with with Sri-Lankan Telecom modems with some difficulty).  

Today I used Dillo and I could not sign up with Google (that was basic test based browser without cookies) and bit fiddly with my keyboard too but I managed to post this in Firefox (that I did not see at first glance).

Abiword is there xPDF is there, Xmms is there and many more.

Pretty fast to boot too.

Today just for testing downloaded 700 MiB of STUX (which STUCK) after half an hour of struggling it could not configure my NV Graphic Card and configured non existent devs and I was scared it will bust my Graphic Card all because it was trying to mount all its compressed files into RAM.  

It could not give me a console (or consolation prize) to exit or a killall command.

I had to switch off the computer by getting into a null state (I call it null state) a non existent command in Linux (just wait a while and switch off the computer with the hand on your chest with gospel words in my mouth-but beware the graphic card and RAM-which I burnt those days and also mid night oil learning Linux all by myself with no Guru to help).  

Thanks a lot the Guys and Girls at Feather Linux.

Keep up the good work.

It is long time since I booted Feather Linux.

You will have lot of feathers in your caps.

Thanks again!