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Another distribution with almost pure Gnome and free software.
Ubuntu based and relatively fast to boot and install.

Ephiphany as a web browser and Brasero as CD burner.


Neat , sleek and effective distribution preserving its Debian and Gnome origin,
Good one if you are a purist of Free Software Foundation.


This is the purest of the pure of Gnome and free software foundation (F.O.S.S) distribution. It follows the rules of the foundation and include utilities without compromising foundations goals. 

In fact only a handful of them follow the rules to the letter.

It is a very good distribution with lot of utilities and I could not find gParted in the lot.

This distribution follows the principles and it should be a benchmark of Linux and Gnome.

Note my words. there is a difference of Gold Standard and the Benchmark.

Benchmark is the Guiding Principle but Gold standard is the utility Status whether you are a Gnome fan or an average consumer fed up with Microsoft and its franchises.

Interestingly it has Blender in its fold so it gets very good average score from me.